Talking about the down jackets wearing daily and mild outdoor environments, the choices that outdoor enthusiasts can think of are roughly: ghosts of large nuts, the peak of the north, L3 Pertex DOWN, Batayonian ribs, and the native Hype Down. So as a full bird powder, how to choose a down jacket in the bird’s family is a question worth discussing. Although down jackets are not the field of the ancestor bird, they can still make countless fans with good workmanship and superior materials. The routine from thin to thick models is: Cerium SL, Cerium LT, Thorium AR, Thorium SV, Cerium SV and Firebee. The most headache is how the two down jacket Cerium LT in the audience and the highest cost performance A choice with Thorium AR. Next, we will compare all aspects one by one to provide you with some useful references.

1. Price comparison

The silver in the pocket determines the choice of purchase. The most important reason for the Thorium AR and Cerium LT to make everyone tangled is the approach of price positioning, which causes how to achieve the second choice in this price tolerance. hesitate. CERIUM LT’s official signing price is $ 379, and Thorium AR officially priced at 325 US dollars. In Ole, the price is closer after discounting, reaching $ 265 VS228. In fact, it may be that the gap between the North American purchasing market may be smaller. Generally, the gap between 100-200RMB should be used, so it can be used as a direct competitor.

2. Basic attribute comparison

The Cerium LT uses 850 Panto Polytic velvet as the main filling. The outer windproof fabric uses Arato 10 nylon cloth. At the same time, CoreLOFT is filled in moisture -proof selection. Generally, it is filled with wet parts such as underarms. This method of mixed down down of technology cotton is now applied by major outdoor brands, which has given full play to the good down warmth and rebound at the same time. At the same time, it has been pulled up by non -down materials in a humid environment. Take men’s M code as an example, CERIUM LT clothes weigh 310g. Let’s take a look at the basic data of Thorim AR.

Thorium AR uses 750 gray goose down as the main filling. The outer layer uses thicker Arato 30 nylon cloth. The moisture -proof and warm material is still CoreLoft, with a total of 495g in clothes.

The first wave is compared. Although both are DWR moisture, they also use the DOWN Composition Mapping filling technology, but it is still very different in the details of the materials. Cerium LT uses a higher heating of 850 puffed white goose down, while Thorium AR uses a thicker AERATO 30 nylon cloth with thicker outer layer and stronger wind resistance. One, one bias to light and warm, and the other is focused on wear -resistant wind and windproof. From the weight of clothes, it is not difficult to see that thorium is not as good as Cerium in terms of down fluffyness, but it has a larger volume, so in general, one has a higher fluffy and the other has a higher one. The volume of charging is very close. In the case of low temperature windy weather, in view of the thicker outer layer and charging volume of Thorium AR, it will have a better windproof and warm effect.

It is emphasized here that in terms of the warmth of the same pantomy, gray goose down and white goose down is basically the same. The reason why white goose velvet will be more expensive in the market is to provide more outer color choices, especially bright colors and light colors systems. Essence After all, filling gray goose down will affect the display of color. So another detail worth considering is that Cerium LT will be richer than Thorium AR in color selection.

Regarding the hat, there is a small detail here. Cerium LT uses full down filling, and Thorim AR is a mixed filling of synthetic objects. This is even more prominent, and Cerium LT pursues the balance of light and warmth. For friends who choose the hooded model, this detail will produce a lot of different wear experiences. Just like the change of the new and old Atom LT, the athletic bird has worked hard on the hat, and the customer feedback caused by the big change is mixed. So many times, do not ignore the details of the outdoor hooded jacket and down jacket.

Third, version comparison

The overall version of the CERIUM LT has a certain waist effect. In the same size, Thorium AR has a stronger sense of space, especially the underarms. Then when choosing Base Layer’s bottom layer, Thorium AR can put a thicker underwear. Simply put, the Cerium LT pursuing lightweight on the version also focuses on the sense of wrapping. There are also small details in the design, which are also listed here. The following two pictures show the differences between Cerium LT and Thorium AR on the design of mid -sewing zippers and bilateral zippers, and the width of ribs.

Fourth, summary

Two down jackets with close price and warming performance. If the portable lightweight wrap is stronger, CERIUM LT is a better choice, and it also provides richer color options. There are higher requirements for the overall wind resistance of down jackets. If you don’t mind the thickness of the clothes and a sense of weight, Thorium AR has better performance.

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