The most complete single carton packaging design structure in 2016

The color box packaging box is a relatively complicated category in the entire printing and packaging industry, because the design structure and shape process are different, and there are often many things that there are no standard processes. Today we will introduce the structure and design of the box box box of the packaging box. Usually, the single carton is divided into two types: tubular packaging box structure and disk packaging box structure.

Tube box structure design

The tube box structure packaging is the most common in daily packaging forms. Most color box packages such as: food, medicines, daily necessities like toothpaste, western medicine, rubber rolls, etc. are used in this packaging structure. Its characteristics are that in the process of molding, the lid and the bottom of the box need to be fixed or sealed by shaking and assembly (or bonding), and most of them are single structures (the expansion structure is a whole). The basic shape of the carton is quadrangular, and it can also be expanded to polygon on this basis. The difference between the structural characteristics of the tube box is mainly reflected in the assembly method of the cover and the bottom. Let’s take a look at the structure of the lid and bottom of the tube color box packaging.

1. The lid structure of the tube box

The lid is the entrance to the goods of people, and it is also the exit of consumers to get the product. Therefore, the structural design requires simple assembly and opening convenience. It can protect the product and meet the opening requirements of specific packaging. For example Open method. The structure of the tube carton box cover mainly has the following methods.

Tube box structure and mold cutting diagram

Shake cover insertion: The lid has three shake cover parts, and the main cover has the extended tongue, so that the box body can be closed. When designing, pay attention to the problem of the bite relationship of the shake cover. This cover is most widely used in tube box structure packaging.

Insert -type shaking box design expansion picture

Lock mouth: This packaging design structure produces plug -in locks through the shake cover of the two faces, so that the seal is firm, but the assembly and opening are slightly troublesome, as shown below:

Lock mouth box structure box lid

Insert type: A method of combining the combination of plugging and locking, the structure is more firm than the laminated plug -in formula, as shown below:

Design drawing of plug -in packaging box structure

The dual insurance insertion type of the shake cover: This packaging box design structure makes the cover cover with double occlusion, which is very solid, and the bite of the lid and the lid tongue can be saved, which is easier to repeat the use multiple times, as shown in the figure below:

Double insurance inserted shake cover design drawing

Adhesive sealing type: This adhesive method is well sealed and suitable for automated machine production, but it cannot be repeatedly turned on. It is mainly suitable for packaging powder and granular products, such as laundry powder, cereal foods, etc. Once disassembled, it cannot be reused.

Design drawing of sticky box seal structure packaging box

Disposable anti -counterfeit: This form of packaging structure is characterized by using toothed cut lines. While consumers open the packaging, the packaging structure will be destroyed, and someone will be used to use packaging to counterfeit activities. This packaging box is mainly used in medicine packaging and some snack packaging. Like rubber packaging/paper towels drawing paper packaging boxes, this kind of opening method is currently used.

Anti -counterfeit box design

Masa -sealing type: Using the characteristics of paper resistance and toughness, the arc line folding line can be used to realize the seal. This kind of structure assembly, opening, and use are extremely convenient, and the most saved paper is also beautiful. It is suitable for packaging for small products.

Zhengxuan seal packaging structure design

Continuous wing nest in advance: This type of locking packaging structure is beautiful and decorated, but it is more troublesome to assemble and open manually. It is suitable for gift packaging. It is used in wedding candy packaging boxes and Christmas gift packaging boxes.

Continuous shake wing nest inlet structure packaging design and production renderings

Continuous shake wing nest inlet structure packaging design expansion map

Second, the bottom structure of the box of the tube box

The bottom of the box is affected by the weight of the product, so it emphasizes firmness. In addition, when filling the product, whether it is a machine filling or manual filling, the simple structure and the convenience of assembly are the basic requirements. There are mainly the following ways of tube carton packaging boxes.

1. Do not insert self -lock bottoming structure: Use the four shake parts at the bottom of the tube box to make them interact with each other through design. This occlusion is completed by the two steps of “no” and “inserting”. It is easy to assemble and has certain load -bearing capabilities. It is more common in the printing design structure of the tube box.

