Girls who love beauty in autumn have a wider choice, because autumn is a “chaotic” season. There are long -sleeved new autumn clothes and short summer clothes, which can wear the beauty of autumn. You can feel the coolness of the summer again. It can be said that in early autumn, you can use your thoughts to wear the style you want. Because it is necessary to make full use of such a beautiful season to create a beautiful shape.

In the early autumn, the temperature is relatively cool. People still have a soft spot for the matching of shorts. With long -sleeved shirts, they can feel the meaning of autumn and wearing cool comfort. The shape is beautiful and beautiful. In fact, everyone understands that this is the combined style of “disappearing”. This style is very flattering in spring or early autumn. It has the effect of leisure and fashion and long legs, fresh and beautiful.


However, everyone understands this style of dressing differently. Some girls who love fashion always like to improve a better sense of fashion on this basis.就比如这位小姐姐的选款搭配,一件白色的针织长袖衫,配上黑色的短裤,清凉时尚又温馨美丽,白色的针织长袖衫,采用了针脚比较大的面料,带着一丝The hollow style, wearing light and hazy beauty, looks good and fashionable against white lining.

And the loose version not only obviously covered the black shorts, but also set off a slender legs. This kind of dress is both casual and figure, and the matching of the shoes highlights the charm of the younger sister’s personality. Wearing a pair of black and white short potoles socks with white casual shoes, embellished through two color socks, wearing the beauty of the young lady’s personality and vitality.


It can be seen that this young lady has a very layered color selection color selection. First of all, the style is loose and thin, with fresh beauty, and feels the charm of beauty in leisure. The two colors of black and white are used in color. Come to match, both fashionable and classic, putting simple styles out of fresh and generous beauty, beautiful and fashionable.

In fact, such a matching style can also be used to match the combination, or large size sweater, large -size T -shirt, and boldly use black, red, purple to try it in color. beautiful you.


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