Ran card: The cheats for buying bed supplies, please check quickly

Love buying is not a waste, but the fatigue of healing life.

You must know that in addition to work and life every day, we have the most contact with the bed (if you can, even want to lie in bed for a lifetime). Therefore, the choice of bedding is very important. Of course, the most pleasing to sleep is high and comfortable!

After stepping on many times and doing many homework. Now, I do n’t rely on luck, relying on super hard strength -comparing various parameters such as fabrics, textile technology, comfort and other parameters to choose a suitable product. Then, tell the sisters today.

The most affecting bedding is the basic configuration of the sheets, covers, and pillowcases that directly contact the skin, commonly known as the three/four sets on the bed. The most important thing for choosing three -piece set is the fabric. Now the three -piece fabric on the market is: hemp, cotton, knitted, silk, silk, and silk.

1. Tips for fabrics

● Cotton and linen cloth: good breathability and strong, which is very suitable for humid climate in the south. But those who have used the hemp cloth know that it feels rough, and it becomes hardened when it encounters water.

● Cotton fabric: It has good hygroscopic, high elasticity, insulation, heat resistance, hygiene, and alkaline resistance.

● knitted fabrics: Knitting fabrics are mostly used for clothes, suitable for personal use, good elasticity, good breathability, soft and comfortable. It is good to make a sense of quality on the bed.

● Real silk fabric: This fabric is expensive. Although it is the most suitable fabric for naked sleep, it is high -end and comfortable. However, there are many shortcomings, burning money, how can a good real silk bed have a few thousand starts; and more, it is particularly difficult to serve. These maintenance steps such as washing and drying can annoy you.

● Silk: This fabric can be said to be the alternative of silk. Good silk fabrics, texture, comfort and other indicators can be comparable to real silk, but the price is several times cheaper, and it is much simpler in the later period.

What is the number (s)

The length of the yarn is related to the length and weight of the yarn. For example, one gram of cotton is made into 30 gauze with a length of 1 meter, which is 30; one gram of cotton is made of 40 gauze with 1 meter -long It is 1 meter yarn, and that is 60. Therefore, the higher the number of yarns, the thinner the yarn, the thinner the weaving cloth, and the softer and more comfortable the cloth. Obviously, the higher the number of cloths, the higher the quality of the raw materials (cotton), and the higher the gauze factory and weaving factories, so the higher the cost of cloth.

3. Misunderstanding

Often, some people say that “the more the amount is, the better, the higher the density, the thicker the cloth”. This is a completely wrong saying, because more than 40 bedding fabrics are high -level fabrics. If it is the same density, it is high. Many 40 40 fabrics on the market are similar to the thickness of 60 fabrics. This is because the 40 oblique printed fabrics with a width of 2 meters width of 2 meters are used in the market. The density has reached 128*68 (some manufacturers In order to reduce costs, reduce the number of yarn when weaving fabrics. The same 40 fabrics, 3 yarns, the price can be much worse), the fabric is quite dense, so compared with 60 fabrics with a width of 2 meters 3 meters, It will feel the thickness.

Here are a few three -piece cotton three -piece set of cotton, welcome everyone to buy.

This 60 pure cotton white three -piece suit, simple and comfortable, delicate skin and delicate


This 60 -cotton sky blue three -piece set is warm, comfortable and breathable


This 60 -cotton rice yellow three -piece set is delicate and soft and skin -friendly


Now, picking the bedding strategy and super comfortable bedding today will be shared here!

Deep in the bustling city, we gave time to work, shopping, giving dinner, but we did not give us home we were going to go back every day. You may never care: the quilt is uncomfortable, whether the towel is soft enough, should you add a better pot, when is the last time the closet is finished … Is the home just going back to sleep at night? Go home when you are tired, because you are very short for yourself; better for your family, because you may not be met in the next life. One day of busy people, the most comfortable time is the moment on the bed. Of course, you need to choose good bedding. Here I recommend brand textiles and high -quality home textiles.

The above is the introduction and description of Bedding Fabric, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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