The internal structure of the Suzuki UU engine is exposed, is there any black technology at a glance?

Since the launch of light riding Suzuki UU125, many people have favored this car. Although there is not much advantage with the USR, many people still trust the quality of Suzuki. The Independent Suzuki Standard makes many consumers more inclined to UU, especially Suzuki, an engine that claims to be “super core”, has enhanced consumers’ awareness of buying joint ventures.

Xiaobian has been repairing motorcycles since 1992, and has been employed for 30 years, and has a certain understanding of motorcycles. The news received from fans yesterday. He said that the official claiming that UU was equipped with Suzuki’s latest engine technology. This engine has the characteristics of lightweight, low friction, and optimized the engine’s burning room, increasing the fuel economy and power.

He didn’t feel the unsatisfactory publicity. He wanted to see what structure and black technology in this “super core” engine.

In order to satisfy the curiosity of fans, today I posted a column of the Suzuki UU engine, opened the engine and opened the clouds to see what this so -called “super core” was excellent.

Not much nonsense to talk about dry goods directly. The picture below is the appearance map of the entire engine of Suzuki UU. Except that the engine hanging ears are obviously different, the exterior difference between other places and the traditional GY6 engine is not very different. ↓

The main difference between the appearance is that the engine of the UU is below, and the GY6 engine’s hanging ear is above. This is the consistent approach of Suzuki. The advantage of this is that compared with the stability of the upper ears, the stability of the car will have a relatively intuitive change, but the engine shockproof advantage is not obvious.

Appreciate the overall details of the UU engine at all angles. The design of the design is relatively compact, and it looks relatively solid.

Then from Jane to Fan stepped in place, first hollowed out the internal parts of the engine to compare the difference between Suzuki’s crankshaft box and the crankshaft box of the ordinary GY6 engine.

Although there are many details of the crankshaft box in appearance, there are still no particular difference in essence.

Then we started disassembling from the front cylinder header, removed the coercive cold plastic parts, and then introduced the internal structure of the engine in detail. The first thing to see is the interior structure of the cylinder, an upgraded integrated cylinder head.

Compared to the split tank head of the GY6 engine, noise suppression has been improved, which is a progress.

Obviously different places In addition to the cylinder head, there are the most critical accessories camshafts and rockers on the head of the tank. Its camshaft size is much shorter than GY6, and it increases the model of the bearings. This advantage is that it reduces the pressure on the camscal shaft and increases durability. At the same time, the service life of the timing chain is extended on the side, which is a disruptive improvement. ↓

Compared with GY6’s ordinary rocker arms, UU’s rocker arm also upgraded to a smoother rolling needle bearing rocker.

Remove the tank head, and the next step is to remove the UU’s cylinder set.

The UU’s cylinder set comparison of the GY6 cylinder set. From the aspect of the simple green onion cylinder set, UUs have not changed much in terms of adjustment of the adjustment of the electro -injection, whether it is a tighter position or a timing channel.

Obviously the difference is the piston. The Suzuki UU developed a lightweight piston in order to adapt to the electric injection. The black coating of the skirt is a special process, which is to increase wear resistance while avoiding knocking tanks.

Compared with the ordinary piston of the GY6 engine, the difference is still obvious.

The cylinder set was removed, and then I saw the timing chain and the tightener, and the press.

UU tighter

UU press

Taking out the three -piece set of GY6, the similarity rate is nearly 90%. There is no surprise in this place.

Only the last important part is the crankshaft. Except for details, there are still not too many technological innovations after the comparison. ↓

Until now, the set in front has been disassembled. Compared to the GY6 engine, the big change is the piston, camshaft, rocker arm and cylinder head.

Start began to remove the right crankcase, first remove the fan cover and fan. ↓

Then remove the magnetic motor with 11 triggers. ↓

I saw this very full, with a total of 16 -level power generation coils.

Remove the coil and win the entire right crankshaft box.

Inside, the electric startup system surpassed the clutch and followed the oil pump.

After disassembling the right crankshaft box, there is an important place left -the gear transmission and differential. Because the differential structure has not changed much, the manufacturers will make corresponding adjustments according to the power of the engine, which will not be repeated here.

There is no surprise of the transmission system, and it is still a traditional CVT transmission system. The front mobile plate is added with the conventional combination of the rear mobile wheel.

This set of transmission system is almost the same as the appearance of GY6, but it has only made some adjustments. ↓

Therefore, after the Suzuki UU was dismantled, it was found that this engine did not change much. Using our industry in our industry, it can be called an upgraded version of the GY6.

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The above is the introduction and description of motor head, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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