Structural effect diagram of unlocked self -lock bottoming box

Structural design of the structure design of the self -lock bottoming box structure

2. Automatic lock bottom (self -block packaging box): The structure design of the automatic bottom lock packaging box uses a pre -adhesive processing method, but it can still be flattened after the bonding. Restore the lock state, which is extremely convenient to use, saves time and labor, and has a good supporting bearing capacity. It is suitable for automated production. Generally, the packaging design of high -weight items is used to use this design structure.

Self -blocking bottom packaging box design and production renderings

Self -blocking bottom packing box design expansion picture

3. Cover dual -socket foundation: The structure is the same as the lid of the shake cover. The design structure is simple, but the bearing capacity is weak. It is usually suitable for small or light weights such as packaging food, stationery, toothpaste, etc. It is the most common packaging box design structure.

Double -socket -type foundation structure renderings

Double -socket -type foundation design expansion diagram

4. Broolin type: The underwater sealing structure is the four shake wings of the box of the tube structure into a structure with the function of the sphere. effect. In the period, the wall and the box body can effectively save costs, and this packaging box has a high pressure resistance.

Design drawing of the bottom wall seal structure packaging box

According to the above -mentioned basic packaging box structure models, some other structural forms can also be evolved through design.

Do not plug in the design and production renderings of wide packaging boxes

Do not plug in the design of the wide packaging box design

Triangular automatic lock structure packaging box

Triangular automatic lock box exhibition design drawing

Insert lock bottom lock box is firm and difficult to open

Expand the mold cutting

Do not buckle bottom carton

Do not buckle bottom carton expansion map

Discode box structure design

The plate structure is a carton structure made of folding, inserting or adhesive from the cardboard around the cardboard. This packaging box usually has no change on the bottom of the box. The main structure changes are reflected in the box part. The plate -type packaging box is generally small, and the display surface of the product after opening is large. This paper box packaging structure is mostly used for packaging textiles, clothing, shoes, food, gifts, handicrafts, etc. The form is the most common.

1. The main molding method of disc packaged

1. Don’t insert assembly: no bonding and locking, easy to use.

2. Locking configuration: The structure is stronger through locking.

3. Pre -adhesive assembly: Through local pre -adhesion, the assembly is easier.

Second, the main structure of the disc cartonic

1. Cover type: The box body is composed of two independent disc structure. It is commonly packed in clothing, shoe and hats and other products.

2. Shake cover: extended the design of the cover on the basis of the disc cartonic, and its structural characteristics are similar to a tube carton.

3. Continuous inserting parts: The continuous wing nest in the other is similar to the pipeline carton

4. Draw -type: consisting of the disclusted parts and coats.

5. Book style: The opening method is similar to hardcover books. The cover is usually not inserted and bite, but fixed through the attachment.

Discode tissue structure carton

Discontinue structure two structure two

Dip -type do not insert the tissue structure expansion diagram

Discontinue structured structure 1

Drive -type stagnation structure expansion diagram

Discode lock box assembly structure 2

Discoscopic diagram of the plate lock box

Do not insert a cover -type structure carton

Discontimpered the assembly band bottom structure box, part of the need for pre -adhesion

Drive -up assembly belt bottom structure box expansion map

Disk assembly wall thickness structure carton

Drive -up of the wall thickness structure carton expansion diagram

Dip -type do not insert the assembly wall thick structure packaging box

Dip -type do not insert the assembly wall thickness structure packaging box to expand the picture

Book -type tape box

Expanded view

Discode pre -installed assembly box

Structure diagram of disk pre -installed box

Double insurance plug -in with cover plate structure box

Double insurance plug -in with cover plate structure box expansion map

Trapezoidal tape -cover structure box

Modern drawing of trapezoidal cover plate structure box

Multilateral disk box

Polygonal disk box structure expansion diagram

Triangular disc structure packaging box

Triangular disk structure packaging box expands map

The structural design of the single carton packaging box is basically the above. Due to the development and design of the packaging industry, more packaging shape design may evolve in the future.

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Discode tissue structure carton

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