Who doesn’t want to have a comfortable bedroom space? When you decorate, you will have a little effort, and you will know how cool.


Just like the decoration method between bedrooms, this owner is smart, the bedroom and the clothes are open-oriented, and the bed is built to extend the frame, and there are many shoe stools in the clothes, and the bedside cabinet is saved!

If you are a bedroom, you can also learn such an open design:


Don’t partition the wall, don’t fight the cabinet, make the bedroom and the hatred two spaces, and the two is a whole look more spacious. Some people may worry about privacy, in fact, there is still no need, add a rod to the middle, pull the curtain when they change clothes, and the effect is not allowed.


But have you seen this?

Create a connecting card seat to the bed, while the clothes are in the clothes, you can sit here when you make clothes. It is very convenient to use a seat space. Usually, you can use it as a leisure area, sitting here is very suitable.

Even the indispensable bedside table is saved. On the side space, a row of open racks, store some common items, lying on the bed slightly reached out, do not have to put too much items to the bedroom, functionality is satisfied, can be said to be very province.


However, after all, use the bed to create a connecting card, you must measure the width before construction!

To provide at least one person’s seat space, the depth of the card must be guaranteed between 55 cm to 70cm, so when sitting above, it can easily rely on the back of the chair, and it will not feel crowded.

A: How do you get better?


No need to worry, and give you some inventory of 2 decoration methods, just pick one is a good design.


The bed is not allowed to extend to the top cabinet. It can be used instead of the clothes room to make storage, or you can perfectly use the idle wall space, but you should use the bed above the bed. The seat of the head, remember not to play.

Or extend a short television cabinet to the bed, not only the living room can have a TV wall, the bedroom is the same. The bed extends a short table, the upper wall is replaced, meet the functions of the leisure, or use the card holder ~

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