What is the most important thing in winter clothes. This question may have different answers to different people. Like many young people, they may feel that they are cool and handsome. But for women at the age of 40, it is important to dress in winter, followed by simplicity and elegance.

For women at the age of 40, these two points must be considered when choosing a single product. Like a coat, it is in line with our needs. The coat is comfortable and expensive, and it is the most temperamental magic weapon for the New Year. Learn the following four methods, elegant and advanced, let’s take a look at the matching of the blogger Park!

1. Woolen coat+high waist wide -leg pants


When a 40 -year -old woman is wearing a coat, she must first consider which style she is really suitable for. After all, the coats are different or different. There are no difference in the effects of wear. They can be casual and stylish.

Compared to some tall women, you must not miss the coat+wide -leg pants in winter. With the help of wide -leg pants to present a free and elegant temperament, he raises his hands and feet mature and atmospheric.

However, this method requires a loose long woolen coat, preferably a micro -silhouette or A -type long coat. This type of coat is narrow and width. With high -waisted wide -leg pants, it can show a sense of extension, tall and long legs.


Most wide -leg pants can be combined with woolen coats, but middle -aged women need to choose from wide -leg trousers or wide -leg jeans. These two types of pants are either sagging or leisure. Upgrade.

The color matching and shoes in the dressing are also the category we need to consider. Here we recommend that everyone uses the matching ideas of dark or light color+light color system. Choose thick -heeled boots or pointed fine heels to easily enhance femininity.

Second, coat+cigarette pipe pants

The cigarette pants are much narrower than wide -leg pants. Such pants are usually compared with width and narrows. In addition to being thin, it can highlight the sense of decline.

In addition, the cigarette pants can also shape different styles while getting rid of the bloated coat. Girls in the workplace can choose high -waisted cigarette pipe nine -point trousers to enhance the sense of prosperity, and it is also in line with the physical and intellectual atmosphere of the commuters.


Everyone has a black long coat. It is best to choose light -colored cigarette pants when paired with cigarette pants, such as white, beige, or light gray.

Denim tobacco pants are much more casual and refreshing than cigarette pipes and trousers. It is easier to enhance the daily sense of the coat shape, and blue jeans are also classic and practical. Dark -colored and light -colored coats can be matched with it.

Here we mainly talk about shoes selection. There are two options for smoke pants and shoe. The first is to consider lean pointed shoes, canvas shoes, and small white shoes, and the second is to consider short boots.

Third, woolen coat+small feet pants


Sort by looseness, wide -leg pants> smoke pants> small foot pants, small pants pants legs are completely tightly attached to the leg shape, so it should further highlight the leg lines of the legs than the previous two pants, but the legs are also exposed.

Of course, this is not unsolved. Like some women who are not straight enough or slender, on the one hand, they can choose a long coat of the woolen priority and use the clothes to cover the thighs and crotch fat.

On the other hand, everyone can also start with shoes, such as choosing long boots to modify the calf lines, and it can also avoid the combination of not warm enough.

In addition to black, camel, coffee, or brown coats, a 40 -year -old woman can also start a light -colored coat, such as beige, light gray or baby blue coat here to create a gentle and clean temperament.

But pay attention to the color of the inside, like a blue coat with a white sweater, the blue and white color matching can make most color combinations eclipse.

Fourth, woolen coat+high waist over -the -knee skirt


There is also a type of woolen coat in line with the elegant and intellectual temperament of a 40 -year -old woman, that is, with a high -waisted over -the -knee skirt.


Most of the simple and classic solid color coats, the styles that can be shaped are mainly high -level intellectual, but the skirt has more advantages than pants, especially high -waist pleated skirts, high -waisted leather skirts, woolen skirts Or high waist knit skirt.


In addition, the skirt is mainly based on solid color models. It is not recommended to choose a large print skirt, which is relatively exaggerated.

In addition, the color of the skirt is first suitable for middle -aged women like basic colors or earth color skirts, but when matching, you need to consider the color of the coat, try to use the outside dark or the same color scheme to shape the sense of layering.

In the end, when the coat is put on the knee skirt, the boots should be used to improve the warmth effect.

Conclusion: Many 40 -year -old women may be troubled because they are not temperamental in the New Year. In fact, choose the right and practical coat. Use the above four methods above, high -level warmth!

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