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When the baby was very young, Baoma began to buy things for the child. As the children grew up day by day, all kinds of early education products also entered the eyes of mothers, and baby fitness racks have also won the favor of many mothers. Baby fitness racks belong to early education and intellectual toys. Babies can exercise their bodies and enhance their intelligence through it. However, there are also many parents who do not understand the role of fitness racks. Today I will take you to discuss the benefits of fitness racks.

What is the baby fitness rack? Is it necessary to buy it?


Baby fitness rack is a puzzle toy in early education products. The fitness rack has various cute shapes, the soles of the feet, and piano bonds to make sounds, and some diverse color rings. It is designed for babies and can be adjusted at any time.

The baby fitness rack is completely designed according to the baby’s physical condition. It can not only exercise the baby’s body, but also improve the baby’s intelligence and make the baby better grow and develop.

What are the benefits of baby fitness racks?

1. Improve your baby’s physical fitness

The diverse design on the fitness frame attracts the baby’s attention. The baby’s hands and feet are used to grab the toy process to exercise the strength of the child’s hand. Increased the baby’s exercise, during the play, got exercise, and improved the baby’s physical fitness.

In addition, you can also exercise your baby’s hands.

2. Exercise the baby’s perception of the outside world

During the play, the baby can perceive the differences of different object shapes and sizes through contact with toys in different shapes. The piano keys on the soles of the feet will also emit cute music, bringing different feelings to the child’s hearing.


3. Improve your baby’s intelligence

The diversity and versatility of the fitness rack helps the baby to understand color and distinguish objects. Unknown things can also attract the baby’s curiosity, let the baby’s brain explore and think; develop the baby’s intelligence, let the baby win on the starting line Essence

4. Liberate mother’s hands

Early education design, multi -functional fitness function, and music can also listen to music; if the baby can play for a long time, the mother can do some of her own things at this time.

If the child is crying, it can also be used to divert the baby’s attention and stop crying quickly.

How to choose the right baby fitness rack?

1. Material

The pendant of the fitness rack will often be loved by the baby’s mouth. The safety of the material is very important. It is necessary to choose the material that allows the baby to rest assured.

2. Adjustment function

The child’s growth is very fast. Moms try to choose the fitness rack that can adjust the gear, and choose the appropriate gear according to their children’s situation.

3. The stability of the supporting frame

The support rack should bear the strong pull of the baby, and the unstable supporting rack is easy to hurt the baby.

4. breathable cushion

When the baby is lying and playing, you will rub the breathable cushion underneath, and try to choose the soft and breathable material.

Today I recommend a baby fitness rack -Beiyi Baby Fitness

This fitness rack stent selected


High bomb foam bracket, soft fabric wrap, the baby is not easy to break when pulling

Essence The wide bottom plate is not easy to shake, which can make the baby

Do not displacement if you play


The cute little angel ringing,


Ringtones are crisp and childlike, silicone material is tasteless and rest assured to bite

, Grab a more anti -fall.

Both sides of breathable peach skin are not prone to folds, making the baby lay more comfortable, and the skin -friendly material can lie naked.

In order to take on the increased exercise of the baby, the piano panel is thicker to 700g,

Thick and stronger kick


Multi -gear rotation button can be adjusted freely according to the baby’s growth needs


Disassemble, easily storage does not occupy a place

, High face value, give your baby a delicate life.

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Beiyi Baby Fitness Fitness 3 months at 0-1 years old footsteps, piano blankets, newborn baby puzzle early education toys

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