People who have been to Japan will notice that whether the shops or restaurants, the words “domestic” are always in a prominent place. In Japan, South Korea, and Europe and the United States, “domestic” means guarantee of quality, so it must be emphasized. In China, “domestic” products have been under the shadow of “imported” products for a long time. Regardless of price and word of mouth, they have the feeling of “low people”. “Made in CHINA” is often labeled cheap.

However, no matter what age, there are always some domestic brands who are unwilling to live in mediocrity, and win the respect of Chinese people and people around the world with their quality and high prices, from leap -up sewing machines to seagull watches; The aircraft to Xiaomi mobile phone … Whether it is the second spring of the old Chinese goods or the entrepreneurial star under the wave of science and technology in the new century, these brands not only won their reputation for themselves, but also won a reputation for Made in China.

One week ago, what is worth buying ( launched “Wisdom -Eye Conscious Chinese goods, these” unpopular “domestic products have a good reputation you don’t know”, which has aroused heated discussion among the friends. Leave a message and recommend good domestic products they have used. Today, what is worth buying ( to launch “Second Phase of Huiyan Consciousness”. Many of the selected products in this issue come from the recommendation of Valuable friends. Come and see, do you know these good domestic products!

【Tecsun De Sheng】

At first glance when I saw this radio, Xiaobian seemed to return to the childhood when I was lying in front of the radio and listened to the “Little Horn” (exposed age

To. The TECSUN series radios are produced by Dongguan Desheng General Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has a history of 20 years. Its price is moderate, the operation is simple, and the channel is well received. Export products have obtained the US FCC standard and German FTZ standard certification. However, the appearance is slightly ancient (Lou). Of course, the pursuit of performance is the best choice. In the comments of the Chinese goods in the last issue, many friends also recommended this brand.

The after -sales service of Desheng Radio is praised. Many old radios who have been sent back to the manufacturer with more than ten years have been repaired by only one or twenty yuan. These old machines all carry memories and stories. The owners are all lamented.

TECSUN PL-660 high-performance full-band radio price: ¥ 679

The PL-660 is a classic in the high-end radio of Desheng. For the first time in domestic peers, it joined the aviation band and the automatic detection function was added, and the cost performance was extremely high. At the same time, its adjustment and receiving use of synchronous detection, secondary variable frequency conversion technology, frequency adjustment and aviation band high frequency head adopt a five -link harmonious technology, which greatly improves the sensitivity, selectivity, anti -mirror and neighbor frequency frequency of the entire machine. Basically, this radio can meet most of your needs for listening to global broadcasting.

[Hikvision Hikvision]

In the life of modern urban people, there is something inconspicuous, but it is basically everywhere. That’s right, this is a monitoring camera everywhere in shopping malls, communities, and companies. Among the many monitoring camera brands, Hikvision Hikvision, a domestic brand, has gradually opened up the world market. Recently, in the 2015 Global Top 50 World Defense List of the Global Fulf of the Fortune 50, the world -renowned industrial media A & S “Safety Automation” (MFNE Frankfurt New Era Media) ranked second in the 2015 “Global Security 50” in 2015 and won the second place in Asia First place. Hikvision was founded in Hangzhou in 2001. It has the industry’s leading independent core technology and provides security products such as cameras/smart ball machines, light -end machines, network storage, DVR/DVS/board cards, video comprehensive platforms, central management software and other security products. At present, Hikvision’s products have been widely used in major security projects such as the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, 60 -year National Day military parade, and Qinghai -Tibet Railway, and the sales of foreign countries are also very good.

Hikvision wireless network camera price: ¥ 389

This camera function is very powerful, with a support level of 335 degrees and 110 degrees vertical, almost no dead end monitoring; not only can support mobile phone monitoring and WiFi functions, but also remotely visual monitoring anytime, anywhere; Dialogue, when you go to work or go out, take out your mobile phone and turn on the voice intercom function. You can talk to your family at any time and play with your pets. Think of this scene, when your Wang Xingren is trying to sleep in your bed, the camera has your rebuke. Essence Essence Essence In addition, this camera also has a high -sensitive infrared detector that can be used for special occasions for personnel prevention.

