Matching the blue and yellow of cashmere sweaters in the winter (1)

Everyone is good in New Year!

I took a long holiday of the Spring Festival. I just returned last week. Because I did n’t make a look, I opened the sunroof in the past week. Hehe … I saw a message from the backstage and saw a message to urge more. Unfortunately, 48 hours later Period, so I can’t answer, sorry! This time I took a long time. From late January to the present, because I have been outside, so I have only one article, which is also the period for my most lax since I opened the number. Thank you for your containment …

The weather in the new year is still relatively cold, and it is still the season when wearing cashmere sweaters. So in the past few issues, I will write a few sets of cashmere shapes for everyone to share. The clothes were purchased from the last trip to Shanghai, because I felt good to wear it, and I bought a few pieces in the Blue Harbor Counter in Beijing. The brand of clothes is called Philippe Le Bac, a French brand. The company’s formerly known as Varon & CO, founded in 1936, is a manufacturer with cashmere products as its main product. After 1986, the company turned to the Asian market and founded the brand Philippe Le Bac. Since 2004, the brand name of PLB has developed an international retail network. Currently, it has its own specialty stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hong Kong. The store I bought on Shanghai this time is on Nanjing West Road. The store is quite large, which is much larger than the Blue Port Store in Beijing. After reading the sharing Shanghai readers who are interested in this brand can go there. Readers from other places can also go to Tmall stores, all of which.

Writing two sets of blue -matching yellow this week, both are casual. Recently, I went out to play. I especially like to wear sports shoes, lighter than boots. When I was young, I always liked to wear high heels. As a result, I got my feet and the bottom of the cocoons. So this time I went out to play with sports shoes. This time I shared the shapes that I worked in the two travels. See if everyone likes it …

The top is a dark blue pure cashmere hood. This dress is quite design. The cuffs on both sides are micro -shaped, and there is a zipper on the side of the collar, so it can make the neckline have different shapes.

The price of this dress is 1380. Because I bought too much, there was activities in the store, so I finally won the 50 % off, which is very cost -effective. Even the original price is more reasonable in terms of material, workmanship and design. This brand of cashmere sweaters is generally a little bit in their early 1,000. It is a very cost -effective product. It is recommended here. This dress also has two colors: brown and gray, which are very durable colors. Some friends who like it may wish to go to the store or Tmall store.

The pants found a pair of tea yellow casual pants. The fabric is polyester fiber, which is very soft. The pants were domestic brand Famecoco, and I bought it at a specialty store in the Blue Harbor. At that time, I felt that this kind of pants were wearing lightweight, especially suitable for wearing when I was flying. The price of pants is not expensive, five or six hundred.

The pants itself are long, but this kind of pants roll -up leggings to the seven -point part with sneakers will be more stylish.

The shoes are those thick shoes. The advantages of these shoes are indeed a lot of advantages. Wearing it is stylish and light. I take 20,000 steps every day when I go out, but my feet do not hurt at all, so I must like the shoes. However, the disadvantage is also obvious. I do n’t know if it ’s the relationship of material. The laces are not tightly tied. It’ s painful for a few minutes. This is very painful. At that time, after thinking about returning to China, you had to Taobao with strong friction shoelaces. In this way, there was no disadvantage of these shoes …

The coat is also blue. I chose an oversize suit with a light -core puffy stripe. The brand is also domestically produced, called OVV, which has been introduced before.

It must be pointed out that this shape is because of color, although it is color, but the brightness is dark, so if you go out to take pictures, it is not too much. I took a few landscape photos this time and found that the original shape that I thought was average in the camera, so I regret not leaving too many photos. However, as a make up for the mirror, wearing a fluff hat on the head will make the character in the camera improve a step.

Big -shaped suits with velvet caps are not as violated as you think.

The bag is still the Japanese cowhide crescent bag. Although it is very old, I still like it very much.

The jewelry selected a set of gold earrings and rings for matching.

reality show.

Finally, I will put a few more zipper opening shapes for everyone to see, and the weather can be worn like this.

Styling list:

Sweater: Philippe Le Bac

Pants: Famecoco

Suit: OVV

Shoes: Jane Harlow

Pack: Unknown

Sunglasses: EVITA PERON

Hat: unknown

Earrings/Rings: Echo of Rings/Cadenzza

The theme of the last issue -the matching of the down bread suit

The above is the introduction and description of cvc french terry /fleece, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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