Many people like to listen to music on their mobile phones, but real music enthusiasts will understand that the difference between good headphones and bad headphones in the experience is really visible to the naked eye. Therefore, many users who love to use mobile phones to “Walkman” are looking forward to a pair of mobile phone headphones with really excellent sound quality.

However, among many mobile phone brands, few have paid enough attention to this problem. OPPO, as a “big brand” in domestic mobile phones, started by video and audio, so it can be called a rare mobile phone label to maintain enterprising in this field. Over the years, OPPO has accumulated rich technical achievements in the field of acoustics, which can be said to be not to be underestimated. As early as 2005, OPPO’s MP3 player X9 was known as “the true opening of domestic MP3” and “the first milestone classic that is not inferior to any product of international manufacturers.” This year, together with OPPO’s new flagship series – OPPO Reno, OPPO recently launched O-Fresh stereo in-line headphones, which once again confirmed that OPPO’s research and development of “mobile phone audio” is indeed true love.

Appearance design: fashionable and textured, details show thought

Before trying it out, the outer packaging of the headphones is very impressive. The outer packaging of O-Fresh stereo headphones is a white rectangular box with O-Fresh appearance patterns printed on the front and some related parameters on the back, which looks full of technology. What we reviewed this time is the deep black color scheme of the 3.5mm jack version of the O-Fresh headphones. After opening the outer case, we found that the headphones were precisely snapped into the sturdy inner case, which was very well protected. In addition to the earphones and manuals, there are also three pairs of large, medium and small silicone sleeves that are additionally allocated, which can be said to be quite attentive.

As for the headphones, the deep black color matching is fashionable and noble, and the most reflective of OPPO’s ingenuity lies in the shell of its headphone cavity – the high-intensity PC and CD diaphragm on the back curve, which simulates the texture of the laser pattern of vinyl records, plus the geometrically cut disc sound cavity, the visual effect is eye-catching. And the surrounding circle of “OPPO green” light edge is the finishing touch. The overall look is futuristic.

Sound quality performance: the sound quality of a large factory, a surprise work of 100 yuan

“Xiuwai” is there, so is it “Huizhong”? To be honest, as a mobile phone headset with an impedance of only 32 ohms, I didn’t expect much from O-Fresh at first. But after interjecting and listening to a few songs, I was pleasantly surprised to find that its appearance was unexpected.

The author’s first audition was “Audition Standard” “Hotel California”. Friends who know a little about headphones know that this song is a famous American rock band – the Eagles’ divine song, “The Hell” version is composed of as many as three guitars, a bass and a shaker, percussion club, etc., there are many tracks, and Don Henry’s hoarse and magnetic voice can also be called an “instrument”, each sound source needs special sound quality guarantee, which can be said to test the quality of headphones. The results of the test are very good – O-Fresh performed very well, and during the audition, the author’s feeling was that as a hundred-yuan headphone, its performance reality can be called “excellent”. The performance of the high, medium and low frequency is balanced, especially in the middle and high frequency bands, although the low frequency dive is slightly insufficient, it will not feel dull. The restoration of various sound details is also basically satisfactory, and the sound field is relatively open.

I have to mention its performance on vocals. The author auditioned a song by a female singer for the second time. The female voice coming through O-Fresh is warm and clear, without a sense of blockage, and the bass is not dull and the treble is not broken, which sounds very comfortable

Only then did I suddenly realize that the O-Fresh headphones had been certified by Hi-Res. I believe that many headphone “audiophiles” know that Hi-Res Audio is a high-quality audio product design standard proposed and defined by Sony and developed by JAS (Japan Audio Association) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). The purpose of Hi-Res audio is to express the ultimate music quality and original sound reproduction, and to get a real feel for the original singer or performer in the live performance atmosphere.

Can get Hi-Res certification, indicating that OPPO’s headphones are definitely above the level in terms of music performance, considering that its price is only 129 yuan, it can be said that it is absolutely worthy of this price.

There is a saying circulating in the earphone industry, saying “listen to a sound below a thousand yuan”, which means that the headphones are below a thousand yuan, that is, listen to a ring, and there is no sound quality or anything. According to this statement, most of the headphones at the same price as O-Fresh only go to quantity and not quality, disappointing many consumers. And this headset – O-Fresh, at this price, can achieve three-band balance, each frequency plays stably, and the vocal performance is particularly surprising, which is not easy. We believe that both in terms of appearance and sound quality, this mobile phone headset is “complete” most of the products of the same price, cost-effective, and very worth starting. Of course, if it is paired with the OPPO Reno series of mobile phones of the “same blood”, I am afraid it is a more scientific choice.

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