Xiaomi Outdoor Camera Machine Battery Edition Experience: Solve the shortcomings of outdoor monitoring, no need to be installed flexibly

When buying a house and renovation, the demand for security outside the door is not considered, and the network cable and power are not reserved outdoors. The door of the house becomes a blind spot monitoring. There are some debris at the door, and they are often lost inexplicably. You need to re -wiring, the amount of engineering is not small, and you don’t want to spend money to find the decoration to re -get it again, so you give up this idea! Until a friend introduced Xiaomi outdoor camera battery version: no need to re -wiring, flexible installation, 1080P high -definition screen, support intelligent interconnection, decisively start a experience.

Products and details

Xiaomi outdoor camera battery version of the packaging box adopts Xiaomi ecological chain product white simple style. The front left side of the box is printed with product rendering. The upper right corner is the Xiaomi logo, and the product name and functional characteristics are printed in the lower right corner. There are also product feature introduction on both sides of the packaging box: outdoor wireless connection, 1080P HD, IP65 dustproof waterproof, 8x digital zoom, 5700mAh large -capacity battery, intelligent alarm, WDR wide dynamic, AI humanoid detection and other functions.

Open the box. A full set of accessories are: outdoor cameras, indoor machines, power adapters, power cords, screw sets (including screwdrivers), positioning stickers and instructions. For users with poor hands -on capabilities, use positioning stickers to punch holes, and they are not afraid of punching and crooked, and they have a screwdriver to facilitate the base of the outdoor camera camera.

The outdoor camera and the indoor machine are white style, simple and stylish appearance; the shell is ABS material, abrasion -resistant and anti -collision, white body can be versatile with any home style, but it is not resistant to dirt.

The outdoor camera consists of the host+installation base. The front end of the host is the indicator, light sensor, lens, infrared sensor, with 130 ° wide -looking angle, 1080P high -definition resolution. Large aperture can capture the details of the picture even in the backlight and dark light environment, which is very suitable for the changing light environment outdoors.

At the bottom of the outdoor camera is the power button, the Type-C charging interface, and the speaker. It supports two -way voice, and users can talk with people in the lens remotely. The built -in 5700mAh battery capacity, long battery life, specific standby time is related to trigger video frequency. Users can set trigger sensitivity in the Mijia App.

The installation base and the camera body are designed through the joint ball hinge. After installation, the angle can be adjusted by the joint ball. Those who are relatively narrow in the corridor can be hit. The large damping design of the joints makes the camera unwavering.

The installation base adopts a anti -theft design. The screwdriver needs to be unscrewed with the screw knife to disassemble. The built -in sensor of the fuselage will automatically push the information when the fuselage shakes. The outdoor camera installation can be installed with expansion screws. Cross the fixation. Be sure to determine the fixing and then use it to prevent the fall from falling.

The outdoor camera needs to be used with the indoor machine. From the perspective of the appearance, the indoor machine is more like a mini router. The front of the indoor machine is equipped with a LED indicator to facilitate the device status. There are two small antennas behind it to enhance the outdoor camera camera. Connect the transmission effect.

Interior interface: network cable interface, USB interface, Microsd bayonet, Type-C power interface and reset hole, network cable interface can be directly connected to the router to make the network connection more stable and fast. Support 2.4G networks), supports two storage: USB and TF cards, and supports cloud storage functions (required for opening).

The bottom of the indoor machine is posted with a QR code connecting the Mijia APP. When connecting, you need to scan the QR code to connect. The heat dissipation holes can ensure the heat dissipation of the device.

Housekeeping experience

This product is divided into two parts: outdoor and indoor machines. The outdoor camera machine needs to be fixed, so you need to connect the Mijia APP before fixation, then install it after successful connection, open the Mijia APP, click on the upper right corner+number to select Sweep One Scan, scan the two -dimensional code on the back of the indoor machine according to the prompts, add the indoor machine; after the indoor machine is added, it will automatically jump to the outdoor camera. At this time, scan the QR code of the camera and complete the binding according to the prompts.

In the APP interface, click the camera to enter the main control interface; the main control interface click on the play button to preview the monitoring screen in real time, click the full screen button in the upper right corner of the video screen to adjust it to the horizontal screen preview; In the call interface, you can capture, videos, voice calls, sound change calls, etc.

