Warm spring service “not closed” and “local New Year” has a strong taste of the year

Warm spring service “does not close” “New Year in place” has a strong flavor

— Guangxi has done a good job in providing market guarantee services for the Spring Festival

Guangxi News Network-Guangxi Daily reporter Zhou Hongmei Chen Yizhao Pan Deng Guan Linhua Zhao Juan Qin Haiming Wu Meiqiao Hong Yang Bo Correspondent Lan Jianfeng Wang Yadong

The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, the land of Bagui is getting stronger, the streets and alleys are illuminated, the supply and sales of the New Year market are booming, the scenic spots are newly decorated, and the cultural activities are rich and colorful, and there is a joyful atmosphere.

In order to welcome the first Spring Festival under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, various localities and departments in our region have taken multiple measures at the same time, made every effort to do a good job in local New Year service guarantee, and stocked up materials in advance to ensure stable prices and sufficient supply during the Spring Festival. On the basis of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, online and offline efforts have been made to launch “New Year gift packages” for eating, living, traveling, traveling, shopping and entertainment to meet the consumption needs of the masses.

This place of peace of mind is my hometown. Both native and foreigners can spend the joyful, peaceful and lively Spring Festival in the warm spring of Bagui.

“Vegetable baskets” and “rice bags” are sufficient and stable

On February 9, the Xinliuyong Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in Liuzhou City was full of traffic, and there was an endless stream of citizens buying New Year goods. “Three boxes of kiwis, four boxes of cherries, two boxes of mangoes, a box of kumquats, two boxes of apples. The back compartment and back seat were full. Ms. Deng Xiangxue, who rushed to the market early in the morning to buy New Year goods, told reporters: “I originally planned to travel for the New Year. Now respond to the call of the state to celebrate the New Year in place. Rush to buy all kinds of fruits, and a family of four has a ‘tour on the tip of the tongue’ at home. ”

The reporter learned from the Market Operation and Consumption Promotion Department of the Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce that the city’s Spring Festival market has sufficient supply of goods, active trading, stable prices, and orderly shopping for residents. The Xinliuyong Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, which supplies more than 90% of the city’s agricultural and sideline products, has sufficient supplies, active trading and stable prices, with an average daily volume of 3,000 tons of fruits and vegetables, more than 120,000 birds such as chickens and ducks, 135.8 tons of grain and oil traded daily, 848.1 tons of vegetables, 1,764.7 tons of fruits, and 116296 poultry trading volume.

In the face of the increase in local consumption demand for the New Year, the commerce department of our region has contacted more than 200 key supply guarantee enterprises in the region to guide large supermarkets and agricultural batch markets to strengthen production and marketing docking and increase the amount of stock. At present, the purchase volume of grain, oil, convenience food and other large supermarkets has increased by more than 20% compared with usual, which can meet the supply of more than one week. At the same time, guide key supply guarantee enterprises to do a good job in emergency supply plans, implement daily necessities supply enterprises and bases, and make good arrangements for distribution personnel to ensure that daily necessities can be “found, mobilized, and supplied” when emergencies occur.

In the past few days, 11 large supermarkets such as Nanning Nancheng Department Store and Wal-Mart have organized a supply source of 1 billion yuan; The three wholesale markets of Haijixing Market, Jinqiao Wholesale Market and Agricultural Exchange Center organized a daily supply of 7,000 tons of vegetables and fruits; Wuzhou City’s multi-department joint release of frozen pork from government reserves, of which the first batch of 28 tons of frozen pork was placed in three large and medium-sized supermarkets in the urban area with dense residents and large pork sales.

Huang Yi, deputy director of the Department of Commerce of the autonomous region, said that on the basis of implementing epidemic prevention and control measures such as key supervision and cold chain food control, personnel health monitoring, and sanitize of key parts, our region has strengthened market monitoring and accurate scheduling during the festival, implemented daily report monitoring for large-scale agricultural batch markets and supply guarantee enterprises, timely grasped the supply and demand dynamics of the daily necessities market, and activated early warning and emergency response mechanisms when necessary to ensure that the market supply is not out of stock and uninterrupted.

“Cultural feast” is safe and enjoyable

“Let’s take a group photo here with the word ‘Fu’ and send it to relatives and friends in Ningxia to feel the taste of the new year in Beihai.” In the early morning of February 9, Mr. Zhang, an old man of “migratory birds” in Beihai City for the New Year, and his lover took their grandson to Changqing Park to exercise, and they were attracted by the blessing words on the Xidaemun Square at a glance.

