If you say life,


Which pair of shoes are most important?

I believe most people will say:


Slippers are undoubted


Take off the imprisonment and restraint, and put on slippers, the happiness is born.


The premise of happiness is that slippers must be comfortable enough

Some people always describe comfort,

Just like to step on the cotton, it should be as burst as “stepping on the shit”! So what kind of slippers can be qualified?


The material is environmentally friendly, soft, light and quiet, antibacterial deodorization, anti -slip resistance … perhaps its labels.

And now there are a pair of Parki slippers, which can perfectly match these requirements.

Soft, comfortable and elastic, safe and environmentally friendly.

Look at these shoes alone, who can think of its founder

Wang Xuefei has been deeply cultivated in the field of slippers for seven years.

Brand annual sales all the way

Millions of million developed into 200 million, and the products exported to multiple countries, making it the “leader” in the slippers industry!


The rise of Parki

It is not a coincidence of “accidentally hitting”, nor is it accidental.

Its brand concept and ingenuity are pure,

Save the fancy cost, persistently insist on using the “best raw materials to make the best products.”

It is precisely because of adhering to the ingenuity.

Park Xi has always been the first brand of slippers and the highest sales price of slippers.

Just look at the face value,

What else is this fluffy and lazy, comfortable and light slippers?

After it insists on overcoming layers of technical difficulties,


Apply the EVA and Rubber to use the cross -linking foaming materials to slippers.

Softness and elasticity are far beyond ordinary slippers,

It also has the characteristics of anti -compression deformation and yellow resistance.


After the feet, lightness is its first label,

The weight is only one-half of the market slippers, about 459g-500g.

When wearing it, I felt that the whole person became lighter.

If you want to wear it, how comfortable it is.

That may have to have a sense of stepping on shit

“Soft but not collapsed”


, And has a cotton version


“Soft Q bombs”.

Each time you change your feet from the dull shoes, change to Park Xi’s slippers,

The supreme softness will instantly unload the tiredness of the day.

There will be no ordinary slippers, the kind of “creaking” sound, disturbing people’s quietness.

From the production process, Park Xi is likely to be as possible

Manual weaving

On the basis of continuous integration


Ecology, simple design elements.

It will

Health and Environmental Protection


The elements are integrated into the concept of Park Xi.

Achieve the characteristics of zero pressure and unrestrained.

You will be surprised after watching Park Xi’s products:

Antibacterial, silver ions, bamboo charcoal, intelligent …

Can be designed on a pair of shoes.


The lighter, softer and more comfortable performance, so that the new rate of their products has even reached 70%,

And there are only 20 ~ 30% compared with the comparison

The non -slip design is the point that they cannot ignore, the non -slip design of the sole,

Increase friction with the ground.

Grab the ground firmly, even if you walk

In the shower room full of water and bubbles, don’t worry about slipping.

The color of the quality of the taste can be both cute, atmospheric, and calm.

The color is not easy to be confused,

Prepare a few pairs at home

It won’t be messy for guests.


A pair of easy -to -wear slippers may be the best comfort after we get tired of get off work.

That is, the price of a cup of milk tea, but it makes your daily life easier and comfortable. Are you not heartbroken?


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Parki Banana Boat slippers

¥ 29.8
















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