What mobility should the elderly choose? First of all, it must be able to cover the wind and rain, secondly, it must be safe, shock -absorbing and comfortable, and finally the price is preferential and cost -effective. According to these points, Kankan introduced the following three electric tricycles. It uses a full -closed type, with a maximum battery life of 120 kilometers. It is complete and stylish, suitable for the daily travel of the elderly in winter.

These three all -closed electric three -wheeled three -wheeled three -wheeled three -wheeled electrical three -wheeled electricity 2. Dongwei M1, Yaditendi, has a fashionable appearance and can be available in the country. What are the performances, let’s take a look at the comments together!

Haibao HNA 2

Advantages: cost -effective

In appearance:

What this car is overwhelming is the sharp and fierce square body, which uses five doors and four. The vehicle adopts a car -level stamping process, the front and rear dual bumpers, the streamlined daytime driving lights, and the penetrating rear taillights, taking into account aesthetics and practicality, high -end atmosphere and vitality. The body also has a relatively young flower design to increase the sense of young fashion.


The car is equipped with a 48V800W square wave motor and 18 controller. The power is okay. The battery model is uncertain, but the overall battery life is between 60-80 kilometers, which is suitable for daily baby to buy food. In addition, this car also uses parking handbrake and foot brake braking, saving effort and safer; with aluminum tube hydraulic shock absorption and rear reed shock absorption, it is still on the general ground, but it is still a bit overwhelming in a more pothoral place. Essence

Kan Comments:

This car is relatively routine regardless of its appearance or configuration. It is enough to deal with general travel. The most important thing is that this car starts at 5,000 yuan, which is relatively cost -effective among electric canopy.

Dongwei M1

Advantages: small body and strong power

This car is a smaller three -wheeled. The size of the vehicle is 2150*1120*1630mm. The vehicle weighs 280kg. The two -door design is used. The small figure also has a large space. Usually, it is not a problem to pick up the baby. In addition, the color and flower design of this car are also great, and it looks fashionable and beautiful.

This car uses a 1500W high -efficiency and mute motor, with strong power, strong climbing ability, and a maximum speed of 25km per hour. If it is paired with a 60V58AH large -capacity battery, the maximum battery life is about 100 kilometers, which is very suitable for daily children’s upper and lower schools and long -distance travel. In addition, this car is also equipped with a USB charging port, electric lifting glass, 7 -inch multimedia LCD display, MP3, reversing image and so on.

This is a small car that is suitable for three travels, especially the most suitable mother and elderly people who connect children. They can cover the wind and rain, and the body is relatively small.

Yadi Tengdi

Advantages: 120 kilometers in battery life

This car is also a small tricycle. Like one above, it uses three -door design, which is similar in size and weight. In addition, the color matching of this car is relatively stable and generous, but with the animation stickers, it looks more cute.

This car can be equipped with a maximum of 1500W motors, ensuring that the vehicle has better motivation, which can easily climb and accelerate. Optional 60V45AH, 52AH lead -acid batteries or 60v60Ah lithium batteries, so it also has different battery life. It can reach up to 120 kilometers. If it is a short distance, it can be charged on Monday.

We won’t say much about other aspects, because the shock absorption and brake are very conventional configuration, but the brand can say that the brand of Yadi is the boss of the two -wheeled electric vehicle field, but the quality of the car is not good. Therefore, in the field of tricycles, it can only be average, and there will even be a large brand premium.


The above is the introduction of three full -closed tricycles. Some are all -around kings. The price is relatively high. But anyway, it is good to perform well, dealing with ordinary travel, used to buy vegetables and dolls, or the old age is good. The most important thing is that these cars are qualified and can be on the country.

But to remind, some places need driver’s license to ride electric tricycles, and friends should pay more attention to local policies!

If you have any views on the full -closed electric tricycle, please pay attention, comments, and discuss together!

In appearance:

In appearance:



Kan Comments:

Kan Comments:

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