After the beginning of autumn, the weather was getting cooler, and the wearing of short skirts and shorts was obviously a bit out of place, and when choosing trousers, it was easy to fall into a situation. Wide -legged pants are too common, and jeans are tired of wearing, then you must need this pants type with different items -Haron pants. Who said that the loose Harlen pants can’t wear a sexy and fashionable feeling?


The unique tailoring and randomness of Harun pants were discovered by the designers. After the designer’s improvement, Haron pants provided a different fashion confession. And being interpreted by fashionable sophisticated alternatives and coolness. How can Harlun pants choose and match to be fun and fashionable? Let’s take a look today.

The history of fashion development of Harun pants

The birth of Harun pants can be traced back to more than 2000 years ago. At that time, a wide version of pants were generally worn in western Asian and southwestern regions. Not only were men wearing men, but women often wore traditional costumes. However, at the beginning, this type of pants were not named after “Haron pants”, because the regional differences were different.

In the middle of the 19th century, this loose pants appeared in Western society and were regarded as a kind of clothing for women. After being named “Lantern Pants” and “Turkish Pants”, this costume was quickly known by Western women. At that time, women wearing pants was a bold and adventurous approach. Only a few independent and self -confident female pioneers dared to try pants.

In 1909, the French fashion master Paul Poiret admired women’s dress “from neck to knee, and must be relieved” to bring the wide Haren pants into people’s vision and transform it. , Make it more fashionable. However, affected by the social environment at that time, this type of pants was not widely accepted, and the dress as women’s leisure activities existed.

I don’t know if you have heard of the “Hammer era”? From the 1980s to the 1990s, Hammer was liked by the public as a super -car singer. Harun pants he mostly worn were also sought after by young people, thus setting off a wave of popularity of Polun pants.

Driven by the retro wave this year, Haron pants, as a historic product, also ushered in a fashionable turn. If you still stay in the idea of ​​”wearing Harun pants like kneeling”, then you are too backward.

Selection Guide of Harun Pants


Haron pants are always unhappy? A large part of the reason may be that you are not right. When choosing Harun pants, you need to pay attention to these three points: the differences in the version, the length of the trouser legs, and the level of the crotch position. Next, I will talk about the precautions on Haron pants.


1. Pay attention to the difference in the version

The difference between the version of Harun pants is definitely an important factor that affects the final presentation effect. At present, the more common Haron pants and sports type Harlen pants are more common. Like lantern pants, Harun pants are more unique and difficult to control.

However, this unique version of Haren pants are favored by fashion bloggers and become a weapon for street shots. The sports style Harun pants are also very popular recently, interpreting the coolness and coolness of the cool girl. If you are a street -style little fairy, you might as well try it.

2. Pay attention to the length of the trouser legs

In the market of Harun pants, the most popular is Jiulun Haron pants. The design of “exposing ankle” can well modify the leg shape. Compared with Jiuqi Harlen pants, long Haron pants are not only easy to procrastinates, but also very unfriendly to girls. There are also seven -point Haron pants that are “short -cut” in the trousers, and they are also more suitable for girls with poor legs.

3. Pay attention to the level of the crotch position

The design of Harun’s crotch is very unique, so it has also become a sign that distinguish other pants. Like hip -hop people who love to wear low -grade Harun pants, they have the feeling of sports and leisure, and hip -hop is full. However, the control of low -grade Harlen pants is very difficult, especially for girls with petite figures to avoid choosing such styles, otherwise it is easy to give people a sense of vision of “kneeling and walking.”


However, the little girls do not become the insulator of Harun pants because of this. Like high -end Haron pants, it is still very easy to control, and the overall presentation is more concise and neat. Small girls can also wear it.

The classic new way of wearing Harun pants

If you want to wear Haren pants out of style, you must make a lot of color. In the matching of Harun pants, Xiaobian mainly talks about the matching of Harun pants from the three aspects: waistline, curve and line sense. Mastering these three tips, you get the key points in the matching of Harun pants.


1. The most important thing to build a waistline


Needless to say the importance of the waistline, everyone must understand. The unique version of Harlun pants “upper skirt and pants” determines the importance of building waistline in matching.

1. croptop short top+Harlen pants

Nothing is more likely to highlight the waistline than a Croptop short shirt. The combination of CropTop short tops with Haron pants not only shows the sexy temperament of mature women, but also brings a clean feeling of women in the workplace. When matching, the same color matching is more advanced, and at the same time, the proportion of your body is more perfect. Compared with too many fancy styles, the matching of Harlen pants is simple. The basic CropTop short top+clean Harlen pants with fashion degree.

2. Waist design top+Harlen pants

This look is in line with the matching road of “tight and loose”. The wide version of the Harlen pants and the waist design with the waist design will be more harmonious with the overall presentation. If the loose Harlen pants+wide tops, imagine how procrastinating the overall presentation, especially not suitable for small men girl. And this set of tolerance for the body is also high, which not only improves the waistline, but also does not expose the flesh on the belly.


Second, Harun pants wear a curve to be sexy


Who said that Harun pants have no sexy elements? It is sexy to wear Haren pants out of the curve. If you want to highlight the sense of curve, how can you have a close -fitting camisole?


Short strap+high waist Harn pants

Combining the close -up suspender with Haron pants, the suspender must be short, and Harlen pants must be high waist. This is the key to creating a curve. Of course, this match is more suitable for the perfect hourglass figure, which can not only show the sexy figure, but also wear Haron pants out of a fashionable feeling. However, like the thin pear girls in the upper body, they can also try the combination of short suspenders and high -waisted Haron pants, and they can also hide their figure defects.

Third, the sense of line is the key to creating a gas field

The unique tailoring Haron pants are visually loose and casual, and it is difficult to wear a sense of lines, especially low -grade Harlen pants are more difficult to control. However, if you want to show a strong aura, it is important to create a sense of line.

1. suit jacket+Harlen pants


Because Harlen pants lack a sense of lines, then use the strong lines to match Haron pants, such as tailoring a sharp suit jacket. In the cool autumn, the combination of suit jackets+simple inside and Haron pants can show a casual and unruly temperament. If a suit jacket is a simple cleaning style, the style of Harun pants can be more complicated, like printed Harun pants more likely to highlight personality.

2. Sob -shaped top+Harlen pants


If you want to create a sense of lines, the matching of the silhouette top and Haron pants is not suitable. A stiff silhouette is matched with Harlen pants, casual and casual, and at the same time. The formal sense is just the key to creating a powerful aura. In the choice of shirts, girls with fat faces can choose the style of large necklines, such as V -neck and U -collar can eliminate face lines, thereby having a small face. With shirts, Jiu Den Harlen pants are the most suitable, simple, clean and neat.

Well, the above is all the sharing of today. After reading, have you changed the impression of Harun pants? If there is a piece of Haron pants in your wardrobe, don’t hesitate, put it out of it quickly.

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