Why cut the West Window Candle together? Forbidden City Great Beauty Candelabra Appreciation

Prince Yong’s inscription hall is deeply located in the picture screen • sewing shaft under the candle part

There is in “Chu Ci”

“The view in the room is so strange, Lan Gaoming candles are gorgeous”;

Su Shi wrote in “Begonia”

“I am afraid that I will sleep late at night, so I burn high candles to shine red makeup”;

Li Shangyin’s “Night Rain Sends North” has clouds

“Why cut the candles in the west window, but talk about the night rain in Bashan Mountain”.

The Palace Museum has a collection of Qianlong style paintings of the Qing Dynasty enamel five for ice plum blossom flower and fruit pattern candlesticks

As an important lighting tool for the ancients,

The history of the candlestick has been around for more than a thousand years.

During the Three Kingdoms period, there were celadon reclining sheep-shaped candlesticks;

Western Jin popular lying lion-shaped candlesticks;

The style of the candlestick is more abundant during the southern dynasty,

There are lion-shaped, single-tube, double-tube, four-tube, lotus-shaped, etc.;

The Palace Museum has a collection of Tang Sancai candlesticks

Candelabra base from the Sui and Tang dynasties

Often engraved with exquisite patterns;

The Palace Museum has a collection of Ming Yongle blue and white floral pattern Bafang candlesticks

Ming Dynasty candlesticks are rich in shape,

Among them, Yongle and Xuande

Candelabra fired in Jingdezhen kiln,

The mouth and pedestal are octagonal, and the neck is cylindrical;

The Palace Museum has a collection of Ming Zhengde blue and white Arabic candlesticks

The Palace Museum has a Wanli filigree enamel floral chrysanthemum petal candlestick

After the Qing Dynasty,

The candlestick shape basically follows this style.

The Palace Museum collects Qingqing Qingyu Shouzi Gouyun Dragon Pattern Candelabras

Dynasties are different, and candlesticks are also presented

Different shapes, materials and patterns.

undulating lines,

Intricate and exquisite patterns,

Vividly shaped animals,

These seemingly irrelevant elements of everyday life,

Coordinated by the ancients in the fusion

On this little candlestick,

Build a set of practicality, craftsmanship,

Ornamental and decorative living utensils.

The Palace Museum collects a candlestick with enamel entangled flowers

When the candlestick is uniquely shaped

and the fragrant scent of candles into one,

That or solemn mystery,

or sweet romantic feeling,

It easily touches the heart,

Leave room for unlimited reverie.

The Palace Museum has a collection of Qianlong painting enamel five incense burners, candlesticks, and flowers

In addition to wax lighting,

There is another important function,

It is to worship the gods as one of the first five offerings of the Buddha.

As a candlestick as one of the five offerings of the Buddha,

It is not only rich in shape, but also solemn in appearance,

And the shape is elegant,

Line treatment on the overall shape,

It is more beautiful and complex, and it is varied.

The Palace Museum collects Qing Qingyu enamel windshield candlestick

To this day,

After candlesticks as lighting tools retreated to modern lighting,

But at festivals, festive events

We can still see it.

In addition to serving candles,

Candlesticks can also be used as a stand-alone part of home furnishings,

Displayed on the Bogu shelf,

Or collect it well,

It is also an elegant embellishment of a happy life.

The Palace Museum has a Qing crane-style candlestick

The Palace Museum has a collection of Qianlong Feiji-style candlesticks

The Palace Museum has a collection of water beast-style candlesticks

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