Instructions for the preceding film: One needle on the needle (this needle is directly woven from the upper needle of the shoulder)*6 needle twist*two stitches on the top of the needle*three needles*one needle in the needle*12 needle of the needle*12 needles Double -osmanthus needle*one needle upper needle*three stitches and lower needles*Two stitches*6 needle twist*two needle upper needles*Diamond diagram of the lower*6 needle*6 needle twice Point needle*one needle top needle*12 needle twin osmanthus needle*one needle in upper needle*three needles*two needles*6 needle twist*one needle on one needle The needle is knitted).

Use line: Cashmere (cashmere of 6 yuan or two, I bought it when I was curious, the line is not very pure, but the effect is worth it!)


Dosage: 3 Two+Walks 2 (Silk Stecifier 3 shares with other two lines of the same color)


Use needle: No. 13 No. 12 No. 11

Size: Dress length: 52cm bust: 33cm (flat) sleeve length: 32cm

Simple weaving process:


The 12th needle is 144 stitches, the weaving double thread is 15cm, and then the needle is closed to 126 stitches and the 6 -needle ring woven. The next circle of knitting machine collar (there are many in the tutorial forums of the machine collar, you can search for it)

The total number of pins is 132, 4 pins each, 36 stitches each front and rear films, and 18 stitches for each sleeve each sleeve

The next step is the woven nest. I am weaving like this: 36 stitches in the front film, 36 stitches and 3 points, 12 stitches on each side are provoked to be woven, and the middle 12 stitches must be all stirred up. (Note: I am so divided first. Okay, adjust according to the actual situation, it can be one or two stitches, which does not affect the effect of the collar nest. 1-2-3 1-3-2 (So the collar nest processed is shallower before and after, because I want to highly lapel, if the collar nest wants to deepen, then you can press 1-1-2 1-2-n on both sides Until the two sides meet the woven, this depends on your needs to adjust.) So 10 stitches left, and all of them raised the woven. Of course, you must consider the tricks when you start from weaving! The tendons are 6 stitches, and the 4 needle twist on both sides of the needle.

The oblique shoulder weaving 16cm is about 4,5 inches. There are 8 stitches for each of the armpits; the body is a small A -shaped shape, and it feels not obvious enough after finishing, hee hee! It will look better when adding needles! I add 1 needle every 15 lines. 12 lines should be better! After the body is woven to 10 inches, it is evenly woven double threads with 15 stitches, 1 inch length. Press the sleeve by 10-1-5 8-1-8. The collar side of the last two sides is packed with 58 knitted double threads each with 13 needles. First, weave the side of the eyes without leaving the eye, so that when the other side is knitted, it is easy to control the position of the eye! Haven’t had time to buy buttons.

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