【DaoLen Daolin】

This brand is a brand recommended by many valuable friends in the previous Chinese goods special review. It is also a must -have for many people’s school days. You can see it in a stationery store on the street. Daolin was originally a category of paper. It was named “Plastic Printing Paper”, which belongs to higher -end paper. In the 1920s, Hong Kong’s British COWLING Co. LTD. introduced this kind of glue paper to China, and from this Taoist paper became a collective name for such paper. In 1993, Jinhui Industry in Guangdong registered Daolen into a trademark. The Daolen notebooks on the market are produced by Jinhui Industrial. Compared with high -end laptops abroad, Daolin notebooks are “ordinary”, but it still has a lot of praise from stationery enthusiasts with a complete category, good paper, and affordable people. It not only has a sub -science pages and softened copybooks specifically for student party designs, but also many beautifully designed and lovely design. In addition, the business book designed for people in the workplace is also practical. The live pages of the Daolin family are particularly well received. The following editors specially recommend the most representative live pages of the Daolin family.

Daolen Daolin Pallet B5/A5 120 Page Business Living Page Price: A5: ¥ 39.8 B5: ¥ 49.8

This live page is the head of the Daolin family, including four colors: black, brown, blue, and red. The shell is an integrated molding clip, so don’t worry about broken. The metal clamp texture is solid. The inner page uses a 70g road forest nude paper. The general signature pen can be held, don’t worry about the ink. Dao Lin’s nude color paper is also very comfortable visually. In addition to writing paper, it is also equipped with a multi -color title page for easy classification. Finally, two live pages PP storage bags are also sent. Various bills at work can be stuffed and saved. However, as a notepad, its biggest feature is that the paper distance is 10mm -20mm, which is very suitable for Chinese characters to write, and the pen in the pen can be played at will. With it, there is no need to worry about the problem of inappropriate spacing of many foreign brands.

【LAMPO Blue Leopard】

Although the suit is imported, it has now become a must -have for many workplace men. In addition to the world -renowned men’s clothing brands such as W.W.Chan & SON, Jeonia, there is also a very good suit in China -Lampo Blue Panther. It is a well -known high -end menswear brand in China. It was founded in Pulingshi Group, Jiangsu in 1993. It has a history of more than 20 years. In the current domestic suit market, the “Blue Leopard suit” can be said to be one of the few brands that have Chinese descent, and have professional craftsmanship and talent technology, and have the launch of a brand with high -level manual customization of suits and abilities. The principle that the blue leopard suit has always adhered to is “good workers and good materials”. All its suits use a thousand yuan of high -end fabrics produced by companies such as REDA, Zlanoer and other companies. Also hired Mr. Domeniger, a master of clothing in Italy as a craft consultant, created the “5S” arc tailoring process of the high -end suit industry, and the production process also increased from 166 to 360. It is also unreasonable to know that the famous “Sister Ge Touncing” is called the “conscience of domestic suits”. At present, there are basically counters in shopping malls in first -tier and second -tier cities in China.

【361 °】

When it comes to running shoes, many people think of Adi and Nike, such as the world -renowned big names, and domestic brands are often difficult to enter the eye. But in June of this year, 361 °-Sensation running shoes under the dark horse won the best recommendation (Best Buy) of the US authoritative running magazine “Runner’s World” (runner world), and finally raised his eyebrows and exhaled a while. Fan. This pair of running shoes comes from the 361 ° US headquarters located in Erwan, California. It is a wholly -owned subsidiary of 361 ° in China. Although it was born in the United States, it is indeed 100 % “Chinese”.

