Japanese wind, Korean style, European and American winds or french winds are more popular with style. Among them, the main simple and elegant Japanese style is popular with superior practicality and operability, and is welcomed by countless middle-aged women.

If you like the Japanese style, then when choosing spring jacket, try the wind shirt, vest jacket, suit and windbreak. Spring jackets are not available, these four basic models are easy to create temperament, and you are also elegant, you will come together, let’s take a look!

First, the tooling shirt jacket


The tooling shirt jacket is definitely one of the hottest items in the spring. Whether it is in the riser of the Japanese Bo, it is still high in the Japanese people out of the street.


Although the workpiece shirt is used in the classic shirt version, the material is much more solid than the conventional shirt, which makes the tooling shirt play an excellent insulation effect, even if it is warm and cold, don’t worry too much thin.

Second, tough material can create a simple visual sense, let the whole wear look handsome and casual.

Workwear shirts can be used for travel, available for workplace, but pay attention to the different occasions, and it also needs to change. If it is a workplace, it is recommended to take high waist casual pants, pipe tube pants or trousers; if it is daily, it is used to match jeans, wide leg pants, pants or half-length skirts will not be wrong.


Shallow card ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Khaki, light green, beige, white or military green, is a common dress color in spring. Among them, the rice color is warming and intellectual, and the military green is very happy.

Army green tooling shirt is stacked in a black bottoming shirt, black nine-point small leggings, connecting sports shoes, leisure and energetic.

Second, long vest jacket

In addition to the tooling shirt, long vest coat is one of the spring fashion items.

The long vest coat is in the style and color system, such as windbreaker vest jacket, suit vest jacket, etc., color, light gray, khal yellow, blue gray, etc.

Rice white windbreaker vest jacket is laid in the dark blue, take a white high waist nine-point tube pants, elegant and practiced workplace is relaxed GET!

Compare the windbreaker vest jacket, the long vest is officially practiced, suitable for commuting, if it is daily wearing, it will inevitably be too serious.

Card, yellow suit vest, tie, white shirt, add elegant and casual, take a double-pointed shoes, is the simple and unfamiliar office worker.

Third, suits

I don’t have to say more in suit, I will not lack it in most women’s closures.

Middle-aged women want to put an elegant feeling in the suit, and the first can take advantage of unmattered suit or soft suit. Such as plain suit, beige suit, milk tea in a suit or Morant color suit.


Such suit is remarkable on improving temperament, and will give people serious feelings like unwanted suit.

Second, although the scope of suit is extended from the workplace to the daily, for middle-aged women, it is still necessary to avoid all kinds of abrupt, try to trade with the same color.

Light blue unmatted wearing a white liner, a colored high-waist tube trousers, smashing a simple and advanced mix of mature women.

Four, windbreaker

Windbreaker is a variety of plastic-plastic basic single items, match, color color, and visual effects will also be different.

The windbreaker is simple with the skirt, and the windbreaker’s cool dress is integrated with the soft dress. It is often easily able to make romantic elegant spring travel.

Khaki long windbreaker is stacked in the print, the warm yellow high waist half-length skirt adds color and lifting the light feeling, wearing a bright breath that belongs to spring; with a lace skirt with a trench coat, then romantic is a lot.

I want to put the khaki windbreaker mature atmosphere, then it is recommended to subtract on color matching, try to adopt cards + black, khaki + white or khaki + dark blue color. Khaki long windbreaker laminated blue denim jacket, blue high waist cone pants, louder shoes, casual, no mature woman taste.


The above is the four spring jackets shared for everyone. If you don’t know what to wear, you may wish to choose from these four models, and the elegance of the owner is also!

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