In the new season of 2021, the Giant Factory Off-Road Team team will consist of the World Cup player, the National Championship, the veteran and the potential new star. They will participate in the DH competitions, Enduro events, XC events, Gravel events, and electricity competitions.

An important personnel of the team in 2021 was Rémi Thirion, a DH professional player from France. He won the bronze medal at the 2020 UCI Mountain Car World Championship. Thirion once stood on the World Cup podium six times, and won the World Cup single championship in 2013.

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队

“I am very happy to join the Giant team this year. I can’t wait to start the new season. I have been working hard to train, especially this year to get a new competition vehicle and parts, and I will also assist in product research and development.” Thirion said.

SEBSTIAN Boyington, the technical director of the team, said: “Thirion has brought effective technical and rich experience to the team, I hope this can improve the level of the team in the World Cup. He is a very powerful player. We are looking forward to him very much. This year’s performance. “This year, the team also added fresh blood: young XC player Luke Vrouwenvelder from the United States.

DH event and Enduro event

In the DH competition lineup added by Thirion, there are three Irish National Championships Jacob Dickson. Most of the events were forced to cancel last year, and Dickson was very urgent to recover the best state. The third player of the DH match lineup is 19 -year -old American player Matt Sterling. He once won the 2019 American Youth DH Championship. Last year, he also won the DH competition champion of the Youth Group in Crankwork. He will join the elite group this year. The three of them will ride Glory Advanced to play DH events, and will also assist the product development team to develop and test the next -generation downhill chariots and parts.

French DH DH competition professional player Rémi Thirion

Jacob Dickson, the 3rd Irish National Championship

2019 American Youth DH Champion Matt Sterling

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队

On the Enduro event lineup, we can see the return of Youn Deniaud. He is a top genius from France. He won the top ten in the 2020 world endurance off -road series in Pedrariger, Italy. The World Pirellial Cross Country Breakthrough Award. Another Enduro player is MCKay Vezina from Canada. He won the North American Enduro championship in 2019. He performed well in the Crankwork Summer series last year, and all three competitions entered the top ten.

They will ride

Reign Advanced Pro 29

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队


Transce x advanced pro 29

Zhanju participated in the competition. Another veteran of the enduro event is Josh Carlson.

Reign e+ Pro

Participate in the electric aid competition, and he still has a new one

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队

Transce x e+ pro 29

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队

Can participate in the competition of other projects. His goal this year is the World Electric Pirented Pirelli Series.

Youn Deniaud and MCKAY VEZINA will mainly ride REIGN Advanced Pro 29 to play in the world endurance series.

Josh Carlson won the first national championship of the Australian Pirelli Ramber in 2019.

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队

XC event

This year, the team’s XC and endurance lineups have also expanded, and they are committed to the World Cup. The Reto InderGand in Switzerland and Antoine Philip in France will participate in the elite competition, and Australia’s Cameron Wright will participate in a competition under the age of 23. The 29 -year -old InderGand was the Swiss National Champion (U23) and the two Swiss Bicycle Cup series champion (2016, 2017). He can bring rich international competition experience to the team. After experiencing an impressive U23 career, the 23 -year -old Philipp will challenge the elite group this year. The 20 -year -old Wright has won the national championship many times, and he hopes to get the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games this year.

The Reto Indergand in Switzerland and Antoine Philip in France will start a new journey in Turkey.

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队

The 20 -year -old Wright has won the national championship many times, and he hopes to get the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games this year.

American player Stephan Davoust and Luke VROUWENVELEDER will play on behalf of the team in North America. Davoust won the US Bicycle Marathon National Championship Silver Medal in the 2019 season and won two popular US events. It is regarded as one of the top young players in the US XC. These players will ride XTC Advanced SL 29 or Anthem Advanced Pro 29th.

As the winner of the 2019 DOWNIEVILLE Classic champion, Davoud will focus on the North American XC events this year.

VROUWENVELEDER, who has won the national champion of the university six times, is regarded as one of the top young players in the US XC.

Gravel competition

In this year’s team lineups, Josh Berry, Tristan UHL and Carl Decker will return to Gravel. The key targets of these three American players are Unbound Gravel events, Belgian Waffle Ride competitions and Rebecca ’s Private Idaho. They will ride REVOLT Advanced PRO Warfare and a new generation of products developed by Giant.

Team partner

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队

In terms of technology, the team has received a lot of sponsors’ support, including the shock -absorbing product FOX, Maxxis tires, Shimano transmission brake system, and guide chain MRP, pedal HT, PRO handle group, and the GIANT wheels, cushions, seats, seats, seats, seats, seats, seats, and seats Support of the pad. In terms of personal equipment, the team extends the cooperative relationship with CUORE, and will also provide the clothing of XC, Grave, and downhill players. The team will continue to develop and test a new product line with CUORE. 100%will provide full -faced helmets, protective gear, goggles and gloves, and GIANT will provide other types of helmets, including RAIL SX for XC and gravel, Rev Pro and Pursuit models, and including ChargePro XC car shoes. LineTrail / Enduro car and shitdh shoes.

2021 Giant Factory Off-Road Team’s new lineup

Josh Berry (USA), Gravel

Josh Carlson (AUS), E-Bike

Stephan davoust (USA), XC

Carl Decker (USA), Gravel/XC

Youn Deniaud (FRA), Enduro

Jacob Dickson (Ire), DH

Reto Indergand (Sui), XC

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队

Antoine Philipp (FRA), XC

2021新赛季 捷安特GIANT发布全新车队

Matt Sterling (USA), DH/Enduro

Rémi Thirion (FRA), DH

Tristan uhl (USA), Gravel/XC

Cameron Wright (AUS), XC

Mckay vezina (can), enduro


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