The sudden spring of the year of the tiger, the work rhythm of many enterprises and institutions was disrupted, and it also disrupted the spring tour (collecting wind) plan of the nightlight cup of the small readers of Xuhui District.

The Caifeng plan originated from October last year. The representative of the little readers subscribed to the Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin Weekly and Oriental Sports Daily (Evening News Series) for their respect for the community models they respectful. Ruyuan South Primary School’s fourth grade ice sculpture team Captain Li Ziyan, on behalf of the school, Chongwu, the Chongwu of the Changqiao Community, subscribe to the Evening News series; Uncle Wang Cheng, a national model, subscribes to the Evening News series.

The 80 -year -old old hero Zhao Zhengdong and the national model Wang Cheng are all senior readers of the Evening News series. Their deeds have long been reported by the Evening News. They encourage children to follow the Evening News series to understand Shanghai, observe society, and get close to nature. I promised to welcome the spring with the young readers, and the mother who read the spring was the aesthetic text of the luminous cup.


During the online class, Liu Jiayuan took a group photo with Xu Hui Middle School Liu Xiaoyan in the theme activity of Hui Shi Primary School. The two encouraged each other in this round of epidemic. On the one hand, they believed that Shanghai would win.

The author believes that the Evening News is in and spring is there. Reading the night light cup is the military method of winning the monster

However, after entering March, there are constant news that the community is isolated and closed. Once you enter this state, the post office can only regret notify the readers who subscribe to the Evening News: after the unsealed, they have to be stored in the post office. Li Ziyan, Liu Jiayuan, and the communities I live in almost “enjoy” this treatment at the same time. How much this affects our habits, especially “


Night dinner, eat well, Xinmin Evening News

“, Some of them are depressed. This should not be an individual phenomenon. How to help children pass the psychological difficulties during unconventional periods? Professor Feng Yunhai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Eighth People’s Hospital, who is also a senior reader of the Evening News, and Yi Wei, the director of the Nursing Department, Qing, confirmed that my original idea was feasible, that is, reading, music and painting, which can greatly alleviate the troubles that children can’t get out of the door closed, and can relieve parents’ anxiety.

Liu Jiayuan thinks that music and piano playing are the magic weapon of stretching mood


Feng Yunhai and Yi Weiqing’s eighth house were also closed management, and the Evening News they subscribed to the unit could not enter the unit. How can I realize reading, or even the communication between readers to open a window for a closed life? I thought of Liu Fang’s WeChat circle of friends Liu Fang, the director of the Evening News. Every evening, she recommends two or three night light cup public account masterpieces. With her encouragement and the support of her parents, the young reader and the Angel representative of the Eighth Courtyard formed the Luminous Cup Yue Reading Alliance; in this way, it was full of heart and encouraged more citizens, children and evening newspapers.

The 8th People’s Hospital in Shanghai held a video decision -making meeting during the battle

The first three or four days of isolation often fluctuate significantly, so the luminous cup beauty is a placebo for the soul. The following is the experience of reading the representative of the isolated reader. I read the night light cup in the first few days:




Can’t just, meticulously fight the epidemic situation

On March 13, the first article we read was “


“(Author Wu Qiaofeng). This article focuses on the “net -free basket” and criticizes bad style and social phenomena from the details. The author tells us: The reason why I have been playing basketball in my school days. The core point of the author is: “The net without the net, who seduce the next generation to accept the incomplete, vulnerable, low -standard attitude, will definitely affect their good feelings.” When I study, there are similar campus football goals There are generally no nets.


You can still see the lack of basketball racks in the modern life

Liu Jiayuan informed his feelings through his mother WeChat: “I read the luminous cup” Can’t Benefit “with my mother today. My understanding is to be serious about what to do, especially in some details. There is no less stroke. This is especially true to do mathematical questions. The addition and subtraction must be seen clearly. The operation must be carefully. , Listen to class on mobile phones and TV. Although the teacher is not around, I ca n’t do anything. I have to listen carefully as in school and complete the homework on time. After learning about this online class learning attitude of Liu Jiayuan, President Wu Ying was very relieved and appreciated that she brought a good head for her classmates.

Li Ziyan’s reading experience is: “Although there are no regulations, the loss of conscience, and enthusiastic about the fake, I see more good deeds. This time the community is closed and managed. Testing. Although the weather has begun to be hot, they see the sampling staff and volunteers wearing thick protective clothing and sweating beads on their faces. Although the team waiting for the detection is long, the sampling person must go from a community to another district to another district. A community, but they still carefully comforted me not to be afraid, and sampled my throat tenderly. Although there are elderly people who do not use mobile phones in the crowd, there are many enthusiastic volunteers who help them. I deeply feel the Changqiao family. The warmth. There are so many people who can trust and do not take it, and we will definitely defeat the epidemic! These people are a role model worth our children to learn. “

There are many young teachers in the Volunteer Team of Xuhui District in the City of Zhicheng City

Yi Weiqing studied in Maqiao Town, Minhang since she was a child. Maqiao is a famous hometown of sports and is currently an important place for international tennis. She believes:

The supply of sports equipment and medical equipment is the same reason, that is, excellence and meticulous

Essence Secretary Feng Yunhai, who likes to watch the Olympic event and Evening News, pointed out: The concept of “higher, faster, stronger, and more united” is extended to medical services. More harmonious doctor -patient relationships. ” And I think that the conditions for difficulty are not the reason for work. I found photos of the Eighth Route Army Basketball in the Yan’an period: the black and white images clearly show the complete ball network on the basketball frame.

