Siboland children with thick ski pants, using technology fabrics, circulating temperature, fundamentally solve the problem of warmth, efficient and breathable assault pants, sweat and wet, and waterproof systems to achieve truly windproof and waterproof. Skiing, hiking, climbing, all outdoor activities of skating, buy it! Intersection


I bought a piece of dressing last year, and it feels convenient to wear and take off. I do n’t need to wear a lot of it. Buy another one!

The pants were received, and it was really good to open it. The quality is very good and the color is positive!

This pants are not suitable for going out to play, long legs, obvious wind and waterproof effect, logistics delivery is fast, the submachine pants are more breathable, you will not wear very stuffy legs, also bring several pockets, and cool again. Convenient, children like it very much!

The velvet inside is very good. When we are wearing it in the Northeast now, the fabric is anti -wind, and the cold ability is pretty good. It is really good. Friends who like it can start! Intersection

The waist has a tight design, pockets and zippers, and pockets are deep!


When the child is tried on, he does not have a stuck, and it is very comfortable to squat. There is no kind of tight feeling. The internal velvet is also very comfortable. You can wear it well. You can get it, the price of the activity is appropriate, it is worth buying! Intersection

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Sibolan Emperor Children’s Skiper Skirad Winter Boy Girls Foreign Windproof Waterproof Waterproof Thicker Heating Assault Pants

¥ 188


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