What kind of dramas are you chasing recently?

Xiao Bian I love to watch the TV series recently is Ode to Joy 2


In the story of the new season


Five beauty love has made rapid progress

Dr. Zhao’s sweet certification Qu Xiaoyu’s girlfriend identity

Fan Shengmei was asked to break up by her boyfriend’s mother

Qiu Yingying gets rid of the scum man and is with the actual Yingqin


Good -obedient girl Guan Guan is even more fashionable


Remove the glasses and turn into a beautiful woman


Don’t love Dr. Zhao alone if you look so good -looking

Fate will wait for you where you can’t think of it ~


Do you think Xiaobian wants to talk about the fashion transformation of Guan Guan today?

This is not in a hurry

After watching two episodes updated me

I am more interested in Andy’s pattern vacation dress

Andy, a cold and indifferent elite

Perhaps it is under the small bag of the small bag and the fighting offensive offensive

Finally moved

The fashion equipment in the second season is more exquisitely sophisticated


Very expensive! Many sets!

Only in the first episode

Andy goes to the sea for a holiday for the Spring Festival

I changed eight sets of clothes

Every set of clothes is beautiful, generous and practical!

It’s just Andy

Do you remember the flag you set up in the first season?

Xiaobian takes Andy’s trick seaside vacation today as an example as an example


Talk about how to pretend to wear a high -level sense of holiday!


>>> Lazy Girl <<<

Who said that a 30 -year -old woman cannot be dressed as a girl

Andy’s set of strap pants look

Thoroughly break your prejudice to the strap pants

As long as it is properly matched

A pair of strap pants can

Combining youthful vitality and laziness and elegance


The most suitable for light mature woman like Andy ~

Dragling silk white shirt with sea blue strap pants

Seemingly leisurely and simple match

But the secret to reflect the sense of advancement is

Advanced fabric+advanced color scheme

Upper body shirt: sportmax

Belt pants: Sportmax





Topshop Mao Bian Edge Splicing V -neck Sideline Short -sleeved T -shirt

Simple design


Good wear and easy to match

In the laziness, the personality and sexy of urban women are revealed

Kate Spade New York suspender

Bow girl full of heart points

The suspender is a must -have at the beach

Golia dress

Pendant design

Waist -end design

Sigh and thin


Color matching is very classic


Applicable to almost all skin tone




>>> Printed long skirt <<<


Summer without a printed skirt cannot be called summer!

Cool and obviously thin

One piece’s design concept

Let the printed long skirts become a lazy favorite


Just pick the printed skirt that is right


No need to bother to match other clothing items anymore

Go to the island for vacation

Look at the young ladies and sisters

Wear a beautiful printed long skirt on the beach

Think of it is also comfortable


In the play, Andy put on a floral long skirt


The design of the shoulder should make her sexy sexy

The sleeve design of the net yarn is refreshing

At the same time, she can help her cover the flesh on her hand

Flower skirt: Tory Burch

However, there are also many little fairy who disgusted the printed long skirt too difficult to control


And because it is a classic item to wear out the shirt rate is too high

I suggest you consider the popularity of this season

Bohemian style long skirt

Flowing, wrinkles, loose tailoring, refreshing color matching

These keywords are destined to be a must -have

Romantic and high -profile attributes with high and thin attributes

Look at the strong Andy wearing the Posmian style long skirt

Time to become a coquettish little woman


Bo Miya’s long skirt is definitely a Han artifact, yes

Long skirt:

Rachel Zoe

And this bosimian style long skirt selected by Andy


The wonderful point lies in its fabric

Have a sparkling feeling

Wear the lights at night with lighting

No wonder our small bag is always upside down by the fascinated soul


Kate Spade New York printed long skirt

Flower patterns are sweet and gorgeous

Complex with the eye -catching black and white stripes and color blocks

Dark flower patterns bloom on classic umbrella skirts


Kate Spade New York dress

The lazy cocktail dress skirt


Bohemian style design with lotus leaf edge

Show romantic and elegant temperament


Goliya print skirt


Classic blue and white printing



>>> Resort accessories <<<<

Refreshing top and shorts

It seems that there is nothing special about this look


You have to look down here

When you go to the beach by the beach

I’m definitely wearing a human character or what kind of slippers

But for Andy with cleanliness

It is estimated that the loose cake shoes are her secret weapon, right?

Sandals: miu miu

This pair of MIU Miu’s lovocuspots can not only lengthen the leg line

Play the effect of stovepipe


And there are two straps

It is the most popular strap ballet shoes this year ~

In addition to having a pair of easy -to -wear shoes during vacation

There must be a good hat to resist the hot sun


When I watched the show, I found that Andy’s hat was very good -looking

She seems to like the straw hat of the big hat brima


Can modify the face shape

Can cover the sun to the greatest extent

The above three models are called Hermes in the hat

American brand EUGENIA KIM

The most commonly appeared in the play this embroidered straw hat

It is her signature item

Recommendation for vacation accessories items

Kate Spade New York sandals

Use decorative stitching elements and bright summer colors

Rewarding infinite new ideas

rag & bone straw hat

This year’s hot flat -top straw hat shape

Trendy and lively


H & M sandals

Mesh shape

Suitable for walking by the beach

4. 4..


>>> Pajamas wear <<< <


Is it on vacation? What I want is leisure

It’s not interesting to wear a copy of it if you come out and play

Andy also wore a pajamas when he was on vacation.

The effect is pretty good

Tory Burch

Trees printed pajamas

In fact, except for Andy, wearing casual pajamas outside


We can also take out the nice pajamas instead of sunscreen clothes

With beautiful swimsuit and bikini

Sexy and feminine

It is also convenient to go to the beach!

Speaking of fashionable and easy to wear swimsuits and pajamas

Then count the love


Her bikini is definitely your first choice for vacation


Xiaobian recommends a few beautiful clothes that will never be worn wrong

Recommendation of items outside the holiday pajamas

Aimer (Aimer)

Olive style-triangular cup bikini available swimsuit-AM670711-green printing

Olive style-placket beach outside-AM600711-Green Printing

Sexy bikini with elegant beach clothes

The warm sunshine, the soft sandy beach, the warm sea breeze

Enjoy your lazy holiday!

Mermaid Diary-Lace Beach Skirt-AA

Lace with split cutting

Look like a cool feeling


“Mermaid”, which allows you to be a beautiful love

Laperla printed sleeping skirt

Digital printing

Interesting and modern sense


I don’t know if there are a few kinds of grass for your vacation shopping list for your vacation list

Put down your phone quickly and work hard

Prepare friends on the weekend to see the waves!






Aimer (Aimer)

Aimer (Aimer)

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