Recently, Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Tonghua Dongbao, stock code: 600867) received the phosphate “Drug Registration Certificate” approved by the State Drug Administration. Hypogenous drugs have the advantages of not increasing the risk of hypoglycemia, impacting neutrality on weight, and good cardiovascular safety.

Diabetes market demand increases

The diabetic drug market has a broad prospect. According to the International Diabetes Alliance (IDF) data, in 2019, there are about 116 million adults (20-79 years old) adults (20-79 years old) in my country. First. IDF predicts that the number of diabetic patients in 2030 will increase to 140 million.

With the aging and deepening urbanization, the adverse lifestyle brought about the number of patients with diabetes, and the continuous development of diabetic innovative drugs, the demand for diabetic drugs in my country has continued to increase, further promoting the development of the diabetic drug market.

Tonghua Dongbao is committed to the research and development of drugs in the fields of diabetes and other endocrine, and provides comprehensive solutions for patients with diabetes and endocrine disease. Mainly, the main products include human insulin ingredients, human insulin injection (registered trademarks: Gan Shulin), glycry insulin substance drugs, diabetes -related medical devices, etc.

At present, Tonghua Dongbao takes the development of diabetic therapy as its core, enriches the product line in the field of diabetes therapy, has a comprehensive insulin pen injection system, and high -quality blood glucose monitoring system. The product layout has been identified as a high -tech enterprise, a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, and an ISO14001 environmental system certification enterprise.

In the first half of the year, Tonghua Dongbao continued to optimize sales strategies, strengthened channel promotion, carried out various online and offline academic activities, continued to deeply cultivate the development of grass -roots markets, deepened business cooperation, enhance product quality, strengthened brand building, scientific layout markets, company product sales sales grow rapidly.

The financial report shows that the company achieved revenue of 1.662 billion yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of 12.71%over the same period last year. Among them, the operating income of human insulin and injection products was 1.279 billion yuan, an increase of 5.92%year -on -year; insulin -type analogs and injection products operating income of 159 million yuan, an increase of 291.87%year -on -year, further establishing the company’s market position in the diabetic market.

Innovative research and development advantages obvious advantages

Through independent innovation, Tonghua Dongbao has continuously optimized the product structure, mainly researching and developing a series of products in the field of diabetes therapy, continuously enhanced market competitiveness, and played a leading role in domestic brands. The company said that the continuous listing of products in the future R & D pipeline will help the company form a strong product matrix to strive to maintain a leading position in the field of diabetes.

It is understood that in 1998, Tonghua Dongbao successfully developed my country’s first reorganized human insulin- “Gan Shulin”, which not only filled the domestic gap, but also made my country the third after the United States and Denmark, the third can produce reorganized human insulin insulin. The country has changed the long -term relying on foreign imports in my country’s reorganization of human insulin. This result has won the second prize of national science and technology progress, and has been rated as one of the “98 China’s Top Ten Science and Technology Progress News”.

Tonghua Dongbao has focused on the research and development and production of diabetic drugs for more than 20 years, comprehensively deployed the variety of insulin varieties of various generations, continuously enriched the research and development pipeline, strategically deployed the field of innovative drug research and development, and provided strong support for the company’s future development. Innovative demonstration enterprises and national high -tech enterprises such as high -tech enterprises, “Dongbao” and “Gan Shulin” trademarks have been rated as China’s well -known trademarks.

In terms of the research and development of innovative drugs, Tonghua Dongbao introduced one type of new drugs in the field of three diabetic therapy and two types of hyperuricemia and gout therapy through cooperative development and technology transfer. The target inhibitor (ThdbH101 Capsule/WXSHC071 Capsule) drugs have been submitted to the registration application, and in June, it was approved by the drug clinical trial approved by the State Drug Administration.

At the same time, in terms of traditional Chinese medicine research and development, it is committed to the reserves and research and development of innovative Chinese medicine and innovative dosage products such as complications and complications of diabetes. The company has formulated four classic famous project numbers THDBZ0101, THDBZ0201, THDBZ0301 and THDBZ0401 material benchmark research plans and implementation plans, including medicinal materials research, decoction processing research, and reference research. In the first half of the year, the research report of prescription research and historical revolution was completed. At present, the research work of medicinal materials research, decoction processing research, and benchmark research is currently undergoing trial research work.

In the first half of the year, Tonghua Dongbao also successively carried out the preparation and application of glycry insulin registered materials in multiple developing countries, and completed the preliminary preparations for registered applications in developing countries in developing countries. The European Union and the US FDA compliance projects of glycemic insulin, door winter insulin production bases are progressing smoothly. It is expected that production bases will be in line with EU/USFDA certification in 2022, and overseas influence will be further expanded.

Tonghua Dongbao said that the company will continue to adhere to the development concept of “adhering to independent innovation and creating world brands”, seize the favorable timing of encouraging innovation drugs and biopharmaceuticals, drives scientific and technological innovation as a driver, continuously improves the research and development capabilities of biopharmaceuticals, accelerates acceleration The pace of technological achievements has made new and greater contributions to human health.

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