Taking advantage of the romance in the late spring of April, we ushered in the tenderness of early May of May. Fashion mothers, our closets of our cute baby should be ready!

The wild elephant children’s clothing store adheres to everything is very beautiful, let’s go together

Before, the most perfect pre -sale after -sales service and your concept,

Main business: “Abu”, “Neighbors of the West”, “Lu Xiaoli”, “Happy Little Fruit”, the products are mainly small and medium -sized children’s codes, novel and fashionable styles, welcome to buy our products!

Wild elephant children’s clothing store


The summer series is new!

Pure color dress, worry -free matching, cute princess skirt, not only diverse styles, but also reassuring. The fabric of the wild elephant children’s clothing is soft and pure, breathable sweat absorption, adults are comfortable, children love to wear more.

I will introduce summer today

New specialty


Everyone has chosen a lot of colors and styles, I like it


Hurry up




When it comes to the dress, the most worry -free one is the solid color dress. There is no too much color doping, simple and pure. Moms do not need to consider how to match them. They only need to choose the color suitable for children. The main colors of this dress are: white, green, blue and jujube red.

The white dress is a must -have style in summer. It is clean and refreshing, just paired with a pair of sandals.

The green dress has a fresh feeling in the hot summer air. Put on it, you are the most adorable little princess in the forest.

Although blue and jujube red, it is very suitable for early summer, because there may be a hint of coolness in the early summer morning.


T -shirt/striped T -shirt+denim shorts, fresh and casual.

In summer, you should wear colorful, lively and cute. Fashion set, worry -free match. Moreover, some sets are not gender, and male treasures can be worn. Simple sets can make children both fashionable and eye -catching.



Tips: When choosing a suit, it is best not to exceed three colors on the body. Too much color will give people a messy feeling.

The main point of buying: the weather is hot in summer, and the clothes are mainly breathable and cool. Cotton fabric, soft, comfortable, good breathability, does not hurt the child’s skin.

Every little girl has a princess dream, and the princess should wear a beautiful small skirt. Sweet puff skirt, playful and cute. Pure blue dress, plus a pair of doll shoes, is the best match.





Simple and happy


At the same time




Every child


Just like

Enter the world




Naive and lively, gentle and pleasant

2021 Summer Latest Model Line


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