This is a scarf to my husband.

Since learning sweaters, we woven the baby every day.

I didn’t seem to think of something to my husband.

So I decided to knit his scarf, which is more troubled than a sweater.


Named [】 先], because when weaving it,


Just watching “Tiger Xiaolong Yin” and “Kite”


The last word of the name of the actor of these two dramas


[懿] and [first],

So wow haha, simple and rudely fight together!


Point: No. 8

Line: Mei Nuo light gray, closed 6 shares

(The length of not washing after weaving is one meter eight. My husband is one meter eighty -two, which is almost the same as him. The width is about 45-47 cm width. If the width is wide With the number 11 and 12. In order to make the scarf feel loose, I used the 8th needle.)

The style is a Taobao model I saw a long time ago,

emmm, no picture is stored in the following picture,

Vaguely remembers the combination of a double thread bottom side with a rubbing plate and a flat needle.

It happened to see a kind of switching pin pattern,

Let the mother’s church decide to use this pattern instead of the double thread.

Then … emmm … I regret it,


Because … the exchange of needles is really troublesome, so tiring.

Although it looks good.

So I stole the lazy at the end,

Covered 16 lines to exchange needle patterns,

At the end, only 10 lines were woven.

Finally, I also found that this exchange pin pattern will be rolled up,

I have to let my mother help me.

Although it is weaving to her husband, I find it,

Girls are pretty good -looking ~


It is appropriate to match what color clothes! Intersection Intersection


Ready to give yourself one,

EMMMM, the premise is that my diligent words …


I prefer to be a scarf, because … too lazy to learn.


So basically only two kinds of siege.

I prefer this kind of clean -old student siege.


I think ▲ The pattern of the exchange needle above,


More suitable for coarse needles,

And it is the more textured wire,


The effect of weaving should be great!

In fact, watching the scene is still very good DER ~~

Well, use Excel to build a grid,


Then find the diagram of the switching needle.

Brief description of weaving:

From 98 stitches. 24 groups switching patterns, 4 stitches for each pattern. Two stitches.

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