Recently hot Apple Watch protective case: “Rhino Shield” anti -fall case is opened

Hello everyone, I am Ashui, do you buy the protective shell of Apple Watch? Because the surface of the Apple Watch glass extends all the way to the edge, and wearing it on the hand shakes, I accidentally knocked on the corner of the table and walked into it. Essence

The well -known mobile phone protective shell brand “Rhino Shield” actually also has Apple Watch’s protective shell products, and many netizens have started in the Apple Ren Association; today, let’s test this to see this rhino shield Apple Watch protective shell and see how the bottom of the bottom is the bottom. Intersection

Broken and disassembly of the protective case

The Rhino Shield Apple Watch protective case is available in multiple colors, and the color consists of a “protective case”+”trim”, which can be matched with various contrasting design.

最近很火的Apple Watch 保护壳:「犀牛盾」防摔表壳开箱

The installation is also very simple. Someone once asked me if the protective case of the Apple Watch will be difficult to disassemble. There is no such problem on the rhino shield’s product. After removing the strap, the fuselage body is placed obliquely into the protective case. If you press it a little, you can install it.

It is also simple to remove the protective case. After pulling out the trim, remove the strap, push it out with your fingers behind the fuselage. If you want to replace the trim, you don’t even need to disassemble the strap and the case, just replace it directly.

最近很火的Apple Watch 保护壳:「犀牛盾」防摔表壳开箱

Rhino Shield Apple Watch protective capacity

Apple Watch is most afraid to accidentally hit the desktop, or scrapes the surface glass when the watch is placed down. From the figure below, it can be seen that the rhino shield Apple Watch protective case is surrounded by the screen, which can avoid direct contact with the desktop. On the side part, the boot button is also covered by the protective shell, and the crown part is also covered by the protective case, which is not easy to directly contact; the metal parts do not have to worry about scratching.

最近很火的Apple Watch 保护壳:「犀牛盾」防摔表壳开箱

Although the Apple Watch itself is not often fell (after all, we all wear it in hand), this product of the Rhino Shield is still equipped with ShockSpream ™ material and has the ability to resist the standards of military standards. Don’t worry about breaking. The details of the details are also designed very well. The speakers on the side are kept on the hole, and the tenon and sliding rails of the strap are just open, which does not affect the strap disassembly and replacement.

最近很火的Apple Watch 保护壳:「犀牛盾」防摔表壳开箱

The details of this product of the Rhino Shield Apple Watch are very good. The edge of the protective shell is raised around, which can avoid the screen contact with the desktop directly and the metal parts. The openings of tenon, sliding rails, charging interfaces, and speakers are also considered.

Rhino Shield Apple Watch protective case: Various colors are more stylish!

最近很火的Apple Watch 保护壳:「犀牛盾」防摔表壳开箱

In addition to protective power, another major feature of rhino shield products is to match various colors according to the style!

最近很火的Apple Watch 保护壳:「犀牛盾」防摔表壳开箱

The product itself has a “protective shell+ trim” to match. In the process of developing the color, the rhino shield is continuously proofed and tested by the color of the original strap, so each color is very matched with the original strap. There is almost no thunder.

最近很火的Apple Watch 保护壳:「犀牛盾」防摔表壳开箱

This is completely true, because my own Apple Watch is a relatively rare “Hermes”. This orange -colored official website is not sold alone, but the rhino shield actually has the corresponding trim to match, and there is no at all. Color difference!

Summary: Reason for recommending the Rhino Shield Apple Watch

As in the first paragraph, if you wear the Apple Watch every day, it is recommended to buy a protective case; the reason is nothing more than you are afraid of the glass surface hit the table, walk to the corner when walking, etc. It’s painful!

The Apple Watch protective shell of the rhino shield covers the screen, buttons, and crowns; and the material is made of ShockSpream ™, which is resistant to impact, is not afraid of falling.

最近很火的Apple Watch 保护壳:「犀牛盾」防摔表壳开箱

Moreover, the product does not affect the band, does not affect wireless charging and heart rate detection; in terms of feel, I do n’t feel that there is any discomfort in the protective case myself, and there will be no strange feeling of compressing the corners of the edges.

最近很火的Apple Watch 保护壳:「犀牛盾」防摔表壳开箱

In addition, the special trim + outer design of the rhino shield can change the color with your own mood or wear. It can also be matched with a special contrasting design. In addition to the protection, the beauty is also designed. It is indeed a pretty good design!

Product Recommendation: Apple watch case

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