A down -with reputation with a good reputation, but still keeping the traditional business model of “one end with the city’s clothing market and one end to go to the peasant ducks goose house”. There is a discounted product with the market development. How to help it get out of trouble? In the past few days, Yuepu Town, Baoshan District has thoroughly implemented the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the District Party Committee’s “Promoting Development and Safety” investigations, and in accordance with the normalized visiting enterprise system of leading cadres, set up a “party and government leader”+team members’ responsibility system. Specialty classes for business stabilization, conducting major visits to the development of corporate development, future planning and development potential, and seek solutions.

Caption: Shanghai Shidongkou clothing factory. Metropolis Town

Traditional Model: A duck house with the city’s clothing market and the one who follows the farmers.


A few days ago, Li Qiang, the secretary of the Party Committee of Yuepu Town, led a team to visit Shanghai Shidongkou clothing factory to understand the development of the enterprise. The Shidongkou clothing factory was founded in 1992. There are 30 employees, including 10 engineering and technical personnel. Tens of thousands of pieces such as down jackets, cold -proof clothes, and down were produced. 10 honors including quality certification and Shanghai May 1st Labor Awards. As a labor -intensive enterprise, the initial industry prosperity has solved a number of local farmers’ employment problems. In the minds of consumers, the “Baoyu Bao” brand down clothing has the reputation of authentic goods, reliable quality, and good reputation. More than ten years ago, the clothing factory became a supplier of big -names such as Bosideng and Xue Nuan.

In recent years, with the continuous application of high -tech and advanced production organizations, enterprises have been impacted by new consumption models such as online sales, coupled with rising labor costs and decreased labor force, the traditional business model is not conducive to enterprise development. One end is connected to the city’s clothing market, and the one -end peasant duck house goose house has disconnected products from the market development. The government supports market development and industrial transformation.

Caption: down jackets are being produced. Metropolis Town

Change mode: From “Sales of Stalls and Sales” to “Touch Network Sales”

Focusing on corporate development demands, the leaders of Yuepu Town actively contacted the local central enterprises and state -owned enterprises, and suggested that the other party give priority to enterprise products under the same conditions; mobilize the industrial park to cooperate with enterprises to help enterprises develop markets; Consultation, encourage enterprises to increase technological transformation, and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading.

Promote the integration of central and land to open up the company’s “product marketing barrier”. The warm attributes of down jackets are decreasing, and fashion attributes are strengthening. How to resist when facing fast fashion and tide card cross -border competition? After finding the issue of root, the town party committee and government give strong support and supporting facilities in terms of policies, funds, etc., and tap new business and new potential through the central land linkage and heating. Docking high -speed rail sampling production supporting cushions to customize the warm work vest for Huaneng (Suzhou Industrial Park) Power Generation Co., Ltd., and customize the custom fashion protection work clothes for China Metallurgical Bao Steel and China Reserve. Camp products gradually transformed from down, down vests, and down jackets to down work clothes. The traditional workshop -type production model and sales method were converted from “setting up the stalls and setting up sales” to “network sales”, and the precise marketing capabilities were rapidly improved.

Strengthen the cooperation of park enterprises and open up the “market expansion” of enterprises. Southern citizens did not have a long time to wear down jackets a year. To this end, the customization strategy of garden enterprises has become the second key for Nirvana’s rebirth. After the guidance of the government and park departments, the production team that is optimized by the business department, the R & D technology department, the procurement department, the production department, the product control department and the marketing department as the core to learn Jiangsu, Zhejiang to study colors, fabrics, styles, models, models, models,, models, models, models, models, models, models, models, models, models, models, models, and models of Zhejiang. New ideas and market development ideas. In the relevant factory area, the on -site tailoring, filling down on the spot, not sloppy, thousands of stitches and thousands of lines, 350 yuan average down jacket, 550 yuan average goose down jacket, becoming a hot -selling product among employees and the masses Essence More than a thousand comprehensive safety volunteers in the town put on the “Baoyu Bao” winter vest. Employees of Yuesheng Company, Hsinchu Property, Baoyue Property and other parks wearing “Baoyu Bao” work clothes, Baoshan and Yuepu There are more and more “Bao Yubao” figures. The mouse sells global, and companies have received new orders for leisure and fashion down products from Japan, the United States and other countries.

Realize the linkage and break through the “technical upgrade” of the enterprise. Clothing processing, fabric assistance operation, logistics transportation, quality inspectors strictly control each quality of the product. In the process of recruitment in the clothing factory, the factory director focused on recruiting female workers who returned to Yuepu with their family poverty and sewing technology based on their personal expertise, physical conditions and family conditions. Employees will not be at the beginning. The technical team patiently demonstrates, counsels handles, design, version, fabrics, and orders, and teach them until they learn and take it alone. Following the fashion and trend of designing and marketing methods around the needs of young and middle -aged customers, the market retains a batch of 92 and 00 down jackets, and the “memories killing” of middle -aged and old customers break through the down market. Good products slowly grew up under the accumulation of word of mouth. Residents around Yuepu and Luodian and fans in urban areas came.

Caption: clothing factory workshop. Metropolis Town

“Full Process” tracking: nanny service escort for the development of enterprises


At present, Yuepu Town is actively promoting the docking of the enterprise point -to -point point, inviting enterprises with willing cooperation to deepen their understanding through field inspections, discussions and exchanges, etc. At the same time, strengthen service tracking, unblocked feedback channels, form a strict work closed loop, and use the full -process nanny service service with full -process nanny service. Protect the development of the enterprise.

Guide the development of down jacket market research and find the positioning of enterprises. The clothing factory is committed to providing high -quality and warm down jackets for middle -aged and elderly people and enterprise employees, and launched the customization of middle -aged and elderly and corporate down products. Refined high -quality clothing, changing clothes, customization and other on -site services, and promised to return the goods unconditionally, set up a down -to -old refurbishment service, and solve the difficulties of consumers in time for the problems caused by logistics distribution.


Help explore the “retail+Internet” brand promotion model. The town party committee and government helped the clothing manufacturer to integrate resources with the surrounding clothing enterprises with the original industrial chain and industrial foundation. Add value. With the help of e -commerce models and offline recursives, winter down jacket promotes in summer and anti -seasonal promotion to help companies reduce inventory pressure. Through the blessing of the new design team and new technology, the customer -centric brand chain centered, developed business, and created value, the clothing factory is being reborn in Nirvana.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Guo Jianzheng

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