Recently, many wine friends came to ask Xiao Liu about the “toe Moutai wine” sold on a certain east and a certain treasure platform, so Xiao Liu went to the platform to find out: “Discovering” Dleepy Flying Flying Moutai “really sold it. Heat and the sky, the price ranges from 1830 to 2199 yuan/bottle, which is more than the current price of Feitian Maotai Wine

About 1,000 yuan


What is going on with “Tela Flying Moutai Wine”? So cheap, do you dare to buy it?


What is going on?

“Toed Flying Moutai Wine”, as the name suggests, is the bottle cap


Anti -counterfeit bottle cap

Guizhou Moutai wine after being torn. The real “cooked flying flying Moutai wine” is that there is no red except the lid

Anti -counterfeit bottle cap

, Its original wine quality is not consumed, and the quality of the wine is consistent with the original Moutai wine, and the guidance price is still 1499 yuan/bottle (the price on the market is sold between 1800-2000, it should also be recycled. Again again).

“Dame Flying Moutai Wine” has used some specialty stores to stipulate that customers tear up red anti-counterfeit bottle caps in front of customers when they buy to prevent selling at high prices; from February 8-14, 2021, Hema Fresh Shanghai also opened the “Open ‘Bottle” New Year’s New Year Hat, which also attracted the attention of the majority of wine friends and the media.


Why “tear the bottle hat” for sale?

The wine friends who pay attention to my public account “Little Six Speaking of Wine” should know that in recent years, Guizhou Moutai Market has been in short supply. In addition, there are many ox party hype, and there are many wine merchants and investors. When the appreciation is appreciated, the price of Moutai wine in Guizhou remains high, forming a “one bottle difficult” situation. And in the real market, a large number of Moutai wines have been stored and have not been consumed. Therefore, last year, Moutai was named by organs at all levels and the media. The official price control of Moutai and fried wine for stocking were imminent.

At the same time, ordinary consumers who love to taste with wine and drink Moutai can purchase flying roof wine at market guidance, avoid flying into the secondary market by illegal traders, “ox party”, and capitalists illegally accumulating speculation. Sold by a high price.

Therefore, some Moutai specialty stores launched the “opening hat” event, selling wine to those who really drink Moutai, and increased the opening rate.


“Tear bottle hats flying Moutai wine”, is there any value?

As a sauceman, I think the “toe Flying Moutai wine” has no complete packaging product, so there is no favorite investment value.

Not to mention business gifts

Even if you take out a business banquet, it seems that you have no sincerity. You may think that you took a bottle of disperse wine!



“Tear bottle hats flying Moutai wine”, do you dare to buy it?

When buying Moutai, everyone is most worried about the true and false of Moutai. In the authenticity of Moutai wine, professionals must see

Red anti -counterfeit bottle cap,

Without this hat identification, it is very difficult to identify the authenticity of Moutai wine (in the fake Moutai wine,


Pulling wine is the most difficult fake Moutai

) After all, there are many “caps of Maotai” on the market (illegal vendors use real Moutai wine bottles to make fake wine).

“Toed Flying Moutai Wine”, if it wasn’t for the tearing on the scene, Xiaoliu suggested that everyone should think twice. No


Red anti -counterfeit bottle cap

It is very easy to fake, it is difficult for any wine appraiser to

Judging the authenticity of Moutai wine in the Moutai bottle alone.


If you buy it, even if it is a fake wine, it is dumb to eat Coptis chinensis -you ca n’t say it!

“Tear bottle hats flying Moutai wine”, do you dare to buy it? Welcome everyone to comment and communicate together!

Source: Public Number -Xiao Liu Say Wine


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