The electrical assembly is used to master the commonly used electrical tools, this time it is very clear

As we all know, no matter which industry and types of work, they need their corresponding tools. Electricity work is a profession with professional skills. Naturally, it is a more professional and secure electrical tool. Familiar with the use of use is of great help for electricity operations. So which electrical tools do I need to use when assembly work? Let’s introduce the electrical tools often used in electrical assembly.

1. Screwdriver

The screwdriver is also commonly known as screw batch. The cone is changed. There is usually a thin wedge -shaped head that can be inserted into the groove or concave of the screw nail head. It consists of the handle (generally non -slip, insulation), knife head, and knife rod.

The main role is to lock fixing the cross screw and one -word screw.

(1) One word screwdriver

The specifications are represented by cylindrical metal rods outside the handle. The specifications are expressed: rod diameter mm*rod long mm. As shown below;

Common specifications are: 3*100, 5*200, 6*200, etc.

(2) Cross screwdriver

The specifications of the cross screw knife are represented by the size of the knife head and metal rod. Generally, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#.

Among them, 0#represents a diameter of 3mm, suitable for screws from 2 to 2.5mm, 1#representing a rod diameter of 5mm, suitable for screws of 3 to 5mm, 2#representing 6mm. 8mm, suitable for screws of 8-12mm.

2. Electric knife

The electric knife is a special cutting tool for cutting wires, cable insulation layers, and cutting wooden gaps and other auxiliary materials.

Figure 2-1

During use, cut the knife mouth outward, and when cutting the insulation layer, the knife surface and wire should be turned into a slope angle to avoid cutting the wire. How to use is shown in Figure 2-2 below:

Figure 2-2

3. Crowded tongs

The oblique tongs are also called cutting tongs, and the cutting tie is broken. As shown in Figure 3-2, it is a professional tool for cutting the wires for electrical engineers. It is also one of the most important commonly used tools. You can cut the general metal wires and cables. However, it is not possible to cut the thick steel wire or metal wire to prevent damage to the blade. The handle is the insulating material to prevent electric shock.

Figure 3-1

Figure 3-2

4. Polying mouth pliers

The tip of the tip of the mouth is thin, suitable for holding workpiece, small parts in a small space, or to reverse the fine metal wire for binding and fixing. The blade mouth can cut the metal wire. Not recommended).

5. Inner hexagon wrench

The inner hexagon wrench is used to reverse and fix the inner hexagonal screw.

The inner hexagon wrench is generally made of carbon steel No. 45, so it is more durable. The specifications of the inner hexagonal are based on the size of the relatively screws or screws. The general specifications are represented by the hexagonal diameter of “D”:

The most commonly used specifications are 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.

6. Activity wrench

The activity wrench, also known as a living wrench, is an important tool for fastening and loosening the nut. It is mainly composed of active clamps, fixing the tie mouth, adjusting the turbine, and grip.

Its specifications are represented by length (MM) ✖ Maximum opening width (MM), and the commonly used is 150*25 (6 inches), 200*30 (8 inches), 250*35 (10 inches), 300*40 (12 inches) Wait.

7. Fixed board

The fixed panel hand is also called a opening wrench or a dazzling wrench because its opening size is a fixed caliber and cannot be adjusted, but it is not easy to slip when used. The main role, like the activity wrench, is also a special tool for fixed nuts.

The specifications generally have a adjacent size of both ends, and the common specifications are: 7mm (M4 nut) -8mm (M5 nut), 10mm (M6) -14mm (M8), 17mm (M10) -19mm (M12),, M12),, M12),, M12),, M12),, M12),, M12),, M12), m12, m12) 22mm (M14) -24mm (M16) and so on.

8. flashlight drill

The flashlight diamond is a small and medium -sized electric tool. It is one of the indispensable electric tools for electricians. The main authors use to make screw holes in the equipment or workpiece. As shown in Figure 8-1, the flashlight drill is mainly composed of drilling head clips, transmission gears, nails, rotors, cases, switches, and power cords. There is also a portable flashlight diamond as shown in Figure 8-2. Its power supply uses a lithium battery without the need for power cords for power supply.

Figure 8-1

Figure 8-2

9. Electric soldering iron

Electric iron is an essential tool for electronic production and electrical maintenance in our electrical assembly. The main purpose is welding components and circuit board welding production, air -insertion connection production, extended line connection, etc.

The soldering iron is generally composed of the handle, the soldering iron head, and the thermal original, which is divided into internal thermal and external thermal type. The internal heat refer to the heating core is inside the soldering iron head. Its soldering head is tube. The advantage is that the heat is fast, the efficiency is high, it is more suitable for welding PCB and other circuit board welding, and the wire extension of the wire welding. The disadvantage is that it is easy to damage. The outer thermal refers to the heating core is outside, and its soldering head is installed inside the heating body. The advantage is that the heat dissipation, high power, stable, suitable for welding large meta devices or coarse wires. Preheating, not suitable for welding less components.

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