Slim jeans are a very classic pants, which are thin and loose. This year’s very popular velvet jeans are built between Haron pants and small pants. It is not fat or thin to wear on the body. Recently, it is particularly popular. Whether it is online or in physical stores, it is very popular with customers.


This kind of Haron’s little foot pants, it has the advantages of three pants, dad pants and small pants. It is slightly loose than the legs of Harren pants, a little tightened slightly than the part of the pants leg, a little loose than the pants of the pants. This is the difference between it and other pants.


The velvet has a variety of colors, yellow, green, and gray, black and so on. The quality of the velvet inside is different. There are velvet, as well as a very thin velvet directly on the fabric, which can be soft on the body. There is also a ripple with ripples.

There are two main colors, one is black, and the other is blue, with a little haze blue. The haze blue has been particularly popular in the past two years, but he can’t sell black this year. Black is the best color for selling. Maybe black is the color that Volkswagen likes, so it has always been liked by people, and this color is not divided into age, and it has a very good effect on the body.

The reason for the popularity of black is not only because he is popular in the public, but also the biggest advantage of the age group is that wearing it is particularly thin and long legs. Even people with thick legs will look thin and long, so they are very welcomed by women with thick legs.


Coupled with her special pants shape, even if the hips are larger, the legs are thicker, and it still looks good. It can be said that it integrates the advantages of other three pants. Although it is a thick pants, it does not feel bloated at all, but it looks more beautiful.

This kind of pants are actually a kind of casual pants, so it is well matched with shoes. It can be said that he can match almost various shoes, such as plate shoes, casual shoes, Martin boots, motorcycle shoes, canvas shoes in its combination. It can almost be called a kind of universal pants, and it is also very easy to match when it is matched with a jacket.

The velvet inside the pants is relatively thin, and the wearing is very soft and comfortable. Even if it is snowy, it is very comfortable. You do n’t need to add pants. This pair of pants can make you live a beautiful winter. It is really warm and beautiful, it should be the best choice for women this winter.

If you particularly like blue, of course, choosing blue is also a good choice. Everyone knows that denim blue is also very versatile. It is as versatile as black. The color is more lively and cute than black, but the most popular this year is black, which is much better than blue.


This kind of pants can be matched with many tops, and can also produce various occasions. And the whole pants are not loose, and they are more decent. Unlike Barbie pants, if you wear it directly, it feels very bad. So I still suggest everyone, choose black denim and velvet casual pants this winter.

Black and velvet denim casual pants, did you plant grass? If you still lack a pair of pants this winter, choose black denim and velvet casual pants.


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