“Club, cloth valley, cloth -valley, cloth valley-” In the dream, I heard the crispy and pleasant tweets of cloth birds, in the high sky or green trees, long and short calls, so urgent and urgent, as if summoned, as if summoned I went home with my wandering wandering, and looked at the endless sea of ​​wheat.

When dim waking, a wave of sorrows of hometown rose, seducting my village thoughts unlimited …

The cloth bird is a common bird in his hometown. The villagers call “Kaki birds”. There are many names, such as azaleas, sub -regulations, Du Yu, Wang Emperor, Shu Bird, and Valley.

The cloth birds fly from the south in the late spring and summer of each year, spend a long hot summer, and then fly away in the fall. It is a lonely and mysterious prodigal son. The villagers often only smell their sounds, and it is difficult to find it. It is often hidden between the dense branches and leaves. Blooming, booming, vibrant. The Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin had a sentence in “Jinse”:

Jinse has no final fifty strings, one strings and one pillar of Si Hua Nian.

Zhuang Sheng Xiaomeng was fascinated by butterflies, and Wang Emperor Chun supported the cuckoo.

Among them, the story of “Cuckoo Crying Blood”.

According to legend, in the last year of the Zhou Dynasty, there was an ancient Shu country. The King of Shu Du Yu looked at the emperor. When Du Yu saw his merits, he gave the emperor Zen to him and lived in the Xishan. Du Yu was sympathetic to the people before his lifetime, and persuaded farmers to cultivate. He still did not change his original intention after his death. He turned into a cloth bird. Every spring and early summer, he always urged people to “cloth” and “fast cloth valley”. Harvest sowing. I feel like the “Cuckoo Crying Blood”. Poets often praise poems by this. Shi Xian Li Bai groaned in “Xuancheng Seeing Rhododendron”:

The Shu Kingdom once heard the birds, and Xuancheng also saw azalea.

One was called an intestine, and Sanchun March recalled Sanba.

Seeing the red azalea in Xuancheng, the poet could not help thinking of the rhododendrons made by the Shu King Du Yu, and urged all the rhododendrons of the mountains. Hometown!

In the sound of the birds in the valley, the spring is getting away, which is sighing that Shaohua is vulnerable, and youth is no longer, but it inspires the pride of not being able to wait and just over the night. In the wind of the late spring, the poet Wang Ling of the Northern Song Dynasty pursued the footsteps of time, and a song “Spring” was passionate:

The residual flowers fell in March, and the small eaves flying.

The son is still crying in the middle of the night.

The flowers will bloom again, and the swallows will return when they fly. The cloth birds who are nostalgic for the infinite spring light are still singing at the deep people. I don’t believe that this mighty Dongfeng cannot come back!

In the hometown, the cloth bird is a friend of farmers. It is a catcher. It mainly eats pine caterpillars, dance poison moths, pine needles dead leaf moths, and other pests. Essence According to statistics, each cloth bird can prey in more than 300 pests a day. Not only that, when the crops were cooked in the late spring and early summer, they also sang a hurry and accepted the seedlings. “Call.” “The cloth valley, collect the wheat planting valley.” The bird’s screaming, the wheat raised flowers, the rapeseed seeds, the barley yellow shoots, the rice seedlings … As far as the time of farmers’ time is like a day.

In the sound of the valley, in the cigarettes and rain, the poets had a compassion for farming. After the court was about to calm down the Anshi chaos, Shi Sheng Du could hardly hide his joy, and wrote a long poem “Washing soldiers (after receiving Beijing)”, including “

The Tian family looked at the rain and the rain was dry, and the Spring of the valley urged the spring everywhere

“The sentence expresses the mood of farmers looking forward to recovering their hometown and plowing the countryside. Late Tang Liangxiang Li Deyu has always attached importance to farming. When he heard the birds of the birds, he remembered that the farmers should spring and spring, and then became a song” Recalling Spring Geng “:

The apricot flowers in the suburbs, the forests of the forest.

After the spring rain, the stream was flat.


Wild Laohe is rushing, and the wind blows lightly.