361 degrees price: ¥ 720

If you are looking for a pair of cost-effective and high-buffer performance, 361-Sensation is a good choice. The upper uses a triangular -shaped structure, the breathable mesh is perfectly wrapped in the foot, and the rear TPU support system combines the 361 ° professional QDP shock absorption system. The American “Runner’s World” comments on it Light, wear -resistant training shoes “. However, it should be noted that the 361-Sensation is listed in the United States. It is only available in China. The US Amazon is priced at $ 120 (about ¥ 776), and the 361 ° Tmall flagship store is priced at ¥ 720.

【Maoking Elvis】

The Elvis Radio comes from the hands of Zeng Dejun. I believe that people who are slightly familiar with the domestic HIFI audio are no stranger to this name -he is called the “father of gallbladder” in the domestic music fever circle. He said the reason for making this radio is only because of his love for German radios. In order to reproduce the “Voice of Germany” in the 1950s recognized as a top radio, Zeng Dejun finally created the technical level of Elvis to reach the high -quality radio of Elvis’s technical level to even exceed many European famous machines that year. In October 2014, the “Elvis 1” radio crowdfunding was launched in Le Tong Music, and successful funds were successfully raised. In March 2015, the “Elvis 2” radio was officially launched in Jingdong crowdfunding, and the planned output of 1,000 units in 8 days was finished. Later, 800 units were added, which was also sold out quickly.

MaoKing TESSLOR Collective Radio Bluetooth Audio Price: ¥ 2598

If you are a nostalgic control, then this radio must be your dish. It uses a classic design with similar shapes of Elvis 1 but different. There is no modern technology element on the body. It is a classic electronic tube radio. It absorbed the essence of the peak of the American radio in the 1930s, with both practicality and aesthetics. The pure semi -open shape, the North American walnut fuselage is both elegant and retro. Adopt the upside -down acoustic structure, two -point frequency high bass speakers, and have excellent performance for any music type. The entire radio is handmade, which requires 27 processes and 90 -day work. In addition, each one has an independent number. Although the price is not low, this radio is very attractive for music enthusiasts. I have some netizens who have participated in the public test of this radio. You can refer to it.

【Fuyao Group】

The name of Fuyao will not be unfamiliar with those familiar with the automotive field. Twenty -8 years ago, the founder “Glass King” Cao Dewang founded the Fuyao Glass Industry Group in Fuqing City. The development has become the world’s largest automotive glass producer. At present, Fuyao Group provides OEM supporting services for world -renowned brands such as Mercedes -Benz, Bentley, BMW, Audi, GM. In August this year, it also won Mercedes -Benz’s “2014 Beijing Benz Outstanding Supplier”. When it comes to Fuyao, the founder Cao Dewang must be the founder. The entrepreneur from the farmer has insisted on doing charity for 32 consecutive years. His personal donations have reached 6 billion yuan. It can be described as a model of Chinese entrepreneurs.

Fuyao Auto Glass

Fuyao Group mainly produces automobile/locomotive/floating glass. With excellent quality, Fuyao Group not only occupies half of the domestic automotive glass market, but also supports the “glass” world from China in foreign countries: In the global automotive glass sales market, Fuyao’s sales accounted for 23%, the world’s first. In July of this year, the Carillon Historical Park of Ohio also collected the first car windshield produced by the factory produced by the factory of the Fully Group and named it “Fuyao Avenue”.

Whether in terms of technical maturity and quality, the Fuyao glass marked by “FY” has excellent performance, and it is already a well -known brand in China. Although people in the field of non -automobiles may not be familiar with this brand, you may wish to take a closer look at your window next time you drive. Maybe it is Fuyao Glass.

Today, the topic is over here. Thank you very much for your contributions to the domestic products brands ~ After reading these introductions, do you think there are a lot of good things Made in China? In addition to these two domestic products topics, the original channel also conducted a collection of contributions of # 除 除 # in Linlang domestic goods. If you have any experience in Chinese goods, you want to share your experience, please submit it for us.

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