Recently, the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau released the “Live Broadcasting E -commerce Sales Commodity Supervision and Mission” shows that 22 batches are unqualified and involved brands such as “Zhenvez” and “Bobo Goose”.

This random inspection involves 96 babies of infant clothing, adult clothing, silk scarves, shoe, luggage, luggage, luggage, luggage, luggage, luggage, luggage, luggage, luggage, luggage, luggage, and luggage. Silk is waiting for a sample.

In addition to the unqualified 22 batches (7 batches of live broadcast and 15 batches of online shopping), there are 6 batches of the name of the manufacturer.

Unqualified projects involve 2 security indicators: pH value, rope band requirements; and 6 functional indicators: product use instructions (labels), logo, soap resistance coloring, fiber content, ball and outsole stretching strength.


The pH value of a batch of “Zhenvis” casual pants is unqualified.

The nominal nominal nominal nominal nominal of the live sales of Pinduoduo Sae Sinis flagship store by the “Jeanswest Zhenvis” brand (specification model: 180/ 84A (2xl), the measured PH was measured at 2.9 (the standard value should be 4.0 ~ 8.5), which did not meet the requirements of national compulsory standards.

The pH value of the normal skin of the human body is generally between 5.5 and 7.0, which is weakly acidic. If this indicator is unqualified, it will destroy the weakly acidic environment of the human skin surface, causing itching and allergies.


The requirements of the 1 batch of “Bobo Goose” suit strap are unqualified.

Shanghai Mingxiang Industrial Co., Ltd.’s “Bobo Goose” brand set (specification model: 110/52) sold on Taobao live sales, the free ends of the top rope and three -dimensional decorations, the back of the skirt has ropes to extend (standards for standards (standards It is stipulated that the free end of the jacket rope is not allowed to be knotted or using a three -dimensional decoration. Except for the belt, there should be no rope band out of the back or tied).

The rope belt requirement is an important indicator of the safety of infants and children’s clothing. This indicator is unqualified, which may cause risks such as infants and children’s necks and clamping.

The use of 18 batches of products such as “SMOOMS” sleeping bags (labels) and logo (logo) are not qualified.

The 16 batches of the instructions (labels) are unqualified, and the two batches of two batches are not qualified.


Instructions (labels) and logo can allow consumers to accurately understand product performance, and guide consumers to choose and use the product correctly and safely.

One batch of “Jeep Spirit” casual jacket is not qualified.

The nominal nominal name of Shanghai Yin E -Commerce Co., Ltd. in Jingdong Live Sales “Jeep Spirit” cards produced (or supplied) produced by Guangdong Hongfang Clothing Industry Co., Ltd. (specification model: 180/96A) The measurement of level 2-3 (the standard value should be ≥3), which is inconsistent with the requirements of national standards.

This indicator is unqualified, and it is easy to fade, shade, and fade when washing. On the one hand, it directly affects the quality and normal use of textiles. On the other hand, the dye falls off the skin and easily causes allergies.

7 batches of fiber components and contents such as “La Chapelle” are unqualified.

The nominal name of Shanghai Taibao Clothing Co., Ltd. in Tmall Live Sales by Shanghai Taibao Clothing Co., Ltd. (or supply) “GAMANIY” brand double -sided (top) (specification model: 185/100A), the actual measurement of the fabric is 49.4%wool, 44.1%polyester fiber, 6.5%of other fibers (68.5%of the fabric wool, 31.5%polyester fiber), 95.2%polyester fiber in the body, 4.8%amino amino, and the sleeves Material: 100%polyester fiber (corporate nominal tunal polyester fiber 71.5%and 28.5%wool), the measured value does not match the corporate nominal.


The nominal name of Shanghai Fanyi Technology Co., Ltd. in Tmall Live Sales by Shanghai Fanyi Technology Co., Ltd. (or supply) “La Chapelle” (La Chapeelle “(La Challle) brand (Specification Model: 160/84A 38 (M) ), The measured fabric is 97.3%of the polyester fiber and 2.7%of the spandex (100%of the corporate nominal polyester fiber), and the measured value does not match the corporate nominal.

The fiber content involving whether the textiles are genuine is an important factor in determining the value of the product. It has always been one of the most concerned issues for consumers.

A batch of “Jucy Judy” women’s skirt was unqualified.

Baijiahao (Shanghai) Fashion Co., Ltd.’s nominal nominal on Taobao live sales is “JUCY JUDY” brand women’s skirt (specification model: 165/68A), which is produced (or supply). The standard value should be ≥ 3). The performance of the ball is the indicator of the surface of the fabric surface due to friction.

This indicator is unqualified, which will affect the appearance and performance of clothing.

1 batch of “Fuersen” light rubber shoe outsole stretching strength is unqualified.

Shanghai Zhongnuoyin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. “FUERSEN” brand lightweight rubber shoes (specification model: 40/250 (1.5)), which is sold in Kuaishou live, is measured at 5.71 (standard value should ≥7.0), and standards and standards The requirements are inconsistent. Outlet stretch strength is one of the important performances of shoes for shoes.

This indicator is unqualified and affects the life of the shoes and the comfort of wearing.

According to the results of random inspections, the market supervision and management department has ordered relevant operators to immediately stop selling unqualified products, comprehensively clean up the inventory products and products, and implement rectification measures within a time limit. The operators who produce and sell unqualified products are transferred to the market supervision department where the local market supervision department is located in accordance with the law.



Select the online shopping platform carefully. Carefully place an order on a platform without third -party funds. Check the sales volume, evaluation records, etc., learn more about product quality and price, etc., and record the store qualifications, product information (including trademarks, factory names, model numbers, execution standards, etc.), advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising, etc. through the order Order records, etc. At the same time, consumer vouchers such as shopping invoices should be retained.

Do not buy blindly. Don’t believe in advertising for absolute use of “lowest price on the entire network”, and don’t be misleading by obvious low -cost commodities. Before ordering, understand the source, functions, quality, effects, price and related real information recommended by the anchor, and prevent traps such as low -cost inferior, high -priced fakes.


Do not blindly believe in “live evaluation”. During the live broadcast, many anchors will show the product evaluation process and results through on -site trials and other methods. It is recommended that consumers take product quality as the main factors, and consider whether to buy products from multiple angles from the way product parameters, user evaluation, and other methods.

(Source: China Consumer Newspaper WeChat account)

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