In the past, under Jiangnan Bai, he had a letter with Mr. Zhu Weizheng. At that time, when I read the book “Going out of the Middle Ages”, I was very young, and when the case was called, I also questioned some of the views. Now think of it, like a dream.

The author Zhu Weizheng scanned the Ming and Qing dynasties with “getting out of the Middle Ages”. It is not said that the author’s thoughts are particularly sharp.

His evaluation of Yongzheng and Qianlong’s father and son: “The more proficient they are, the better they are good at using dictatorship. The more they have the ability to engage in political horror, and they are intangible horror.” All history is contemporary history. Zhu Weizheng believes that “the process of examining China out of the Middle Ages from the perspective of cultural history is exactly what the priority is to ask.” However, we still seem to have not been able to “get out of the Middle Ages.” Just like the evaluation of Kang Youwei in the book: “Breaking the situation of Wanma Qi, who dares not to talk about the reform of the ideological world.”

“Going out of the Middle Ages” has an article “Yang Mingxue in modern China”: “The two armies of the two armies of the Emperor in the late Qing Dynasty, straightforwardly, lies in the interests, lies in the conflict of vested interests and future interests.” This theory is deafening. It can be seen that the author’s deep thought and bold discussion. From the perspective of cultural history, it is not the first person to explore how China gets out of the Middle Ages, but it is indeed a very deep person.

In May 2008, Fudan University Publishing House published Zhu Weizheng’s “Going out of the Middle Ages”. After 20 years of historical changes, watching “Going out of the Middle Ages” may not be intentional. “Going out of the Middle Ages” continued “Going out of the Middle Ages”, and continued the author’s “historical imagination from the late Ming to the late Qing Dynasty”. This makes people miss the ideological atmosphere in the middle and late 1980s. As for today, the ideological world is silent, but the so -called online public opinion hustle and bustle.

However, it is a bit interesting to think about the 58th. Discuss the fallacy of the proposition “beating behind”. In fact, the fact that this pseudo -proposition is completely conflict with the facts of Chinese history. Advanced was beaten to find teeth by the front, and defeated the ground. According to this historical facts, wouldn’t it be said that “advanced is to be beaten.” If it is hard to pull on reality, Huawei is also an example. Huawei’s sanctions are not because 5G technology is far ahead of Western countries, and the western countries are afraid of shaking. Only fear makes people crazy.

“Going out of the Middle Ages Episodes”, other articles such as “Liang Qichao and the Qing Dynasty History of Qing Dynasty”, “About Qian Mu Study”, “Han Yu in the Cerpment”, “Christianity and Modern Culture” are very deep. Although the method is conservative, it is the basic door of learning. Mr. Zhu Weizheng has always opposed “the history of the discussion”, but history in China is actually an ideology. The words “Zi Zhi Tong Jian” have said the true face of Chinese history. The last article of “Out of the Middle Ages” is “My bookshelf is not secret: Answer a reporter’s question”, it is fast to read. A real scholar, bookshelf. There is no secret in it, everything is just attentive.

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