At that time, Yan’an, Yan’an, the Eighth Route Army Basketball Team took a photo after the game; you can see a quite complete basketball rack and net


Narc: Li Guangxi, sing “Wishing Song”

A bad news came, and the famous singer Li Guangxi, who grandparents loved by grandparents, died at the age of 93, causing unlimited sorrow. The luminous cup reacted as soon as possible. On March 14th, the article we read was “

Singing your own song -Li Guangxi in the heart of music lovers


“, The author is Mao Shi’an, an old colleague and literary critic of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. This article explains friendship and achievements affectionately.

Li Guangxi is singing his classic work “Wishing Song”


Li Ziyan’s feelings after reading are: “Although I am a little strange to Grandpa Li Guangxi, grandpa and grandma are all his hardcore fans. His singing is an eternal voice memory of the big era. He said, a singer must be true. Singing, to be worthy of the audience. As a member of the erhu group who has participated in the Xuhui District Civil Orchestra and the performance of the Yale Civilian Orchestra at sea, I feel deeply touched by Grandpa Li Guangxi. . When the orchestra entertainer, I thought that there were many erhu of the string sound department. In case of my sound drifting, I should only know that I couldn’t hear it. I wanted to pass the level. Pulling a piece is to find those who can’t pull it down or wrong. It is said that only in this way can the sound of all instruments be perfectly integrated. Compared with Grandpa Li Guangxi who refused to sing, I am a little ashamed than Grandpa Li Guangxi who refused to sing. . This is the love of art, which is respectable. Old artists not only leave art treasures for future generations, but also leave virtues. “Li Ziyan said on behalf of the young readers:” Grandpa Li Guangxi, please rest assured! We will definitely inherit it! Okay your virtue. “

Like Feng Yunhai and Yi Weiqing, the most familiar Li Guangxi’s work is “


” I informed the readers and partners who had seen Li Guangxi that the introducer was a researcher at my physiologist father Wang Zhihua. My father believes that always singing is always a major issue for how to prevent damage to the throat and vocal cords; otherwise, it will cause loss, and there are even cases of exiting the stage. Therefore, for a while, the Shanghai Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was scientifically escorted by the singer’s golden voice. Liu Jiayuan was very interested in the tunes of “Woning Songs”, and said that she was refined and performed to her grandparents.



Know the ladybug: the joy of crossing the generation gap

On March 15th, consumer rights protection day. There were many activities in the major shopping malls in Xuhui District. Nowadays, in order to fight the epidemic and stretch, I invite Liu Fang to recommend an article suitable for children to read. She promoted the luminous cup on the 10th talk column “


Happy ladybug

“, Sure enough, little readers are very popular.

Li Ziyan’s home isolation Read the night light cup beauty text

Li Ziyan informed: “Recently, Chinese is just teaching the writing. This tenth day of the article has both the style of the explanation and the philosophy of prose, which mainly introduces the simplicity of ladybugs and its simplicity. But pure and beautiful. In life, I also have a simple persistence like ladybugs. Last fall, in order to prepare the game of the ancient poetry conference, I insisted on understanding and reciting an ancient poem every morning from spring. One day, I persisted for more than 200 days. Some classmates asked me if I felt boring and boring? At first I really wanted to give up, but later I gradually liked this feeling. This simple repetition has become my daily habits, part of life, I enjoy it. Each of us must have our own small goals and learn from the little ladybugs, even if it is simply that it is too simple. To complete it with perseverance. “When I read her feelings, I suddenly felt that Yi Weiqing and other white soldiers such as the eighth house were not as persistent as a ladybug.


Liu Jiayuan also happily informed: “Little ladybug, really beautiful, wearing parts of flowers. How many stars are there? One two, three, four, five, six, and six.” This is a nursery song learned in her kindergarten. “So, I am familiar with the Seven Star Ladybugs. After reading this article, I have a different understanding of it. Although the life of the Seven Star Ladybug is short, it is busy. The fruits, the wind and rain are unimpeded, how beautiful it is! I also want to learn the spirit of the little ladybug, and to read it well. ” Interestingly, in order to make me, Feng Yunhai, Yi Weiqing, and President Song Xiafeng of Yuannan Elementary School have an intuitive feeling, she also draws pictures of ladybugs.


