After watching the design of hundreds of children’s rooms, most of the desks are equipped with a wardrobe, the same children’s room, or today the homeowner’s most vision. She customizes the combination cabinet for the child, and at the same time meets the three major functions of rest, play, and storage. It is not a problem to live for 10 years.


Go to the top cabinet to reduce the horns of hygienic death


Children like to eat snacks while playing. When they play in the room, they are most afraid of eating snacks and sprinkle the entire room. Sometimes they will accidentally discover the moldy snacks sprinkled with children in a certain corner after a long time.

Customized the entire cabinet does not need to worry about the problem of sanitary dead corners. Not only does it have no cleaning trouble, but it can also make the entire space look more neat and clean.

Multifunctional combination cabinet improves spatial utilization rate


The area of ​​children’s rooms of most families will not be very large, so you can design a combination cabinet to combine different functional areas. This can meet the children’s various needs at the same time and improve the spatial utilization rate.

The cabinet can be used for empty design, which can be created into a card area. It can also be used with cushions and blankets as a rest area. If you are tired of reading, you can lie here and rest.

The drawer at the bottom can also increase the storage space. It is very suitable for storing the child’s toys, which is low in height. It is also convenient for children to take it by themselves.



Bookshelf is an indispensable design for children’s rooms. Children have been small to large, and there are a lot of textbooks, papers, and materials. If you do not design enough space to store these things, the room will really live more and more chaotic.


You can customize the entire bookshelf, and create a small library with tables and chairs. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the book. There is no place to put it. Children are more learning atmosphere in such places.

You can also customize this open and closed storage cabinet, which will not look messy by better care.


Baying cabinet


The location of the window is good. You must make good use of it. You can’t waste it. The most common is to design the desk here.


When the homeowner designed the desk of the children’s room, he also combined the desk and the storage floor cabinet. When the bookshelf was not enough, this kind of floor cabinet could also be placed.

Of course, in addition to the floor cabinet, the desk can also be matched with the bookshelf. This open bookshelf is at hand. It is more convenient to get it. When learning, you don’t have to run around to find information, which improves learning efficiency.

Do not desk on the bay window, but also build a storage space with only ground cabinets. With the cushion, it can also be used as a rest area to allow children to grow happily in the sun.

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