The role of disposable medical protective clothing is isolation germs, harmful ultra -fine dust, acid and alkali solution, electromagnetic radiation, etc. to ensure the safety of personnel and keep the environment clean. The test standard for one-time medical protection service is GB19082-2009.

GB19082-2009 Medical disposable protective clothing technical requirements standard

This standard specifies the requirements of medical disposable protective clothing, test methods, instructions, packaging and storage.

This standard is applicable to medical disposable protective clothing (hereinafter referred to as protective clothing) for medical staff with potential infectious patients with potential infectious patients at work at work.

Disposable medical protection service GB19082-2009 test item:

1. Appearance

2. Structure

3. Type specifications

4. Liquid block (anti -water seepage)

5, liquid resistance (humidity amount)

6, liquid resistance (anti -combined blood penetration)

7, liquid barrier (surface anti -humidity)

8. Fracture strong

9. Fracture and elongation

10. Filter efficiency

11, flame retardant performance

12. Anti -static

13, static attenuation

14. Skin irritation

15. Microbial indicators

16, ethylene ethylene residual volume

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GB19082 test process of disposable medical protection service:

1. Project application -submit an application for quality inspection reports to Winwei’s inspection and supervision.

2. Data preparation -according to the requirements of GB24787, the enterprise prepares relevant certification documents.

3. Product test -Enterprise will send the sample to the laboratory for testing.

4. Preparation report -Certified engineers write reports based on qualified testing data.

5. Submit review -The engineer will review a complete report.

6. Employment of certificates -After the report is reviewed, the quality inspection report is issued.

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