Enter the APP setting item, you can set the camera, storage management, indoor state machine state lights, etc. users can customize mobile detection sensitivity, shooting duration, push settings, etc. Resolution, time watermark, etc.


In the intelligent scene mode, according to the actual use needs, you can set it when the outdoor camera is moved to detect trigger or the equipment movement event, and the air -conditioning partner of the linkage house issues a designated alarm to remind the people at home to be demolished or moved when the equipment is violent, and when the equipment is violently demolished or moved, the device is demolished or moved. Push to the mobile phone as soon as possible to remind users.

The storage management interface of the battery version of the Xiaomi outdoor camera can be viewed by the mobile detection screen taken by the camera. This device provides a free 3 -day rolling video storage service. If you need longer users, you can choose different tariffs to buy. The storage device supports the maximum 32G memory card. If there is no TF card in the home, you can also directly connect the U disk as a local storage device.

The battery version of the Xiaomi outdoor camera is equipped with a 130 ° wide -view lens, which can be wider and wider than ordinary monitoring probes than ordinary monitoring probes. In the same position, ordinary surveillance can only look at 1/3 of areas, while Xiaomi outdoor camera can see about 2/3 areas, covering a wider area and can capture more pictures.

In addition to the outdoor balcony monitoring, if there is a need for corridor care, you can use the camera to be horizontal, so that the surveillance area of ​​the camera will turn into a long -angle area, you can see the picture under the vertical screen of the mobile phone, you can also in the APP. Filtering the camera scheduling is very practical. It is more practical than the care area of ​​calm camera products at the door.

Xiaomi outdoor camera battery version shooting screen is shot from top to bottom. If you have smart cat eyes or doorbells installed on the door, shooting angle shooting, two angles of video complement, the outside of the door is fully covered, no dead angles can be left, you can clearly pass your mobile phone. See the situation outside the door.

The real -time screen of Xiaomi outdoor camera battery version supports 8 times the zoom technology view. After pinching with both hands, you can enlarge the picture. After the zoom is enlarged, you can clearly see the content on the mobile phone interface. It is very good and meets various functional scenarios.

Sometimes if you are not at home, you will let the courier put the courier at the door. The open residential building will even have express parcel loss. Install the Xiaomi outdoor camera battery version. Others walked away. When it is inconvenient to open the door to pick up the goods, you can also communicate directly with the outsiders through voice functions. The sound change call function is particularly suitable for women who live alone or children at home to better protect themselves.

The battery version of the Xiaomi outdoor camera camera can shoot clear pictures under sufficient light. The shooting performance in the dark light environment is equally satisfactory. There are 8 infrared lamp beads on the periphery of the lens. Support WDR wide dynamic technology (can be opened in the picture quality settings), retains the details of the picture in the dim environment or strong light environment.

The battery version of the Xiaomi outdoor camera supports PIR humanoid detection and temperature changes perception. Within 7 meters, the temperature changes and object movement are perceived by sensors and cameras, and the videos will be started immediately and the alarm information is pushed to the Mijia APP. Through the cloud AI face recognition technology, it can also judge acquaintances and strangers. Only strange talents will push the alarm to avoid invalid the police.


If you are like me, you have an indoor camera at home, and you want to put one for care at the door of the house. Because there is no power supply and network cavitation outside the door, if you want to install the camera outdoors, you can consider starting the battery version of the Xiaomi outdoor camera, getting rid of the restraint of the wire, and the wireless installation. You can support 1080P high-definition screens, WDR technology, PIR infrared human body testing, intelligent interconnection and other functions, IP65 level waterproof, and run in the environment of -20 ° C to 50 ° C, which meets the outdoor outdoor in different areas. Use demand, indoor machine storage video, not afraid of video information leakage, safer use. Support the conversation of intercom, you can also call and scare the bad guys in special circumstances. The only shortcoming is that the location I installed is relatively high. Each time I need to use a ladder and a screwdriver to remove the outdoor camera to charge. Of course, if you don’t want to remove the camera, you can use the mobile power to charge it.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Outdoor power connector IP65, hope it can help you.

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