Since February 1, the Beihai municipal administration department has made every effort to arrange the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, successively planting seasonal flowers at important intersections such as Yintan Avenue and scenic roads, hanging red lanterns and Chinese knots, adding a lot of warmth to the citizens and foreigners who celebrated the New Year in place due to the epidemic this year.

On February 6, the Guilin New Year Tulip Flower Show was launched in the scenic area of Zizhou Park, with 120,000 pots of tulips of 46 varieties plus other flowers, totaling 210,000 pots of flowers. Citizens and tourists who come to enjoy the blossoms can make an appointment through the “One-click Tour of Guangxi” mini program, and can enter the park for free with their Guilin ID card, reservation information and green code. “Park tours are subject to flow restriction at 75% of the daily capacity, which means that when the reception capacity reaches 5,175 people, the reception will be stopped.” The staff of the park’s management said.

On the evening of February 6, Qingxiu Shandong District of Nanning City was full of light, attracting many citizens and tourists to climb the mountain. Night tour to enjoy the lights is one of the highlights of Nanning’s Spring Festival tourism activities. Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area held a night tour lighting activity from February 5 to 28, covering an area of 100 acres of light exhibition site to skillfully integrate technology and nature, creating more than 20 kinds of mood light groups such as starry wheat fields and waterfall water curtain swings.

Taking your family to watch movies during the Spring Festival has gradually become a New Year’s custom. After experiencing the “empty window” of the 2020 Spring Festival, this year’s Spring Festival file is highly anticipated by the audience. The reporter saw in the ticket hall of Nanning Guangying International Cinema (New Dream Store) that various movie posters and materials set off a prosperous festive atmosphere. The cinema adopts the online ticket purchase method to ensure that the attendance rate of each performance does not exceed 75%, the ticket machine, entrance gate, toilet, theater and other areas are disinfected every two hours, and the audience directly touches the objects such as the seat armrests and 3D glasses in the theater, and the audience needs to wear masks to enter the movie.

“Cloud gathering” and “cloud travel” are wonderful

On February 10, Miss Shen, a citizen of Nanning, received a pot of semi-finished Cantonese poon choi for rice Chinese New Year’s Eve from the courier brother. For many years, Miss Shen’s family has Chinese New Year’s Eve meals gathered by relatives and friends of twenty or thirty people. This year, in response to the government’s advocacy of less gatherings and fewer meals, the elders have changed to small family reunions. She said: “Relatives and friends have made an appointment to Chinese New Year’s Eve ‘cloud dinner’ that night, and celebrate the New Year in the form of video and live broadcast. ”

In order to meet the diversified consumption needs of the people during the Spring Festival, the commerce department of our region organized online commercial and trade enterprises to hold various consumption promotion activities to provide local New Year service guarantees. Through the issuance of online consumption coupons, vehicle oil linkage promotion, Gui Goods Cloud promotion, online New Year Festival, online and offline New Year meal promotion and other activities, to create a strong festive promotion atmosphere.

Liuzhou raised 4 million yuan to carry out the first quarter of the “anti-epidemic, promote consumption, steady growth” consumption voucher distribution activity to further release consumption potential; Wuzhou City calls on local enterprises and retailers to promote the “online order store delivery” service through various ways to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional supermarkets. Wuzhou Dream Island Shopping Plaza launched a mini program online mall, covering more than 100 brands such as cosmetics and gold jewelry watches, realizing online orders and home delivery in the same city.

In addition to online shopping, shopping and buying, the “cloud exhibition” and “cloud activities” launched by many cultural and museum venues in our district allow the public to feel the charm of traditional culture without leaving home. The Guangxi Museum of Nationalities launched online activities such as “The Year of the Ox Speaks of Cows”, cloud guided tour of fine cultural relics, colorful Bagui Magnificent Homeland Cloud View Exhibition, fingertip cultural relics game, etc.; From February 7th to 26th, the Museum of the Autonomous Region continued to launch the “Director Says Bao” Chinese New Year Special Edition and the New Year “Cloud” handicraft, presenting the unique Spring Festival elements with Guangxi characteristics to the audience in the form of new media.

Spring light is accompanied by good reading. Nanning Xinhua Bookstore Nanning Book City not only displays nearly 10,000 kinds of fine books of famous societies offline, invites more than 50 publishing units to carry out various themed exhibition and sales activities, but also displays key books of exhibitors in the micro-mall, and carries out 4 online live broadcasts such as “Reading the History of Comics”.

(Reporter Zhou Hongmei, Chen Yizhao, Pan Deng, Guan Linhua, Zhao Juan, Qin Haiming, Wu Meiqiaohong, Yang Bo, correspondent Lan Jianfeng, Wang Yadong)

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