Mini World: Want to drink iced milk tea? Make milk tea mixer in 3 minutes, player: more ice cubes

Foreword: Summer is here. Many friends’ favorite is to drink a glass of iced milk tea in the hot summer. Not only is it relieved but also delicious, but also can drink iced milk tea in order to mini world. Recently, there is a great god player 3 Make a milk tea mixer in minutes.

This milk tea mixer is very beautiful. It is made of ice cubes and pink transparent glass, but it is too good that this milk tea mixer can be unlimitedly remotely controlled with water and mixing operation. It is very convenient. Many players like this milk tea mixer very much. In this hot summer, you can drink iced milk tea in the mini world.

Principle of milk tea mixing mechanism

If you want to remotely control this milk tea mixer, the principle is very simple. The signal receiver and a signal transmitter are used in it. In this way, the remote control of electricity can be obtained, and players can remotely control the work of milk tea mixer.

Production detailed step interpretation

Step 1: Because the Great God built a large milk tea mixer, you need to find a large area of ​​flat ground, and then use the ice cubes to build a 9*9 square milk tea mixer foundation. A block, and then built ice cubes around the square, so as to make a square -like square.

Step 2: Next, start to build a container of the milk tea mixer. For the better visual effect, the Great God uses pink glass to make it, the glass wall of 5 square blocks is made on the ice base on the ground, and then the ice is used again at the top. Just seal it, and your friends can also install your favorite glass color.

Step 3: Then start making the mixing device of the milk tea mixer, dig a pit at the center point of the container, then put the signal receiver in the pit, put it on it with a shaft square, install 5 ice cubes on the rotating square, and finally at the ice. The block is installed with an iron fence, so that a milk tea mixing device is completed.

Step 4: Step 4 Start the water injection device, install the launch device on both sides of the container, two on the left and right, and then install the signal receiver on each of the emission device. Just and honey barrels.

Step 5: The fifth step is to build a signal transmitter on it, use the switch to control the water on the left, the right switch to control the mixing, and finally install the stairs on the side to facilitate players to control the milk tea mixer.

Moving map operation display

Summary: Although the milk tea mixer made in the game cannot be drunk, this creativity of the Great God is very interesting. Friends who like iced milk tea are about to try.

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