Frequent use of hand -free handwashing solution is risky

Source: 【Huasheng Online】

Under the influence of the epidemic, everyone often uses hand -free handwashing and wet paper towels, thereby reducing the risk of illness. However, a recent papers published by a post -95 master’s degree from the University of Science and Technology of Science and Technology pointed out that people have exposed to some lasting antibacterial components because of frequent use and may also bring new health risks.

People may not know that some hand sanitizers contain antibacterial agents that have health risks to the crowd, such as trichlorimum.

The paper uses trichloro -raws as the research object. For the first time, the antibacterial agent in the hand -toilet was evaluated by the potential health risks brought by the exposure of the hand mouth, which provided a reference for solving the mystery. According to reports, the trichlorophyte in hand -toakers was once internationally recognized as high -efficiency broad -spectrum sterilizers, which are widely used. However, studies have shown that trichlorimonia has a negative effect of disturbing organisms and has potential carcinogenic risks. Children at the critical stage of physical growth and development are more likely to be affected by trichloro -raw. Excessive trichlorimonia can cause children with endocrine disorders or obesity.

The results of the study showed that 9.90%of Chinese children using hand -free handwashing solution were taken in the safety threshold of trichloroly. The article also shows that the contact of the hand mouth is the most important exposure way for trichlorimonia. In addition, the use of people who need to wash hands, the exposure of the trichlorogonicity is much lower than the people using the use of hand -washing products.

Zheng Lin

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