This kitchen multifunctional tool, 59 yuan is very good, it is indeed the brand of “national feast”

In life, if you can make good dishes, you can receive a lot of praise, and you can’t help but reflect your smile on your face.

This is the recognition of my own cooking skills, but I just want to be praised “


“. For cooking Xiaobai, it is a bit difficult.

For Xiaobai, the first step of cooking is to wash and cut vegetables. The washing vegetables is easy, but cutting vegetables is not so comfortable.

Watching the chefs in the teaching video, the fast knife is like the vegetables are cut neatly, and the size is almost the same. Although the vegetables are also cut, they are different in size and no beauty at all.

Fortunately, there are some props that can help cut off vegetables, so that Xiaobai cuts the vegetables a lot.

What I brought to you today is the multi -functional tool for the double -gun Suncha kitchen.

Everyone may have heard of this brand of double guns,

A brand of often contracting national banquets

The name of Olympic chopsticks and national banquet chopsticks provides tableware at these dinner.

There is no need to say such a tableware that can go to the national banquet.

Manual crusher

The sharp blade is on the green onion ginger and garlic, not to mention it. Just put the dishes that need to be mashed into the box, and the handle of the stretching cover can soon be seen.

It is too convenient for novices, and they can cut them into powder casually.

If you want to eat dumplings, it is too convenient to have a broken device. The dumpling filling needs to be chopped and crushed, and this step is to repeat the kitchen knife on the cutting board. The requirement is that the hands are easy to start sore.

Putting the meat into the crusher, 3 pieces of 420 electrolytic stainless steel blade can easily chop the meat into meat foam, and the capacity of 500ml is enough to crush the weight of two people.

You can eat dumplings at home easily, without spending too much effort to work on chopping vegetables.

Safe material, clean and easy to clean

The manual crusher uses all

Food -grade PS and ABS materials

Do not worry about security issues, the twitching handle is also designed as a ball -shaped structure, and the stress will not be uniform.

There is a brush with a special cleaning mixer on the base. The knife that can be removed is not effortless.

Multifunctional dish

The big size of the cut vegetables is different, but the different sizes of dishes are different from the pot to the pot. The cooked is fast.

Therefore, you must try to unify the size of the dishes as possible when cutting vegetables.

And this multi -functional vegetable cutter has greatly helped us that cannot cut the vegetables with the same size.

The vegetable cutter consists of 3 parts, with cutting boards, drain baskets, chassis, and 4 chosen blades. It can cut out different thickness and different patterns. Don’t worry about cutting a little.

The cutting board has an intimate design of a grip design. When using the cutting board, you can firmly fix the position, and it will save much effort to use.

The drain can shed water, and the hot oil when it was put on the pan will not splash on themselves because of the moisture in the dish.


The flavoring bottle of the double gun family is designed in integration. Looking at it from the outside, it is a bit strange. The round lid is a lot more cut, but when you open the spoon under the lid, you can see the spoon under the lid.

This design is also well understood


This can avoid the spoon of the seasoning. The rain dew is stained, and the seasoning can be preserved better. The ordinary seasoning box cannot seal the seasoning.

And the seasoning bottle of the double gun house is designed because of the built spoon,

The sealing rings are designed on the bottle cap, which will not affect the seasoning in the bottle.

This set of kitchen multifunctional tools of the double gun house is very OK in terms of practicality. The price is also very close to the people,

The crusher, the vegetable cutter plus the three seasonings only cost 59 yuan. With it, Xiaobai can also become a big chef. It is indeed a brand of “National Banquet”!

If you want to improve your cooking level, take it quickly.

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Double Gun Suncha Kitchen Multifunctional Tools

¥ 59


This kitchen multifunctional tool, 59 yuan is very good, it is indeed the brand of “national feast”













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