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With the entry of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, various events have attracted more and more attention, and the colorful and different clothing and equipment of the athletes have also attracted everyone’s strong interest. In Nanhu Street in Nanhu District, there is also a production glove company. It is fortunate to be one of the suppliers of this Winter Olympics. This company is Jiaxing Wangfu Import and Export Co., Ltd.


It is understood that through domestic and foreign customers, Wangfu Company provided some gloves for this Winter Olympics, including the Australian Winter Olympics national gloves and the Winter Olympics Beijing volunteer gloves. , Electric heating, anti -slip and heating gloves, etc., the product performance is enough to ensure the needs of athletes to continue to non -slip, electric heating and other functions at extremely low temperature, so that Dong Aojian’er will fully play on the field.

“It can be a supplier of the Beijing Winter Olympics athletes and the Winter Olympic Volunteer glove products in 2022. This is an affirmation of our products. Say. Speaking of this supply, Zhang Yongxin said that all employees are full of interest and energy these days. They feel excited and proud from the heart. They can contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympics. High -quality products have played the best level of competition.

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