There is no cause of discomfort, phase and rock farming.

The crisp and pleasant singing of the cloth birds became a paintings of the painting of spring farming, which evoked the poet’s hidden heart, and found a green pastoral countryside. What a beautiful wish for farming and farming!


Cai Xiang, a famous minister in the Northern Song Dynasty, was upright, and there were political achievements where he went, especially in paving the road and planting tree planting tea. He has deepened the deeper body of cloth valley, and depicts a fresh farming painting for us in the poem “Club”:

The sound of clothing was full of fences, and it was not known for not being a monolith.

The lotus dao Chunyun was early, when it was pushing the calf.

The language is simple and vivid, and the picture is very strong. He strolled in the suburbs of spring and sent it out:

Yili Chunyu wants to be flat, and it is expected that this year will happen.


God’s will is really lazy, so it makes Buya hard.


– “Spring Suburb”

A penetrating spring rain made the farmers happy, indicating a good harvest and good day for a year. But God is afraid that people are lazy and slack, so the cloth birds are allowed to urge seedlings over and over again.

Lu You, a poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, also loves to listen to the screams of the birds.

The cloth valley was unknown, and the plows were plowed.

The journey is not like farmhouses, and the east is in the west.

– “Poultry”

Farming is hard, and farmers are also happy. Compared with the ups and downs of the Erhai Sea, how pure happiness is! Yao Yan, a great literati in the Qing Dynasty, wrote the valley to promote the most wonderful writing. He depicted a vibrant spring plowing picture in “Shanxing”:

Budu Feifei persuaded early farming, and he rushed while the eyes of the spring.

Thousands of stone trees are far away, and the sound of water in the fields.

The poem is lustful and tone, bringing us into the wonderful realm of vitality.

The cloth bird is a symbol of green nostalgia. It calls at a sound, as if saying “it is better to go back”, so it has the name of a sub -regulation. The sub -regulations are also “Zi Gui”.

Yun’an County, Gorge, Jianglou Yili Qiqi.

The mountains and trees are combined on both sides.

Seeing the spring breeze, Xiao Xiao’s night was dazzling.

Guest sorrowing, hearing this, pretending to be low.



Du Fu in Yun’an, the Three Gorges, heard the sound of the valley in the valley. He looked at the hometown in the spring breeze and sorrowful in the sinking night.

Club, cloth valley, go back, go back, “


It is better to return to the language, and it has been passed on since ancient times.

“In the heart of the Northern Song Dynasty poet Mei Yaochen, he became a difficult knot in his heart, and became the wish to linger in his arms:”

It’s better to go back, spring mountain cloud twilight.

Wanmu is ginseng, where is Shu Tian Xi.

People say that they can return to fly.

—— “Subsidies · Match”

Can he really put aside the restraint of the fame and fame, and return to the land of thousands of mountains and ancient wood flutes? He Meizi, He Meizi in the Northern Song Dynasty, also wanted to return. For this reason, he wrote the first poem “Three Son of the Three Birds of Birds”, which enumerated the beauty of the hidden place, sighed: “

Subdestable birds, it is better to return.


The son -in -law and pity returned to fly, and I did not return alone.

“In the end, I could only say helplessly:”

Jinyin Jinyi Yaozi, the teenager’s heart is old, asking for the beginning of the house.

“(Ming Tong Xuan’s” Hetao of Tao Pengze Return to the Niansheng Living · One “) Most poets have a potential in the Eastern Jin Tao in the hearts of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The mountains of the country are also green, and the water of his hometown is clear, and it is difficult to lock my childhood. “He” people are also dear, whether he is in the country, and it is difficult to lock my teenagers. “” There is also love in the country, and there is love in other hometown, but I often travel in my hometown in the dream … “Zi Gui, Zi Gui, might as well go back, find the initial and most true beauty!


Liu Qirui, male, native of Shandong Tancheng, a senior literary enthusiast, published a collection of prose collection “The Singing of That Year”, “Nostalgia is the Blue Moon” and the small novel “Hedong Hexi”.

Flying Flying Vallery Bird, Yili Mulberry Tree Smoke



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