Some students who are about to enter the university will definitely buy some daily necessities used by their school before the school.

After all, if you want to live in the university for 4 years, the school can be described as the second home of the students. To complete, according to the student’s thoughts: I asked my college bed with my preferences, which can make me feel happy in physical and mental, and more comfortable to respond to the next university for 4 years. Therefore, medical college students plan their college beds in advance before entering school, and make a big article on it.

Buy some plush toys or decorations on the bedding you like, etc. After entering college, you can dress up your own nest.

Even if some students who go to school in other provinces will also buy their favorite products, and then send them to their school by packing and mailing. Of course, some students are afraid of trouble to choose to buy them after they go to school.

This gives some small vendors a chance to take advantage of it.

Some hawkers on bedding are often seen at the entrance of some university campuses. Various colors are dazzling.

Students also like to buy according to their preferences, just live for themselves comfortably

, Xiaodu hawkers are also very happy. Students’s money is best to make,


But there is such a school in Sichuan. A good stall hawker should not be happy. It is not possible to open it. What is the reason?

It turns out that the school issued an announcement on the school’s official website: In order to prevent the black heart cotton and cotton that causes damage to the body,

The school provides “bedding” uniform

Of course, this is not a piece of pie in the sky,

Instead, you need to pay a certain fee,

And use it


These two words are very delicate. Because there is another explanation in the back that if there is a student with his own bedding,

Must -related products, as well as qualified certificates and other materials, otherwise they cannot be brought into the dormitory.

Do you think the qualification certificate of bedding is just a small ticket? Proof required by this school


Is a detailed relevant proof

, Even some

It is impossible

Today, the school is a dilemma, saying it is a suggestion, in fact, it is



Does the students have the right to choose independently?

Do they just want to make their university more comfortable for 4 years? after all

Some students’ quilts are quilts that they have made for a few days.

It has the taste of home and it is more comfortable to use. Do n’t say that this quilt is a qualified certificate, there is no small ticket, and it is not allowed to be taken in. This is obviously a great blow for students’ psychology. After all, this so -called “unqualified” quilt contains the “heart blood” of the family, blessing to the students,

I believe that if such a quilt is collected, students will definitely be very sad.

This is also


Treating heated discussion among netizens:

Some netizens think

This approach is no more emotional

In order to earn money, I do n’t need to do everything, and under the banner of preventing black cotton, the requests that they cannot meet, forced buying and selling. think? How sad that.

Some netizens agree to the practice of this school

: There are many unscrupulous merchants. The students have just come out of the high school campus. After all, they are very simple and easy to be deceived.

If you buy black heart cotton, it is impactful for the students’ bodies. They are unable to distinguish it. What if they are hurt?

In fact, I want to say that the school’s crackdown on black cotton is really worthy of praise.

But the school’s approach is too purposeful

Essence After all, the bills presented by this school students are not general bills. It is difficult to get this bill. Isn’t it a purposeful sales? It is the highest state of selling products. The behavior of selling dog meat on the sheep’s head is too slippery.

The school was originally the simplest place,

Now many schools are linked everywhere,

Even the bedding, the students have no right to choose from. The school is a place for teaching and educating people. Our task is to provide more useful talents for society and develop talents in all aspects.

Instead of mixing interests in every place where campus

This will make the meaning of the school blur.

And take the school’s bedroom, one


The charging of the sleeve tool is not low, ranging from hundreds of yuan,

I remember the bedding of our school at first

800 yuan

A set, but our school is more user -friendly, because the quilt I brought is done by the family, and it has nothing to do with money. I just like the quilt.

My mother did it for me one by one

In this matter, our school did not force me to change the school’s bedrooms, and it was more pleased.

But seeing this school’s approach, I want to say that there are countless cold -door students who save money. Is it a bit unfair to let them replace the school’s bedroom? Are they angry and can’t say?

Finally, I want to say: Do n’t forget the original intention of running a school, do n’t pay too much attention

Students must also be good at saying no, unreasonable behaviors to know to defend their rights and interests.

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