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Today is the third day of the New Year. It coincides with the Valentine’s Day on February 14th of the Gregorian calendar. It is really satisfying to meet Valentine’s Day on the New Year holiday. You can easily enjoy the joy brought by the festival in this relaxed day. Today we also take our children to go to relatives. At noon, we went to the mall to have lunch along the festival at noon. What we came to the mall was loved and family dinner. The atmosphere of Valentine’s Day was particularly strong during the day. At night, I chose to spend Valentine’s Day at home without going out to make fun. On Valentine’s Day, I planned coffee at home and enjoyed the slow life brought by coffee with my family. The coffee I planned tonight is full of girly hearts. Although we have grown up in the new year The age, but our hearts are still young. This cup of coffee is also very suitable for the girl around you. The value is high, and the girls will definitely like it when they see it!


By y BABY [Official Certification of Dou Guo Food]


30 grams of coffee beans

Anjia milk 200 ml


200 ml of boiling water

Oreo biscuits 1

2 pieces of marshmallow

15 ml of brown sugar syrup

4 pieces of strawberry flavors


6 pieces of ice cubes


Practice step

1. Take a spoonful of coffee beans and pour into the coffee grinding machine equipped by Macsim coffee machine in the coffee grinding machine


2. Take a cup and pour the brown sugar syrup in the wall edge of the cup

3. Pour the ice cubes and pour it into the cup


4. Pour half a cup of Anjia pure milk in the cup


5. Pour the grinding coffee powder into the coffee machine spoon and press the Maxim coffee machine to extract 1 cup of coffee function keys to extract coffee


6. Pour the extracted coffee into the cup, add two pieces of marshmallow and a Oreo biscuits

7. Put a few strawberry flavors of Mali, and finally squeeze brown sugar syrup on the surface

8. Complete


9. Looking closely

10. That’s not bad



1. Coffee can choose ice or not ice according to personal preference 2. If there is no brown sugar syrup, you can cook it yourself

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