I do n’t know if you find it, the boots have become a fashionable main battlefield without knowing it. It comes with or handsome or sexy unique gas field. When you meet on the street, you ca n’t help but look at it a few more times.


Not to mention that in the female star, in the daily wear of INS bloggers, the frequency of boots appears higher and higher. In minutes, Slay showed long legs.

But in the impression of many people, it is thought


If the legs can’t wear the boots, will the legs even thicker?

In fact, there is so exaggerated. Most girls are not so thick that their legs cannot be worn in boots. Furthermore, choosing the right style can still show the effect of thin legs.

Liya today talks about how to choose boots based on different leg type bugs.

● Cold legs


● Short legs

● Legs are not straight


① thick calf

The calf is thick, the main problems of muscle legs are concentrated in the middle of the calf,

Hidden calf

It is the correct way to open, and the length is the key.

The Chelsea boots in the short tube, the Martin boots in the middle tube are not friendly enough, just stuck in the thickness of the calf, the visual effect is thicker and thicker.

The effect of high -knight boots with high tube will be better,

The length is not the knee, and it can just cover the middle of the calf

, Only exposed the slender position of the legs -the knee, whether it is very thin on the front side.

However, it should be noted that the leg circumference of high boots is very important. It is too wide to wear the sense of sight of rain boots, and lose the neat and capable of the boots.

The long boots like suede velvet are too strong for leg shape, too tight and expose the shortcomings of the calf thick.


Make sure that the boots are slightly loose, and


There is a balance between the legs

The style is just right, just the right hidden bug with thick calf.



It is also one of the options of the thick legs. The design of the V -shaped opening comes with the effect of visual extension. The strength is thin, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the size of the leg circumference.

With suggestions

If you want to be thinner, you still have to be thin


Leave blankness between the boots and legs to highlight the sense of slenderness. Do not let the pants pile in the position of the boots, which is particularly bloated.


The combination of leather skirts+boots+stitching jackets is quite cool, and the addition of red sweater has a more sweet sense, and at the same time adds a set of bright colors to the standard model of sweet and cool fan.

② Short legs

Girls with short legs wear boots, the focus should be placed on

Pull up the length of the legs

, Avoid cutting leg shape.


If you belong to a small short leg, the naked boots are very suitable for you. It is just in the ankle. The length of the calf is sufficient, and naturally you don’t have to worry about pressing a person.


Small heels of thick heels,

Not only can it be secretly increased by a few centimeters, but also the thick coat of autumn and winter is not too heavy, and the visual feeling is very comfortable.

In the choice of the toe, the visual extension of the pointed pointed is much better, and the leg length is eliminated.

Liya also recommended a small girl before you can try

6 -hole Martin boots

The height of the 6 -hole is just the ankle, and the legs can be exposed as much as possible to increase the length of the leg.

Of course, the small man is not unable to wear boots, but you must pay attention


Extension of the same color system

At the same time, pay attention to the use of the lower loading to create a high waistline, to create a sense of vision below the waistline, and it can also be significantly higher.

If you want to show your legs, the proportion of up and down is particularly important. Through short boots to reduce the cover of the calf as much as possible, with a high -waisted half skirt,

Pull the position of the waistline

, Make the leg lines look smoother.

With the blessing of the interior, it can also be held without pressure when going out with a long coat. The fashionable sense of the indoor and outdoor can be held in one hand.

③ The legs are not straight

The main problems with straightening legs are concentrated in the layers of thighs and calves, so in terms of the longing of the boots:

Knee> Boots> mid -boots.


The short boots basically have no modification effect, while the middle boots and knee boots emphasize the split sense of the legs, and directly highlight the expansion part. Only over -knee boots can connect the calves and thighs seamlessly and naturally on the knee. piece.

You can choose more than the knee boots

About 3cm knee

At the height, the legs are straight, and the too high boots will look too cumbersome.

Of course, pay special attention to the material of the boots. The soft fabrics will be specially pasted with legs, and the original shape will appear directly. The hard -material boots can use tough lines to balance and straighten the leg shape in one second.


If you are worried that you can’t control the boots, you can only use the combination of combination of wearing, pass

With a skirt to blur the sense of boundary,

Blocking the calf part can also ignore the problem of the legs that are not straight.

Women with boots have a strong taste. There are two options in the direction of wearing. You can use skirts to emit women’s charm, or you can

With neutral items


, Niang MAN balances more clothes.

Although the combination of suit+jeans can’t be wrong, it always feels that the shortcomings are fashionable. Long boots just make up, giving people a very attitude and elegance.

After reading today’s wearing, girls with short legs and short legs can put down their prejudice and concerns about boots.

Choosing the right style can still be tall and thin.


Liya also welcomes the fairies to share the products that they think are thin and thin, and discuss a wave.


With suggestions


With suggestions

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