Lace has been a favorite of women since its birth, always giving people an infinite space for reverie, forming into dresses, and showing the purity and beauty of women to the fullest. This lace dress created by Devi Lu Qiu women’s flagship store, the overall appearance is very beautiful, using a three-dimensional X-shaped shape, wearing is particularly thin, the whole person is a lot tall, the quality of the fabric is high, the feel is particularly soft, very breathable and comfortable to wear, very skin-lining, and very sexy and charming. Pink is very young, not as exaggerated as big red and purple, and also in line with the character of Madame. Combined with the data provided by the store and Madame’s height of 1.65 meters and weight of 115, I chose size M, and after receiving the trial, the size of the skirt was very suitable, and Madame was very satisfied.

This dress has a crewneck design. Very classic crewneck style, simple and elegant fashion, making the neck curve slender and slender, looking good. The cuff design is exquisite and elegant, slightly transparent, and the slender arms look very soft, making your whole person more fresh and elegant. Great design!

High-waist design, decorated with the same color cloth strip, easily stores the waist, but also stretches the overall figure, making your figure appear taller.

Wide hem, full of drape, comfortable and not tight; The inner lining is deliberately shortened to create a looming sheer effect that fully shows off the graceful leg lines of women. When the breeze blows, it sways with the wind, like a cute butterfly flying, which is very beautiful and makes people feel like a fairy.

The skirt is made of high-quality three-dimensional relief lace fabric, which has good elasticity, feels very soft and comfortable, and is very breathable, and the right lining will not let you go away while enjoying the attention of the people coming and going in the park.

Looking at its shape, it is a simple and not simple three-dimensional X-shaped design, meticulous cutting, natural and comfortable silhouette, elegant and generous, the body line is undoubtedly displayed, full of temperament, so that women’s exquisite curves are fully displayed, without giving people a bloated feeling. You see, isn’t this figure what women have been looking for?

Standing quietly under the green trees, the simple and smooth silhouette, looming sexy hollowing, open charm, noble and elegant, fashionable atmosphere highlights the elegant posture, exudes a unique charming temperament.

The fabric drapes excellently, the workmanship is exquisite, the stitches are fine and neat, and there are no extra threads inside. The slim design with a narrow top and a wide bottom allows the sexiness to be released slowly. The skirt is fluttering and full of femininity. Full of exquisite figure, high waist and line, elongated body proportions, delicate flower lace, like a flower fairy.

The skirt is elegant and structured, and the wrinkle resistance is good. You see, even if you sit, it doesn’t make people feel tight and uncomfortable, and you are still so graceful.

Advantages: The dress is super of good quality, the fabric is soft and silky, it feels great and does not wrinkle, and it will not lose color after washing. The clothes are breathable and comfortable. The overall workmanship of the skirt is exquisite, the style is very fashionable and trendy, and the whole person is a lot tall when worn, very skin-lining, showing a thin figure, very high-grade, worthy of brand clothing. The store service is super good, the delivery speed is fast, and it is very satisfactory to a purchase.

Trial report for m**7

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