The organic silicon industry maintains a high growth collection of Thailand shares to formulate funds for fundraising to expand the market share of electronic glue

China Industrial Economic Information Network Finance Channel is concerned that Jitai (002909.SZ) has exerted the advantages of global layout and continuously expand domestic and foreign markets. In 2021, the company’s revenue increased by 33.12%year -on -year. Continuous fluctuations, the gross profit margin has been greatly affected, resulting in a decline in net profit.

On June 27, Jitai issued a fixed increase plan, which plans to raise 280 million yuan to further realize the diversified layout of the business application field and enhance comprehensive competitiveness.

The increase in raw materials increase income without increasing increasing income

Jitai Co., Ltd. is a national high -tech enterprise focusing on R & D, production and sales of environmentally friendly seals and coatings, and is committed to providing customized solutions for global customers. The company has a national “green factory” and CNAS country recognition laboratory. It is one of the largest production companies in China and one of the largest production companies in the country. Products are widely used in doors and windows curtain walls, home decoration, container manufacturing, prefabricated buildings, steel structure manufacturing, machinery and equipment, petrochemical equipment, automobile manufacturing, ships and yacht equipment, solar photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, LED lighting, electrical and electrical electrical and other fields Essence

It is reported that China’s industrial silicon production scale is the first place in the world. According to the data of Baichuan Yingfu, China has undertaken most developed countries in 2020. The total output of industrial silicon has reached 2.22 million tons, accounting for 67%of the global total output. Benefiting from the Chinese economy, my country’s industrial silicon industry has developed rapidly, and its production capacity and output have steadily increased. The average annual compound annual compound growth rates of capacity and output from 2016 to 2020 reached 0.72%and 2.40%, respectively. Organic silicon is the largest consumer field in the downstream of industrial silicon. At present, my country’s per capita organic silicon consumption is less than 1.0kg, which is more than double the growth space compared to developed countries.

The downstream application market of the organic silicon is wide. The size of the market space is mainly determined by the application scenarios in which it is located. According to CITIC Securities Research Report Data, the top 5 application areas of the top 5 application in the inner silicon in 2019-2025 will basically remain unchanged It is expected that the organic silicon market with a high rising industry in the industry will maintain high growth in the next five years and longer dimensions. The segmentation fields include new energy vehicles, photovoltaic, and electronic appliances.

China Industrial Economic Information Network Financial Channel learned that in 2021, the price of silicon has risen, and the cost pressure runs through the entire industrial chain. The company achieved operating income of 1.676 billion yuan, an increase of 33.12%year -on -year, an increase of 64.91%compared to 2019; belonging to the listing of listing; The company’s shareholders’ net profit was 50.689 million yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 54.64%. Main reasons: During the reporting period, the company insisted on the use of high -quality raw materials and vigorously guaranteed product supply. However, due to the sharp rise in the prices of major raw materials of the main products and continued fluctuations, the gross profit margin was greatly affected. As a result, net profit declines; the company has always adopted a direct sales model, which is directly developed by direct business development and various commercial activities, and the overall salary of the sales staff is at a high level of the industry. These will to a certain extent. Affects the sales expenses of Jitai shares. In 2021, the company actively expanded the sales market. While the main business income increased sharply, sales costs also increased.

Formulate a fund -raising of 280 million yuan to consolidate the competitive advantage

On June 27, Jitai issued an announcement that the company intends to issue no more than 26.097 million shares in non -public issuance, and the total amount of funds to be raised will not exceed 280 million yuan. New energy sealing, 0.2 million tons of core auxiliary construction projects.

It is reported that the total investment of the above projects is 315 million yuan. The main body of the implementation is Anqing Chengtai. This project is planned to build four types of A workshop, one type A tank area, a class A warehouse, two types C warehouses, one public engineering room, one technology center building, one door guard, one sewage treatment room, one in the initial rain pond, accidents, accidents One emergency pool and a fire pool. After the project is completed, Anqing Chengtai will add 20,000 tons of ethylene silicon oil, 20,000 tons of new energy sealing, and 02,000 tons of core additives.

In 2019, after the acquisition of Zhaoshun Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Ji Tai Co., Ltd., based on the technology and production foundation of the electronic glue business of the target company, continued to increase the research and development investment of electronic glue business, and expanded the business area to new energy vehicles and power batteries , Photovoltaic, LED -Drived Power, 5G Communication, Electronics, Electric Equipment and other areas. New energy vehicles, photovoltaic new energy, LED -driven power supply and other emerging industries have developed rapidly, and the potential market size is huge. Emerging industries have a good demand for organic silicon materials.

Through the above -mentioned non -public offering raised funds to invest 20,000 tons of ethylene silicon oil and 20,000 tons of new energy sealing, Jitai Co., Ltd. actively expands new energy vehicles, photovoltaic new energy, LED drive power supply and other emerging business areas. Emerging industry development opportunities, on the one hand, meet the stable supply of ethylene silicon oil raw materials and the production needs of their own electronic glue products, and improve the quality and performance of electronic glue products; on the other hand, expand the market share and business share of electronic glue The curve further realizes the diversified layout of the business application field, and enhances the company’s comprehensive competitiveness.

In addition, in recent years, Jitai’s silicon sealing glue, especially the revenue of prefabricated architectural glue, has increased steadily, and the demand for raw materials such as bottom coating and other raw materials has continued to grow. Through non -public issuance of fundraising funds to invest in the annual output of 02,000 tons of core additives, the company’s vertical extension can meet the stable supply of core auxiliary raw materials and the demand for its own organic silicon sealing Building organic silicon sealing glue products quality and performance, consolidating competitive advantages.

China’s Industrial Economic Information Network Financial Channel will pay attention to the implementation of the above issuance plans and the company’s performance.

(Responsible editor Zhang Lina)

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