To tell the truth, this is the most beautiful new house decoration style I have seen in recent years! Take it for reference!

We pursue a romantic atmosphere, like beautiful arcs, and always have their own unique understanding and love for home aesthetics. Some people like the simple Nordic style, and some people like the Japanese style of Zen. If you never like the European style before that, maybe you have not really knew it.

Give the most luxurious enjoyment to the living room

No matter what style of home space, there is only one theme of the living room, which is “atmosphere”. In the impression, the classical European style that I see in the movie is almost like this

In the middle of the high living room is a luxurious crystal lamp. The ground is filled with a complicated pattern carpet, and even the wall is occupied by delicate gypsum lines. But such a design is obviously not suitable for small domestic apartments.

Give away the complex gypsum lines, the fireplace in the living room can bring gorgeous European -style atmosphere. Simplify the sofa design in the future, remove complicated decorations, and retain the beautiful arc. A large carpet does not need to cover the entire living room, but it still needs to fill a sofa area.

Wallpaper is also a commonly used element in European -style homes. The light blue hue. It uses a European -style seat, a reading angle created by a simple floor lamp. The full European style is so perfect.

The kitchen still needs to be open

Open kitchen can basically be said to be a sign of European and American homes, which is also related to the dietary habits of Westerners. However, now because more and more young people like to open kitchen, some manufacturers have specially designed it for Chinese families. Open a special range hood for the opening of the kitchen, there is a lot of suction power, so there is no need to worry about running around.

It is also an open kitchen. The difference between European style and American style is that they will be more beautiful in the choice of furniture. In addition to the beauty of such kitchen design, it is more important to shorten the distance between family members, which is very practical.

The restaurant needs a unique chandelier

The pace of people’s life is getting faster and faster, and the restaurant is almost the only place where the family can sit down and chat. Compared with Chinese round tables, the narrow solid wood table seems to be more in line with Europeans’ habits. The shape of the dining table does not need to be complicated. A piece of rectangular tablecloth that shows the luxurious rectangular table shows European -style elegance.

For the atmosphere of European -style restaurants, chandeliers are their killers. Unlike American -style fan chandeliers, they pay more attention to the unique shape.

It can also be a more gorgeous crystal lamp, which is not exaggerated here.

The design of the bathroom also needs the same exquisitely

European -style luxury is reflected in the design of each detail. Even the bathroom must use natural stone countertops and golden hardware to show low -key gorgeous.

In addition to color tones, European -style frames are their most commonly used elements. In the early morning, there is a sense of vision of the European aristocracy in the medieval century.

Leave the warm romance to the bedroom

The bedroom belongs to the most private place in the home. I can’t wait to fill all the beauty to fill it. Except for the classic elements such as the Concubine Cutch, in fact, the European -style bedroom only needs a curtain to create the most warm romantic feelings.

The most common bay window, with curtains with velvet fabrics, also instantly become the most elegant and romantic.

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