Is your fresh -keeping bag and plastic wrap really “insurance”?

Source: Yangtze Evening News

Do you know how to choose a variety of materials on the market? You may see the salad (cooked food) store in life with plastic wrapped foods containing fat. Is this approximate approach? On June 27, the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission issued a comparative test report for plastic wrap and fresh -keeping bags.

Correspondent Wang Guofeng Yangzi Evening News/Eye reporter Ma Yan

PVC cannot be wrapped in oil -containing foods

This trial sample is purchased from five physical supermarkets in Nanjing and Suzhou, as well as 4 online malls. There are 60 batches of samples, including plastic wrap and half of the fresh -keeping bags. The plastic wrap included 23 batches of polyvinylene (PE), 6 batches of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and 1 batch of polythylinyl chloride (PVDC). The fresh -keeping bag includes 5 batches of household extraction, 21 batches of roll bags, and 4 batches of clipping bags. The materials are PE.

Most samples have reached standards. However, the five batches of plastic wrap are missing two less pounds. The measured length is seriously inconsistent with the nominal nominal. They are all from the online mall.

Some label labeling is irregular: First, the microwave information is incomplete, the heating temperature is not marked, and only the “microwave oven is applicable”; Whenever the product standard is marked with errors.

Domestic brands are generally lower than imported brands, but various performances are not inferior to the latter. Amazon Mall is more difficult to obtain invoices than other malls.

It should be noted that the relevant standards of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shall be marked: “You cannot contact oil foods”, which is because PVC material preservation membrane. If you contact oil -based foods, more chemicals will be precipitated. Causes hidden dangers to human health. The total migration volume is 15-38mg/dm2 (the standard specifications are not greater than 10mg/dm2, the smaller the value). This further confirms that PVC’s plastic products should not be exposed to oil foods.

Different materials, different stretch strength, and obstruction

What are the differences in plastic wrap with different materials? According to reports, PE is the most common, non -toxic, and stable chemical properties. Generally, plasticizers are not required, which is suitable for refrigeration and freshness, and does not need to be heated. PVDC oxygen resistance has the best effect, the highest heat resistance temperature, can be used for microwave heating, but the price is expensive. PVC is not flexible, and more plasticizers need to be added. It cannot be heated or contacted with oil with fat.

The test also found that there is also a certain gap between the hypoplasia performance and oxygen blocking performance of different materials. From the perspective of moisturizing performance, the PE material clip chain self -sealing bag > PVDC material preservation film > PE material preservation film > PVC material preservation film. From the perspective of oxygen blocking performance, PVDC material preservation film > PE material clip chain self -sealing bags > PVC material preservation film > PE material preservation film > PE material preservation bag.

From the perspective of strength, PVDC is the best, PVC material is second, and PE material is the worst. Generally speaking, the value detection values ​​of the self -viscosity, stretch strength, and obstruction of PVDC plastic wrap film are significantly better than PE plastic wrap.

Some people from the Provincial Consumer Insurance Commission suggested that coffee, tea, dried fruits, etc. need to choose a clip chain with better water vapor blocking performance for self -sealed bags; tomatoes, apples, bananas, etc. will release cooked agents (ethylene), which should be placed in permeability. Fresh and vegetable fresh bags with better moisturizing, and then put them in the refrigerator.

Buy foods with fat as much as possible. Consumers may see in daily life that some supermarket stores and roadside marinated vegetables (cooked food) stores are used to wrap oil -containing foods. However, when PVC plastic wrap is exposed to fatty foods, plasticizers are easy to produce, which affects physical health. And ordinary consumers are not easy to distinguish materials.

Therefore, the Provincial Consumer Protection Commission reminds that when purchasing non -pre -packaged foods containing fat, bring its own packaging utensils as much as possible, and do not bring plastic wrap to heat. At the same time, it is hoped that operators will strengthen self -discipline, explicit materials, and relevant administrative supervision departments will further strengthen supervision.

People from the Provincial Consumer Insurance Commission also suggested that consumers try to buy PE materials self -adhesive plastic wrap or preservation bags; use according to the temperature range prescribed by packaging; do not reuse the plastic wrap that should be used at one time; Plastic membrane, do not use microwave oven to heat.

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