Liu Jiayuan’s paintings “The Mascot of the Winter Olympics” and “Ladybug”

This makes us the big readers of these Evening News very happy. In fact, there are still generations between readers. When we were young, we didn’t pay attention to ladybugs at all, let alone how many stars it had. Most of us are familiar with 了, knowing the baby of the silkworm; Feng Yunhai said with a sharp saying: might as well communicate more insect knowledge with the little readers.


Nostalgia: What is feelings

On March 16, the fight against epidemic in Shanghai was fully launched. Readers of the evening newspaper are confident and energetic, and the nightlight cups after dinner become considerable on time. The prose provided by Liu Fang is “


“(Author Zhou Huacheng), at first glance, the food is strong nostalgic.

Zhou Huacheng explained the nostalgia from the perspective of Changshan Hu Pomantry, and the writing was naturally smooth. I have investigated specialty agricultural products on the land of Zhejiang, knowing that Hu Pomantry is one of the magic weapons for the rich in the local area. When Hu Pan matures, the taste is sweet and refreshing; but when there are often Youzi returning to the hometowns, Hu Pomano is still very astringent. At this time, it tastes bitter. Zhou Huacheng believes that this is the taste of nostalgia. Such strokes and perception naturally deeply moved the big readers of the Evening News.

What is the cognition of a little reader? Liu Jiayuan informed: “I thought it was an article about food. I have eaten Huh Pomelo, but the taste is not good, hard, not as sweet as other grapefruit. I only know after reading the article. I did n’t taste it at the right time. Mom said that I can think deeply. The food in it contains nostalgia. What is nostalgia? My ancestor is Ningbo, my grandfather especially likes to eat stinky things, such as it is called ‘ Ningbo’s three stinky “smelly winter melon, stinky amaranth, stinky heart. I don’t want to smell it, but Grandpa tastes it like seeing a baby. This may be the taste in memory, the so -called nostalgia.” Liu Jiayuan is only 7 years old. Hometown of nostalgia is the emotion after growing up. I told her that she had grown up, her nostalgia may be Besa! Her mother Yu Yangqiang: There must be fries.

Liu Jiayuan’s sister Liu Jiayi (Xuhui Middle School was pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -found. She said: “The fruits of Hu Pan are different; only after a long wait can we eat its sweetness. Its wonderful is that it is sweet at the same time, because this is because of this, so that the author is every way to let the author every every way to make the author every every way. When eating it the second time, there are nostalgia. Perhaps may be the thought of those who can’t go back in memory, and it is also a kind of return for the soul to find a home. Misery is like frustration in life. Only experiences. Only to know the taste. But it is precisely because of these sufferings that it has promoted people to grow and progress, and life becomes sweet. The taste of Hu Pomano is like life. Leave regrets. The author lives in the outside world, and his nostalgia stays in his heart; he eats the hometown of Hu Pan, expressing his affection for his hometown and love for life with the memory of taste buds. “Liu Jiayi’s point of view is very philosophical. My opinion is that the nostalgia is more. Duo remember the lifestyle and childhood partners when he was a child. For example, Longjing, his hometown, can taste it every year, but you have a sense of nostalgia when you see the picture.

In the spring that cannot be blocked, West Lake Longjing Tea has been mining

Liu Jiayi fried new tea in Longjing Tea Garden


Sister Liu Jiayi and Liu Jiayuan both miss the warm sun in the spring of tea in Hangzhou

My nostalgia is Longjing, and the nostalgia of Yiweiqing is the horses of the hometown of the hometown. Feng Yunhai’s nostalgia may be richer, but it is also inseparable from the old cakes, fritters and soy milk of the original Shanghai people in the morning. It is a taste, and it is a kind of nostalgia!

Li Ziyan told us: “My family is a new Shanghai family in the south of the world. Grandpa is from Tianjin, and his grandmother is from Shanghai; they go to the countryside as a educated youth. Support the Mainland to Shijiazhuang). My dad greedy in Shijiazhuang since he was a child, and his mother was from Hunan; they stayed in Shanghai after graduating from college, and I grew up in Shanghai. Every member of my family has their unique taste. Grandpa likes to eat pancake fruit. Grandma likes to eat sweets. Dad likes to eat Hebei picking cakes, and my mother is spicy and unhappy. I asked my mother why for so many years of love for spicy? Mom answered, a famous writer said-

Human stomach has a memory function. The food that a person likes to eat when he was young will leave a deep brand in his taste; even when he grows up, it is difficult to forget.Whenever people who are away from their hometown, they will wake up their endless memories of their hometown, family, and affection when they taste this special taste.

EssenceOh, it turns out that this is nostalgia!This is a reason for the just read the night light cup article “The Taste of Nostalgia”.”

Erbao nursery rhyme@二 二

Wang Lingyi

Why, there is always someone

Will work hard to work

No name for money

Only the community is so peaceful

Dai Moon

Zen exhausted in dawn

Because there are people in my heart


Don’t be afraid of struggle with the heavens

Bamboo with bamboo for the people’s livelihood

I will win if I defeat the new crown

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Author | Wang Lingyi (Researcher of Shanghai International Economic Exchange Center, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

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Why, there is always someone

Why, there is always someone

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