Preventive precocious maturation starts with food

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Do not give your child fruits and vegetables that are out of season. Many of these fruits and vegetables are ripened with hormones. Some animal feed additives also contain hormones, and there will be hormone residues in the body of the animals that are raised, and children eating such meat products will also have a bad effect. “Hormones will accumulate in the endocrine glands such as the gonads of animals, and it is best not to give children the internal organs of animals.”

Some children do not like to eat, parents buy their children appetite-enhancing health products, “but many appetite-increasing health products contain hormone ingredients, long-term use will cause children to have precocious puberty.” “And obese children are also a high incidence group of precocious puberty.

Doctors have also encountered such cases, girls after secretly using their mother’s breast enlargement cream, resulting in precocious puberty. Contraceptives, breast enlargement creams and other things, parents must keep them well, do not put them in a place where children can easily reach. In addition, parents should also understand the various ways in which their children may be exposed to hormones, and try to avoid exposing their children to hormones.

Excerpted from “Red Book of Children’s Health – Preschool Children”, People’s Military Medical Publishing House, 2008, edited by Wang Xinliang

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