Installation atlas and common fault solutions for weak electric access control systems

Face door forbidden attendance machine installation wiring schematic diagram


Glass door magnetic lock installation diagram


Fire door magnetic lock installation diagram


Glass door electric plug lock installation diagram


Sensing automatic door installation schematic diagram


Division of human faces forbidden attendance machines and network controller connection diagrams


Human face machine appearance and wiring row plug

(Each manufacturer is different, just read the manual and know)


Significant diagram of human face machine and access control special power supply wiring

The access control system fails, how can I solve it? How to find the fault quickly?

The access control system is a more security security system used in modern commercial buildings, communities, schools, and enterprises. The access control system is to wash a modern security management system first, integrating the automatic microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures. The access control system is used more in our lives and work, but how can I solve it if the access control system fails? How to find the fault quickly?

1. Software test method

Detection method: Start the management software, enter the gate of the general console, click the detection controller, the software operation information will prompt the relevant fault, then you can process it according to the relevant information. Real -time monitoring method: General console -real -time monitoring, real -time monitoring corresponding to the corresponding credit card indicator light to facilitate the failure of the door. Search NET method: Basic Settings -Controller -Search NET, helps to find a communication failure of the TCP/IP controller corresponding communication indicator to help find a communication failure. Please close the firewall!

Second, hardware indicator lighting method

When power is powered, we can see the power indicator Power, and the CPU indicator light flash to determine whether the controller is in a working state; when swiping the card, we can see if the Card light is transmitted to the controller. The indicator light, whether to click, determine whether the output of the controller’s relay is normal; the ERR light flashing represents the failure of the controller, and the details are obtained in the software detection.

Third, replacement exclusion method

Equipment replacement method: This can only be referred to and cannot be completely determined, because if it is caused by a certain environment or factors, it may not be manifested immediately, just like a person’s chronic diseases have a period of incubation. If there is a problem with the problem that there is a problem with the doubt, there is no problem with the detection separately. This may be environmental interference problems such as wiring, and you should actively find the source of the fault. Computer replacement method: You can determine whether it is a customer’s computer or operating system environment and virus problem. The serial port output or the settings are wrong. Database and software replacement: such as the failure of the extraction or upload settings, the failure of the report, etc., you can use another new database or software to determine the scope of the problem.

Fourth, separation exclusion method

When the access control system fails, you can separate the device to see if it is normal, and then load each external device one by one, and load a test to see what the failure is loaded. Or separate the controller test to disconnect a part of the controller to see if the equipment is running normally.

Fifth, do not pass the fault quickly processing

Sometimes, our device has poor access control system communication due to external factors, causing the access control system to fail. So how to solve it?

Check whether the line string is set to check whether the access control communication summary is unobstructed. Check whether the crystal head of the network cable is intact and whether the network cable is connected

If the above problems occur, basically we can check whether the network cable is connected through the ping command, or it can also replace the inappropriate accessories.

6. Electric insert locks or electromagnetic locks are not locked for a long time

The solution steps are as follows:

1. First check the door forbidden door delay settings. Generally, the door -to -door delay is set within 6 seconds. At the same time, the delay can be appropriately adjusted according to the velocity of the closed door to ensure that the delay is longer than the closed door closed door.

2. Connecting gateway delay adjustment method:

A. Set open door delay on the software.

b. Adjust the delayed knob of the lock power supply.

C. The delayed jumper on the side of the electric plug -in lock.

7. After the power outages, the fingerprint processor screen appears irregular flashes and there is an unknown sound

This is caused by the internal battery power of the power unit (ES-521) in the power unit (ES-521) insufficient power or over-discharge. It is recommended to explain to customers that the battery unit can maintain the power time of the battery unit when installing the battery unit.

8. Use fingerprint unlocking without setting a “alarm finger”, but a brief alarm occurs when there is a brief alarm

This problem is related to the quality of the crystal head between the connection fingerprint processor and the lock controller, such as the quality of the crystal head, the quality of the suppression, the quality of the network cable. It is recommended to use high -quality network cables and crystal heads, and requiring the installation personnel to suppress the crystal head skillfully.

Nine, the problem solving of the problem of magnetic locks

Magnetic locks are realized according to the principle of electromagnet. After power -on, as long as there is a small current, it will generate a large magnetic force. After the access control system recognizes the correct person, the magnetic lock will lose the magnetic force to open the door.

After the magnetic lock is used for a while, there will be some problems due to various reasons. What should we do in the face of these failures? Common magnetic lock faults and solutions sharing with everyone.

1. The sound of magnetic locks closed the door is very loud

a. Check whether there are rubber pads;

b. Check whether the screw is too loose;

c. Check whether the distance between the magnetic lock body and the board is appropriate.

2. The iron plate cannot suck firmly

a. Check whether the power supply device “power and voltage” 1A/12V/24V output decreases;

b. Check whether there are foreign objects (such as dust, rust, foreign body, etc.) on the surface of the magnet.

3. Magnetic lock iron plates need to be adjusted often

a. Check whether the iron plate is loaded;

b. Check whether the iron plate has a rubber pad;

c. It is recommended that customers “screw fixed agent on the screws.

4. After the iron plate is sucking, it feels slightly vibrating

a. Check whether the main surface of the magnetic lock and the iron plate is completely inhaled and without any foreign body, or try the iron plate to pine it;

b. Check the voltage, whether the current is sufficient;

5. The delay function is invalid

a. “Delayed adjustment” of magnetic locks starts timing after power -on, rather than starts the timing after closing the door;

b. The delay of the magnetic lock is 0, 3, 6, and 9 seconds. See if the time setting is set to 9 seconds.

6. After the power is powered, the LED light is slightly bright and unable to suck

Check whether the voltage is sufficient to supply electromagnetic locks (1A current/12V voltage).

7. After power -on, the red LED light has been on, but the green light is not on

It may be that the induction element of the magnetic lock is damaged and needs to be replaced.

8. When the two -door magnetic lock is used for a while, I can’t suck it

The magnetic lock of the double door is relatively large, check whether the power supply is sufficient (whether it is enough to the demand current and voltage of the double -door electromagnetic lock, or whether there is a line loss).

9. There is no action with the controller

Check whether the “output” contact is correct.

The above is the nine major faults and solutions commonly used in access control magnetic locks. In actual use, specific problems must be analyzed.

(Each manufacturer is different, just read the manual and know)

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