The glasses are crooked, and it is the pain of many people with glasses. Some are tilted to the side of the frame, some are high on the side of the glasses, some are attached to the eyelashes on one side, and the other side is far away from the eyes. Some people have all the above crooked.

The crooked glasses look strange, and it will inevitably lead to poor vision effects of glasses (unclear eyes, or one eye can see clearly, and the other eyes can’t see clear symptom. And a pair of glasses is not cheap, it is too bad!

So what’s going on in these situations? How should I solve it?

What kind of glasses are positive?

To understand why the frame is crooked, we need to first understand the composition of the glasses.

First of all, a pair of glasses frames are jointly formed by multiple parts, including

Mirror ring installed in the lens

As well as

The bridge of the nose connecting the two mirror rings


The nose supported on the nose

The mirror legs of the hook hanging the ears

as well as

Connect the pile head and hinge of the mirror leg and the mirror ring


The structure diagram of the glasses (although this glasses frame seems to be crooked) 丨 Li Xiaokui

These structures are normal, so that the glasses can not be crooked

Essence For example, the front angles on both sides of the glasses should be consistent, the outer corners of the mirror legs should be symmetrical, and ensure that the mirror legs are opened or upside down.

Such a small thing, there are many parts and many requirements. Once there is a deformation or displacement in any place, it may cause the frame to skew the frame. This look at the frame glasses is really too easy to crooked.

The road of glasses becomes crooked

After a new batch of glasses frameworks, the mirroring mechanism will generally use the frames that are about to be sold on the shelves.

Preliminary adjustment

To ensure that the parameters of each angle of the frame meet the setting standards, so that it is convenient for customers to choose, and it can also ensure a good “selling phase”.

After the customer selects the frame, the professional responsible institution will also be targeted according to the customer’s wearing before the glasses processing

Secondary adjustment


Essence Then when the lens installation and processing are completed, when the customer takes the mirror, according to the customer feedback,

Fine -tune the frame in the 3rd time

However, the time of transit was relocated, and after several adjustment of new glasses, for the following reasons, it slowly turned into crooked glasses.

Incorrect posture

The most common culprit that leads to frame -shaped changes in frame is yourself!

If you are familiar with the action in the following diagram, then congratulations, the glasses frame is a little bit of the glasses.

A familiar wrong posture 丨 giphy

Picking the glasses with one hand is really the most common method of deformation of the frame

Essence And everyone has no teacher, and even the actions are neat.

For most glasses, there are hinge connections between the frame and the legs, and there are screws or springs in the middle. When you pick up glasses with one hand, you will appear

It was pulled away, and the mirror legs on the other side were still on the face



And when wearing glasses with one hand, it also needs

Stuck on one side of the mirror legs on the face, pull the mirror legs, and then put it in the other side.

Over time, you have practiced the handsome glasses to pick up, but unfortunately the glasses were be destroyed ruthlessly.

The uneven force on both feet, even deformation of the metal material due to pulling, leads to different widths on both sides, deformation at the pile head position and screw connection

Causes abnormal lens legs.

After reading this article, you can forget everything else, but please remember:

Pick glasses with two hands!

Glasses are not adapted to high and low ears

When you find that glasses are skewed, many people probably think of two possibilities: Is my ears tall and low?

In the above content, I have already talked to everyone. Generally, before handing it over to customers, the staff will adjust 2 to 3 times to the glasses. The second and third adjustments are for different people’s facial features. Special adjustment of wearing habits. Even if there are high and low ears, it is generally adjusted by the processing technician to balance on both sides at the second adjustment.


High and low ears may indeed cause imbalance in frames, but as long as reasonable adjustments, you can wear comfortable

However, if the frame adjustment of the mirror mechanism is not meticulous enough, or the glasses are purchased through the Internet, it may cause high and low ear to appear due to the lack of necessary adjustment steps.

Uncontinent for a long time

If the car wants to drive steadily, it needs to be maintained after a period of time or kilometer

The same is true for using glasses.


As a correction tool that needs to be worn every day, glasses have to be worn by the sun and rain. After a long time, even if the previous adjustment is in place, it will appear

The screws caused by frequent opening and closing of the mirror legs are loose

The nasal custard caused by the accumulation of dust oil

Wait. If it is not maintained in time, it may cause decrease in wearing comfort over time, including the decline in the frame of the frame and changes in the position of the nasal support. The performance on your face is: the glasses are crooked.

The pot of the glasses itself

The frame is easy to be crooked, or it may be related to the frame material. if

The selected mirror material itself is soft and the hardness is not strong

, Or exist


If you meet again

Thicker lens

, Or because the degree of two glasses is too large,

The thickness of the lens on both sides is uneven

After processing, the stress is large, and it may play a role in “shaping” against the frame.

This situation is also common in some sports frames. Due to the large surface of the sports frame itself, after the non -spherical lens with conventional base bending, the mirror frame may also be deformation.

How to righteous glasses?

When you find the glasses frame deformed with your naked eye, it means that it has been deformed very obvious. Don’t think about it at this time to just take it up. Really, you are not good. If you do n’t believe it, please look at the figure below. Some of the tools do not necessarily be repaired in some frames. Are you sure you can put your bare hands in place?

Do not yourself

The most common consequences of my own hands are,

It looks straight here, but it is even more tilted elsewhere elsewhere

, And even human beings to pull the mountains, cover the world,

Breaking the glasses directly

Essence Therefore, it is the most correct choice to take the frame to the glasses shop to find a professional master to adjust in time. This is because


,in addition

In most cases, adjusting the frame is not charged

Let’s go with peace of mind.

After adjusting the frame, you must repeatedly warn yourself:

Wear glasses with both hands!

Not only can you save a few new glasses money, but you can also avoid the risk of high myopia poke to your eyes.

If you break, buy a new one

But if you have a strong miracle to break the glasses and have to match a new pair of glasses,

It is best to buy a frame next store

In order to ensure that before and after the processing of the glasses, the glasses shop can adjust the frame according to your facial conditions.

If you buy a frame from the Internet, it is recommended

After the glasses arrive, I will go to the offline store for a secondary adjustment

If your ears are tall and low, the side of the nose is thick and thin, and the sides of the cheekbones are different, it is also recommended to go to the physical store to match the mirror, and it is recommended that you choose

Mirror with high adjustment

(You can ask the staff if the glasses frame can be adjusted), and the best wearing angle is adjusted through the combination of mirror legs, nose support, pile heads and other parts.

If there is no high -adjustable mirror frame to choose from, you can pass

External accessory

(Such as nasal support pads, ear hanging, etc.), adjust the difference in height on both sides.

at last,

When not wearing glasses, please fold your eyes and put it in a mirror box to save, or place it in a safe environment.

Essence After all, it is not new to sit down with a butt to sit down.


A picture that makes people feel distressed 丨 pixabay

Author: Jin Xin

Edit: Li Xiaogui

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